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HOLY SHIT there’s a whole 500 of you here and then some!

Gonna keep it short and sweet:

This giveaway is for all the lovely roleplayers who live here with me I guess and ONLY them. No more, no less. You gotta be following me. One like and one reblog enters you! No multiple reblogs!

You gotta be a roleplay blog. RIP sorry to yall personals I love you too but this is for the people who have all that creativity bubblin away inside them like an angry pasta pot and can’t contain it!

1st will receive a sketch pack with 25 hand drawn and colored icons by yours truly! in this style 

2nd will receive 10 icons!
3rd will receive 5!

Ends on December 17th!! Good luck ya jerks!

anonymous asked:

Bendy And The Ink Machine hasn't been worked on for long and is shorter than yansim and the creators didn't was their time on shirty Easter eggs. Yandev wyd

bendy is such a cool and imaginative game, and i wanna get it so bad BUT while we’re on the topic of bendy, i hope everyone remembers Cuphead !!

EVERYTHING is hand drawn in that iconic 1930′s style of animation

it’s a run and gun style game, and at the moment it’s release will be exclusive on Xbox one and Steam. It went through a bit of trouble through development, and it’ll be released I know Bendy is big right now, and if you enjoy that you’ll probably enjoy this !!


Avoid FOMO! Join us for a retro computer icon design competition Friday at 6 pm in the Design Interactions Studio

[Hand-drawn computer icons in the Design Interactions Studio at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2015. Photo: Gretchen Scott]