hand drawn film poster

History of Film Posters
  • 1920s: Traditional, hand-drawn illustrated posters, depicting scenes from the film
  • 1930s: Bolder typographic design, illustrations focusing on the main characters, particularity faces
  • 1940s: More character illustrations, more subdued typography
  • 1950s: more conceptual approaches
  • 1960s: Typography plays a more important roles, illustrations become less prominent
  • 1970s: Photographs feature more prominently in film posters, often overtaking typography
  • 1980s: Large photographic backgrounds, typography and image more balanced 
  • 1990s: Photographic backgrounds, film slogans, actors names above
  • 200s: Similar layouts, type and photography changes with the trends of the era - starting to become quite minimalist

“This piece is inspired by the movie poster, which shows two sides of Lizzie: The face people attacked on the internet and the beautiful sparkling person she really is. I let this piece come alive as a hand drawn watercolour gif.” Saskia Keultjes so beautifuyl explains how the films poster inspired her to create this incredible watercolor piece. For her  #ImWithLizzie  “..would mean the world if one piece that I created made her smile and motivate her to keep going.”  We certainly agree & Saskia’s work defintely motivates us to keep going & stand with Lizzie. Does it motivate you? 

A BRAVE HEART - In theaters and On Demand September 25th