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Bendy And The Ink Machine hasn't been worked on for long and is shorter than yansim and the creators didn't was their time on shirty Easter eggs. Yandev wyd

bendy is such a cool and imaginative game, and i wanna get it so bad BUT while we’re on the topic of bendy, i hope everyone remembers Cuphead !!

EVERYTHING is hand drawn in that iconic 1930′s style of animation

it’s a run and gun style game, and at the moment it’s release will be exclusive on Xbox one and Steam. It went through a bit of trouble through development, and it’ll be released I know Bendy is big right now, and if you enjoy that you’ll probably enjoy this !!


Art requests?!✏️🌸

I’m considering taking some art requests if anyone would be interested in that?😆
I can attempt anything aside from:
- Gore
- Heavily Offensive stuff
- Very Sexual stuff
- Heavily detailed work [UNLESS PAID]
Also yes, this means icons too!✨
These will all be ✏️HAND DRAWN✏️so please be aware that it will take time!!


HOLY SHIT there’s a whole 500 of you here and then some!

Gonna keep it short and sweet:

This giveaway is for all the lovely roleplayers who live here with me I guess and ONLY them. No more, no less. You gotta be following me. One like and one reblog enters you! No multiple reblogs!

You gotta be a roleplay blog. RIP sorry to yall personals I love you too but this is for the people who have all that creativity bubblin away inside them like an angry pasta pot and can’t contain it!

1st will receive a sketch pack with 25 hand drawn and colored icons by yours truly! in this style 

2nd will receive 10 icons!
3rd will receive 5!

Ends on December 17th!! Good luck ya jerks!

Avoid FOMO! Join us for a retro computer icon design competition Friday at 6 pm in the Design Interactions Studio

[Hand-drawn computer icons in the Design Interactions Studio at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2015. Photo: Gretchen Scott]


My new Homepack.. My hand- drawn Icons.. my widget design with Buzz Widgets… Tile and Glass.. “Dreams”.. this is the version 2.. I added those Google Search Apps.. now it’s cool! You can join Buzz Launcher for free.. download at the Playstore.. if you have an Android.. I love the Samsung Galaxy Notes..’ cause I have to draw❤️🤗🎋🎋🎋🔥🔥🔥

ShadowedCollossus’ 600+ follower giveaway

Alright followers, so i’m not the richest person in the world (and with bills and taxes) I am doing an art giveaway. However i will buy the shoes and send them out (sadly i can only ship out in the U.S. (unless you would like to pay for shipping) Also you will need to be okay with giving me your address so i can send the shoes.)


Feel free to reblog as much as you want (likes do count), just mind your followers.

You must be following me (no giveaway blogs please, I will be checking)

Please do not remove the rules.

Prizes include!

1st place

  • 1 pair of custom shoes (with a choice of converse style or slip-ons. It will be done in sharpie and pen and i will spray it with protectant and provide an extra bottle of protectant)
  • 1 fullbody colored drawing of a character or oc (i will do furries/anthro/nsfw)
  • 1 fullcolor chibi
  • and a hand drawn icon of your choice

2nd place

  • 1 Lined and shaded bust
  • 1 fullcolor chibi
  • 1 hand drawn icon

3rd place

  • 1 shaded sketch
  • 1 fullcolor chibi
  • i hand drawn icon

The give away will end June 15th 2014. Please feel free to ask any questions you need to! This is my thank you to my wonderful followers :) Best of luck!

It bothers me when people get so possessive over cropped icons as if they are art work. You screen capped and cropped someone else’s work. Even if you throw a filter or watermark on it, it still doesn’t make it your work? Two people could theoretically make the exact same icon and accuse the other of stealing. (this is obviously excluding hand drawn icons.)