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So You Want Your Bonus Gatherer Scrips from Zhloe [BTN/MIN, 3.55b edition]

This guide assumes you are a Botanist and/or Miner, and that you have at least 600 GP.

Values at or above 650 Gathering / 645 Perception are recommended. Higher is better, especially for Perception.

H/t @bride-and-bride for helping me confirm the collectability thresholds for Rainbow Pigment!

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Tier 1 - Dated Radz-at-Han Coin

Minimum Turn-in Collectability Threshold: 240~
Minor Bonus Collectability Threshold: 320~
Maximum Bonus Collectability Threshold: 450~

Recommended Rotation: Average [470~, 3 appraisals, 1 to 3 collects]
Discerning Eye -> Impulsive Appraisal [1] ->
   -> IF Discerning Eye buff remains,
   -> THEN Single Mind -> Impulsive Appraisal [2]
   -> ELSE Discerning Eye -> Impulsive Appraisal [2]
       –> IF Discerning Eye buff remains,
       –> THEN Single Mind -> Methodical Appraisal [3]
       –> ELSE Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [3]
Collect 1 to 3

Tier 2 - Ice Stalagmite

Minimum Turn-in Collectability Threshold: 240~
Minor Bonus Collectability Threshold: 360~
Maximum Bonus Collectability Threshold: 480~

Recommended Rotation: Average [470~, 3 appraisals, 1 to 3 collects]
Discerning Eye -> Impulsive Appraisal [1] ->
    -> IF Discerning Eye buff remains,
    -> THEN Single Mind -> Impulsive Appraisal [2]
    -> ELSE Discerning Eye -> Impulsive Appraisal [2]
        –> IF Discerning Eye buff remains,
        –> THEN Single Mind -> Methodical Appraisal [3]
        –> ELSE Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [3]
Collect 1 to 3

Tier 3 - Duskfall Moss

Minimum Turn-in Collectability Threshold: 240~
Minor Bonus Collectability Threshold: 400~
Maximum Bonus Collectability Threshold: 500~

Recommended Rotation: Medium [515~, 3 appraisals, 1 collect]
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [1] ->
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [2] ->
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [3] ->
Collect 1

Tier 4 - Glass Eye

Minimum Turn-in Collectability Threshold: 240~
Minor Bonus Collectability Threshold: 450~
Maximum Bonus Collectability Threshold: 515~

Recommended Rotation: Medium [515~, 3 appraisals, 1 collect]
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [1] ->
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [2] ->
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [3] ->
Collect 1

Tier 5 [Proc] - Rainbow Pigment

The Tier 5 proc possibilities are as follows:

  • Orphanage Donation (Disciples of the Hand, rewards Crafters’ Scrips)
  • Rainbow Pigment (Disciples of the Land, rewards Gatherers’ Scrips)
  • River Shrimp (Fishers, rewards Gatherers’ Scrips)

You will be randomly assigned one or more [h/t: @oukaori​] of these, per week, at scrip rollover. Assignments are personal (i.e. they will be different for every character). They cannot be changed. The remaining slots will be filled randomly with items from the previous four tiers.

Turning in six Tier 5 items, at maximum bonus collectability, will reward a total of 1080 Blue Scrips and 450 Red Scrips in the corresponding type.

In the event that you are assigned Rainbow Pigment:

Minimum Turn-in Collectability Threshold: 240~
Minor Bonus Collectability Threshold: 470~
Maximum Bonus Collectability Threshold: 550~

Recommended Rotation: High [530~, 4 appraisals, !!! collect]*
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [1] ->
Discerning Eye -> Methodical Appraisal [2] ->
Utmost Caution -> Methodical Appraisal [3] ->
Utmost Caution -> Methodical Appraisal [4] ->
Collect !!!*

*This rotation MUST be performed on a gathering node with +1 Gathering Attempts [1 Collect] or +2 Gathering Attempts [2 Collect]! Check all six nodes in the area, and if none of them carry this bonus, either deplete them until you find one that does (no GP lost) or zone out and back in again (no GP lost). Do not attempt this rotation on a normal 4-attempt node; you will lose your GP and your collectable.

I tested this rotation myself on a +2 node, with my 774/759/622 gear (full Landmaster with an Augmented mainhand), and managed to get 583 and 588 collectability on the Rainbow Pigment. Hopefully, that means this rotation should hit the 550~ threshold with the 650/645/600 gear as well, at least some of the time.

If - due to low Perception - you consistently fail to hit the 550~ threshold with this rotation, my recommendation is to use the Average rotation (recommended for tiers 1 and 2) to hit the 470~ threshold until such a time as you’ve upped your Perception. If you can’t afford Ironworks Gathering, then you can find my Patch 3.5 DoL gearing guide here.

Good luck!

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If you look back on here or any of my social media sites you will see that I was working on a Secret Project. Well here it is! 

