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What types of food would they eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner

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Noctis: Like Ignis, Noctis doesn’t have much of an appetite in the morning. He usually goes for cereal with as little milk in it as possible. He has to restrain himself from eating all the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms box.

Prompto: Prompto really likes omelettes with hot sauce. It’s simple, quick and delicious. His go to hot sauce of choice for breakfast is siracha. Go hard or go home.

Gladio: Gladio needs to have something to give him enough energy for a couple of hours, so he’d want something heavy, most likely a breakfast sandwich, with bacon, eggs and cheese.

Ignis: Ignis doesn’t eat much in the morning, so the most he’d have is fruit, a piece of toast and ebony coffee. When he’s feeling hungrier than usual, he’d have some oatmeal.


Noctis: Noctis really likes to eat hand drawn or shaved noodles for lunch. He slurps the noodles when nobody’s looking despite his royal upbringing.

Prompto: Prompto likes having burritos of all types. He likes a lot of guacamole and pico de gallo on his traditional burritos. Every now and then he’ll take trip to go to this place that makes sushi burritos. It’s almost like a special treat for him.

Gladio: Gladio’s busy during the afternoon, so he doesn’t really have time to sit down and eat something. A chicken wrap is perfect because it’s quick and easy.

Ignis: He prefers salads for lunch, preferably a chicken salad with strawberries. He doesn’t go hard with dressing, but he does pour a bit of honey vinaigrette onto it.


Noctis: Fish, most likely salmon. If it’s served with asparagus he ends up pushing it to the side until Ignis nags him to finish it, to which he’ll end up shoving it into his mouth and spitting into a napkin later.

Prompto: Pasta with marinara. He loves to put a substantial amount of cheese or else he doesn’t finish the whole meal.  

Gladio: Anything you can cook on the grill like steak, ribs or even corn. He wouldn’t want anything to be dripping in sauce and prefers to be able to eat his food with a fork and knife without the sauce getting everywhere.

Ignis: Ignis also likes fish but he prefers tilapia. He likes it baked, with steamed vegetables on the side.


So I was on one of @bronydanceparty’s livestreams and he said, “I should draw the BDP team in manga” to himself, in which I said, “I draw manga I could do it for you for free!” He said he’d like it so here we are! I remade the top photo by Ashley (Draws) and I've uploaded a shaded version of this photo.