hand cycling


ronan crossed his arms to wait, just looking. at adam’s fine cheekbones, his furrowed fair eyebrows, his beautiful hands, everything washed out by the furious light. he had memorized the shape of adam’s hands in particular: the way his thumb jutted awkwardly, boyishly; the roads of the prominent veins; the large knuckles that punctuated his long fingers. 

                                                       in dreams ronan put them in his mouth.

AU where Adam and Ronan both go to the same gym, and Ronan is always listening to music with his headphones in and goes super hard. And Adam’s just kind of like ? oh my god? who is this super jacked guy with the giant tattoo? (a. bc he’s hot and b.) bc he’s kind of scary) and Adam just kind of assumes Ronan is like, idk listening to metal or some shit bc Ronan’s always scowling and lifting a bunch of weights. but then they actually talk and Ronan’s just been listening to owl city the whole time


treatment AU 1/?

in which ronan goes away to residential therapy for six months (you all know why) and when he comes back, he finds that declan has hired a peer mentor to keep him on track. 

the scene where we’re introduced to Ronan, Adam, and Gansey in the TRC show should be Ronan and Gansey going up to give a presentation in World History. And before Gansey can even get the power point up on the board their should be a shot of another student whispering to his friend “Hundred bucks says it’s on that creepy king”

And then the powerpoint loads and it says “The Legend of Owen Glendower” and the entire class groans including the teacher. Then we get a shot of Adam sitting there quietly with his head in his hands.


Noah Czerny would give out his life countless times if it meant that his friends could keep on living. He would give up his happiness if it meant that his friends could keep on smiling. He would give up on himself if it meant that his friends were stronger. Noah Czerny found the family he always wished to have, but for that he had to give up on everything.