Not long after I began watching Critical Role I knew I had to make the cast something. I am not a great artist, but I am proud of my sewing and crafting skills. Collectively the project took a month. There was a week of nothing due working two weeks straight designing, cutting, and sewing the characters (some days were 8+ hours of working on them). Then there was the issue of needing a sewing machine. The characters are made out of felt. I hand sewed them all together and  onto the fleece pillow base. The bases themselves traveled from Minnesota to Florida with me to be sewn (with a machine) and stuffed.

They were then shipped September 18th, and should’ve opened it on the first official monthly Crtimas in October, however there were issues of it being left behind. It was worth the wait to see the reactions of everybody. The next post will be of their reactions to the pillows.

Also if anybody is interested in pillows from me head over to my Etsy page or message me on Twitter! I am happy to work on any sort of project.


Okay Yarn Friends of Tumblr: I need to sell this Majacraft Pioneer double tredle wheel. It comes with the following:

Extra bobbins (plastic, perfect for setting yarn on the bobbin) are usually $20 apiece. SIX BOBBINS included for a value of $120.
Plying tools are solid wood, I bought them as a set from Etsy.com for $20 (a diz, a plying template and a wraps per inch tool.) 
1 yard niddy noddy, never used was purchased a few months ago for $20.
Kate A Go Go Lazy kate purchased from Nancy’s Knit Knacks for $45 

Plus a bunch of hand painted roving from indie dyers. No idea how much but there’s at least 4-5 really pretty braids in there of very pretty and high quality fibers ranging from BFL to silk/merino. I think I might even have some spinning books I can throw in too. Who knows. If it’s spinning related, it’ll probably end up in the box. 

This whole lot of stuff is a great Intro To Wheel Spinning kit and all told would probably cost about $1000 separately. I’m asking $600 plus shipping. Or make me a decent offer. If you’re in or near Las Vegas I can deliver or you can pick it up. 

This trusty little wheel (who I have named Niobe, by the way) is a GREAT starter wheel and has been very well cared for. I just never spin anymore and I need the space in my guest bedroom. 

Friends, will you help me share this so I can sell it to someone who will welcome it with open arms and give it a good home? She’s served me wheel but it’s time to let her go. 

So, I wanted to thank everyone who followed me, so here I am, tagging over 400 people
This is going to be hell, huh?
((None of these are in any particular order))

Also, before I jump to listing everyone, I wanted to advertise some of my blogs and hopefully more follower forevers will be made in the future on these blogs if I reach a milestone/be active enough

“You all give me hope”
These people are the best, I’ve had the most interaction with them and they’re absolutely lovely!

@shitispilledmytea - bro I know you have nothing to do with my roleplay account but like you’re literally one of my favorite people and I love you please keep up being the trashy asshole you are (I don’t deserve you ur like the bomb) aLSO I LOVE YOU AND ALL OF YOUR OCS AND HHH GO TO HELL FOR BEING SUCH TRASH WITH ME
@sxnxsuke - you’re the babe and like you’re the go to place for Izando headcanons and you’re really nice and I ship you with happiness o boi 
@ninokied - thanks for coding my shitty game
@muffinglitch - I love you, you draw really nice and you should roleplay so we could roleplay and I could torture you with 5 paragraphs per reply, also, don’t spend money on me
@grimokami - OH SEAT!!! you’re the bomb yo and you’re really fun to chat with and joke around with, bab Grim is also really precious and I ship her with love and care
@touko-fukawa-rp - you’re a meme and I love you, thank you for listening to me rambling about my ships and thank you for being my new mom
@ishislut - we haven’t actually talked in a long time but damn you’re great and 10/10 would talk again plUS YOUR ISHIMARU IS WONDERFUL 
@avis-icarus you have a wonderful art style, you’re a nerd and you’re my despair daddy 
@cultiism - BR O YOU ARE MY LOVE you have the trashiest ocs (just as trashy as you ;^) ) and your sprite drawings are so wonderful I don’t understand and like you in general, you’re wonderful and hhhh sTOP BEING SO RAD ??
@cheesedio - god you’re probably never going to see this because do you even Tumblr anymore, but you’re one of my best friends and I love you and I would honestly be so alone right now if it wasn’t for you??? 
@vivianandclover - we haven’t actually talked in a really long while, but you’re one of the first people I’ve ever roleplayed with and you’re genuinely the biggest cinnamon roll
@hajimeme-hinatiddies (and all your other blogs I’m too lazy to list) - honestly this, all of this, is because of you and I don’t know whether to tell you that you ruined my life or made it better, because sure all of my late replies are hell, but, like, I’ve found so many cool people and you’re really cool too and honestly thanks I love you bro yOU’RE THE B OI YO

“Let’s continue our friendship”

People who I haven’t had too much exposure to, but I still roleplay with some

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But, thank you, all of you, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the help and support you all gave me and I absolutely love all of you.



