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If you look back on here or any of my social media sites you will see that I was working on a Secret Project. Well here it is! 

Not long after I began watching Critical Role I knew I had to make the cast something. I am not a great artist, but I am proud of my sewing and crafting skills. Collectively the project took a month. There was a week of nothing due working two weeks straight designing, cutting, and sewing the characters (some days were 8+ hours of working on them). Then there was the issue of needing a sewing machine. The characters are made out of felt. I hand sewed them all together and  onto the fleece pillow base. The bases themselves traveled from Minnesota to Florida with me to be sewn (with a machine) and stuffed.

They were then shipped September 18th, and should’ve opened it on the first official monthly Crtimas in October, however there were issues of it being left behind. It was worth the wait to see the reactions of everybody. The next post will be of their reactions to the pillows.

Also if anybody is interested in pillows from me head over to my Etsy page or message me on Twitter! I am happy to work on any sort of project.

Something Wicked

Something had to be done about the Tzimisce. 

Russo had done what he could, but it had clearly not been enough. He didn’t have the respect of those ancient fleshcrafters enough to warrant a diplomatic solution, but the Invictus didn’t want another war; not after the last one, not with the Prince and their Triumverate still in torpor.

The Prince would know how to handle this. 

Russo had quickly found himself personally distracted after his encounter with the Tzimisce, weakened both physically and mentally. 

And perhaps it was in that weakness that found him submitting to the easiest, but most brutal way to address the situation.

The voice that lilted across his ears early one night was terribly familiar in the way it echoed inside of his skull. The sound came from within; a soft request, an answer to the message he had so unthinkingly put out during the throes of his suffering from the hands of the flesh-crafters. 

And in his weakness, Russo’s eyes closed and he sat down, simply allowing himself to submit to it. He knew what this meant. He had done this before. Despite the complications this would bring with those closest to him, Armand Russo allowed that voice to grow louder, the request of his Sire fulfilled. 

For the Chevalier, everything went black. 

For Lord Godric, Triumverate of the Invictus and Prince of the city, he was allowed back into the night.


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The FANTASTIC holly-dolly-doo-darr sent me a lin k to this gorgeous Storm in a Teacup automata and I’m so glad she did, because this could be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!!!


Okay Yarn Friends of Tumblr: I need to sell this Majacraft Pioneer double tredle wheel. It comes with the following:

Extra bobbins (plastic, perfect for setting yarn on the bobbin) are usually $20 apiece. SIX BOBBINS included for a value of $120.
Plying tools are solid wood, I bought them as a set from Etsy.com for $20 (a diz, a plying template and a wraps per inch tool.) 
1 yard niddy noddy, never used was purchased a few months ago for $20.
Kate A Go Go Lazy kate purchased from Nancy’s Knit Knacks for $45 

Plus a bunch of hand painted roving from indie dyers. No idea how much but there’s at least 4-5 really pretty braids in there of very pretty and high quality fibers ranging from BFL to silk/merino. I think I might even have some spinning books I can throw in too. Who knows. If it’s spinning related, it’ll probably end up in the box. 

This whole lot of stuff is a great Intro To Wheel Spinning kit and all told would probably cost about $1000 separately. I’m asking $600 plus shipping. Or make me a decent offer. If you’re in or near Las Vegas I can deliver or you can pick it up. 

This trusty little wheel (who I have named Niobe, by the way) is a GREAT starter wheel and has been very well cared for. I just never spin anymore and I need the space in my guest bedroom. 

Friends, will you help me share this so I can sell it to someone who will welcome it with open arms and give it a good home? She’s served me wheel but it’s time to let her go.