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Favourite songs of 2013 (In Alphabetic Order)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? - AM

Atlas Genius - Trojans - When It Was Now

Bastille - Bad Blood - Bad Blood

Bear Hands - Giants 

Daft Punk - Beyond - Random Access Memories

Dan Croll - From Nowhere - From Nowhere EP

Daughter - Smother - If You Leave

Dawes - Stories Don’t End - Stories Don’t End

Foals - Bad Habit - Holy Fire

Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile - Pedestrian Verse

Grouplove - I’m With You - Spreading Rumors

Haim - My Song 5 - Days Are Gone

Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me - Howlin

Jake Bugg - All Your Reasons - Shangri La

Jim James - Know Til Know - Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

The Jungle Giants - Domesticated manLearn to Exist

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me - Mechanical Bull

MGMT - Your Life is a Lie - MGMT

Pearl Jam - Sirens - Lightning Bolt

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool - Bankrupt!

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue - Evil Friends

She and Him - I Could’ve Been Your Girl - Volume 3

The Strokes - Welcome to Japan - Comedown Machine

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details - Anything in Return

The Vaccines - Do You Want a Man? - Melody Calling EP

Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey - Modern Vampires of the City

Washed Out - All I Know - Paracosm

The 1975 - Menswear - The 1975

Album of the year: The 1975 - The 1975

Pretty big list but that shows how good this year was for music, I also only included one song an album.  Albums that I bolded were one’s that I thought were extremely extremely good.

I did it

Merry Christmas

prepareforetrouble  asked:

Actually do you have any tips on how to draw hands?? I'm getting decent at it but angles still get me so do you have any tips about hands?

The best way to learn to draw hands is to draw them from life. Draw your own hands, draw your friends’ hands. There are a couple of good books on drawing hands. For learning structure and anatomy, I recommend Bridgeman’s Book of 100 Hands, for one. Also, it is good to learn from other artists. If there is an artist who draws hands well, study and copy them, learn the way they think and how they structure their hand drawings. Then daw hands from life again. Find a way to break down your drawings into the basic shapes and structure of the hand. Then draw some more hands. Fill sketchbook with ‘em. When you’ve done all this, you’ll be able to draw hands.

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#120: Korra talks to Daw in “A Breath of Fresh Air.”

I love Korra’s conversation with Daw, the new airbender, in “A Breath of Fresh Air” because it shows how she uses empathy and conversation to talk someone out of a dangerous situation.  

See here how Korra shares something about how she also had a rough day to put Daw at ease: 

Korra: Don’t panic, I’m just here to talk.
Daw: Please! I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t wanna hurt anyone.
Korra: Tell me about it. Rough day, huh? I’m having kind of a rough day myself. You mind if I sit down here? 

Korra then assures Daw that he is not alone, and that things will get better if he gives it a chance:

Korra: Look, I know you’re scared. You’ve gone through a big change, and it’s kind of my fault. But you’re not alone. There are other airbenders and they wanna help you. Actually they’re really excited to meet you.
Daw: I don’t wanna be an airbender. Please! You’re the Avatar. Make it stop

Following the theme of Korra’s conversation with Tenzin in the gazebo, Korra acknowledges that she cannot undo what has been done – she cannot go to the past, even if folks (like Daw) would like things to go back to the way they were.  But she extends her hand to Daw to guide him through the future: 

Korra: I’m sorry, I can’t. But I promise you, things will get better if you just give it a chance. Let me take you over to Air Temple Island and we can talk this through, okay?

Korra demonstrates her maturity and empathy through this conversation, which succeeds in calming down Daw (though he ultimately slips and needs to be rescued).  It’s another reminder that while her personality is the same as Book 1 Korra, Book 3 Korra is older and wiser:  she’s no longer the brute-force fists-first avatar.  

a list of things i got to see in real life HD last night

-how actually gorgeous miles is
-how ugly alex turner is (but not rly)
-alex turner’s butt (hot damn)
-some good ol milex interaction
-miles’ abs
-alex’s ankles
-the grease on al’s hair
-so greasy
-man i was front row i could see pretty much every single detail
-al’s and mi’s beautiful hands
-zach dawes brushing his teeth because dental hygiene is important