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I’ve been MIA recently… But I’m back! I’ve been prepping for fall weather. 🍁 My favourite type of yarn is wool-ease from lion brand. What’s yours? Let me know!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram page @ johnstonknitwear

Understanding Acrylic

Remember what I said about acrylics being really heavily industrial?  Well yeah, get ready for this one to involve a whole lot of chemicals and information on industrial processes.

Acrylics are synthetic fibers made of a polymer known as polyacrylonitrile.  For a fiber to be called acrylic in the US, it must contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer.  DuPont, you know that Dupont, the huge chemical company, created the first acrylic fiber back in 1941 and marketed it as Orlon.  But it didn’t catch on until the 1950′s.

I’m just straight up quoting from the wikipedia article on acrylic for the next chunk.  It’s hard and confusing to paraphrase it as it’s hard and confusing anyway.

The polymer is formed by free-radical polymerization in aqueous suspension. The fiber is produced by dissolving the polymer in a solvent such as N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) or aqueous sodium thiocyanate, metering it through a multi-hole spinnerette and coagulating the resultant filaments in an aqueous solution of the same solvent (wet spinning) or evaporating the solvent in a stream of heated inert gas (dry spinning). Washing, stretching, drying and crimping complete the processing. Acrylic fibers are produced in a range of deniers, typically from 0.9 to 15, as cut staple or as a 500,000 to 1 million filament tow. End uses include sweaters, hats, hand-knitting yarns, socks, rugs, awnings, boat covers, and upholstery; the fiber is also used as “PAN” precursor for carbon fiber. Production of acrylic fibers is centered in the Far East, Turkey, India, Mexico, and South America, though a number of European producers still continue to operate, including Dralon and Fisipe. US producers have ended production, though acrylic tow and staple are still spun into yarns in the USA.

I’ll sum up the best that I can.  The chemical goop is put into something like a specialized colander and then pushed out.  While the article doesn’t include any information on this, I’d assume the reason that acrylics aren’t produced in the US or much in Europe is a combination of labor costs and stricter environmental laws.  I assume this because that’s why a lot of manufacturing isn’t done in these places.

And again, as wikipedia does better than me….

Acrylic is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel. It can also be made to mimic other fibers, such as cotton, when spun on short staple equipment. Some acrylic is extruded in colored or pigmented form; other is extruded in “ecru”, otherwise known as “natural,” “raw white,” or “undyed.” Pigmented fiber has highest light-fastness. Its fibers are very resilient compared to both other synthetics and natural fibers. Some acrylic is used in clothing as a less expensive alternative to cashmere, due to the similar feeling of the materials. Some acrylic fabrics may fuzz or pill easily, though there are low-pilling variants. Acrylic takes color well, is washable, and is generally hypoallergenic. End-uses include socks, hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, home furnishing fabrics, and awnings. Acrylic can also be used to make fake fur and to make many different knitted clothes.

As acrylic is a synthetic fiber, the larvae of clothes moths are unable to digest it. However, acrylic fibers that are blended with wool or soiled may be eaten accidentally.

Acrylic is the “workhorse” hand-crafting fiber for crafters who knit or crochet; acrylic yarn may be perceived as “cheap” because it is typically priced lower than its natural-fiber counterparts, and because it lacks some of their properties, including softness and propensity to felt. The fiber requires heat to “relax” or set the shape of the finished garment, and it isn’t as warm when wet as alternatives like wool. Some hand-knitters also complain that the fiber “squeaks” when knitted, or that it is painful to knit with because of a lack of “give” or stretch in the yarn. On the other hand, it is machine-washable, hypo-allergenic, and extremely color-fast. This makes it useful in certain items, like garments for babies, which require constant washing. However it is much more flammable than its natural fiber counterparts, so caution should be used when making items for babies and children.

So yeah, pluses and minuses.  This whole series is about helping people realize that there’s no such thing as a perfect fiber, that it’s all about picking the right fiber for your needs at that moment.  Our needs are a perpetually changing thing, after all.  So with all that in mind, I’ll be continuing on with the synthetics tomorrow. 

AU where Levi runs a online Etsy store selling amazing hand-knit sweaters and Eren is always cold so he ends up buying a lot of hats and scarves. Eren is weak towards supporting local businesses okay, and Wingknits have amazing heat retention. (shut up Jean, not everyone has mothers to knit them sweaters every Christmas) 

So out of curiosity (and also because he’s been spending too much money on etsy) he checks out the local craft store and goes to ask about learning how to knit, and the guy working there part-time (Levi, his name-tag reads, and Eren likes the sound of it already) is gorgeous and sardonic and had good advice on knitting, so Eren ends up going back often, chatting up Levi at the cash register and basically falling into a very wooly romance. 

They talk about knitting and other things, and Eren keeps gushing about Wingnits on Etsy, and Levi is incredibly fond but also cannot bring himself to tell Eren that it’s him. 

He asks Eren out by presenting him with a hand-knit scarf that cannot be mistaken (the wool is hand-dyed, okay, local crafters have nothing on Levi’s attention to detail)

There is a lot of fingers burying themselves in soft wool and making out, all is well.