hand colored engraving


David Paterson. Showing the Tertiary Shades are Primary Colours Dulled with Grey, Simple Method of Creating a Spectrum, Six Figures Illustrating Dichroism in Colours, Simple Spectra Absorption, Different Results in Mixing Coloured Lights, Chromatic Circle, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colours, Chromatic Circle, Suitable and Unsuitable Colour-Mixing, The Two Absorption Spectra. Textile Colour Mixing. 1915.

We’re jumping into the August #boatsinthelibrary challenge with this hand-colored engraving by Thomas Rowlandson. As an artist, Rowlandson is best known for his satirical cartoons and book illustrations, but he also did some beautiful landscapes. This image is from an album of his sketches from nature published in 1822.⠀ ⠀ NC242.R66 R6 1822 ⠀


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.15.15

laser-cut, hand-painted wooden brooches, set of 3 by thetwentyfingers

SO many fun brooch designs, all laser-cut and cutely hand-painted!! you get to choose your 3 faves. i’d pick the circular mountain scene, the campfire, and the badge with the crossed arrows. love ‘em all!


Musci exotici containing figures and descriptions of new or little known foreign mosses and other cryptogamic subjects 

by William Jackson Hooker. 

Publication info London ,Printed for Richard and Arthur Taylor , for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown,1818-1820.
Contributing Library:
Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
BioDiv. Library