hand chainsaw

  • Ruby: *Sobs into Yang's chest*
  • Yang: Don't worry, Ruby. She's a robot, right? That means they can put her back together, right.
  • Ruby: ...I guess so... *sniff*
  • Yang: Yeah, and think of all the cool upgrades she can get when they remake her. Like, ummmm, chainsaw hands!
  • Ruby, wiping tears from her eyes: And a missile-launcher backpack?
  • Yang: You know it.
  • Ruby: Thanks, Yang. I needed this.
Kanaya Style Variation Ratings

0 is “I love her” and 10 is me sobbing on the floor

The Kanaya sprite, a classic. Not a fan of sprites, personally, and by the time we got to Kan’s intro I was hoping for a bit less. 2/10

A better introduction. She is clearly jacked, by the 1 handed grip on that chainsaw, and offers a mischievous grin upwards. 6/10

oh m- oh my god oh- ethereal. 9/10

Kan’s first talksprite. Cryptid. 1/10

Crayonaya - for the actions and resurrection,  7/10

Please. 8/10

“But that’s the exact same art style, same scen-” 7/10

Oh my; tall, looks like a teen, as she is a teen. 10/10

Kanaya’s second talksprite- shaped like a friend. 10/10

: 7/10

Everything was red doo dodo. Ferocious.  6/10

“That’s from Paradox Space, not-” 11/10

“THAT’S ALS-” 8/10

ok this is her talksprite again but look how much she does not give a shit. 6/10

A sketchy colored look with good shapes, 7/10

she looks really cute w the left side of her face swollen, like a dog who ate a bee 9/10

dumfoundedly happy 20/10

i adore sharknado for being the one franchise that’s under no obligation to have internal logic or good writing and has complete license to just cram as many ridiculous action movie cliches in there as possible. a flying cyborg with rocket feet fighting nuclear sharks alongside her husband in a mech suit with chainsaw hands is why man invented television

Resident Evil VII Characters Summary SPOILER ALERT

Zoe: Helps the entire time. Ethan doesn’t give a shit.

Mia: Throws you through doors and walls, stabs you fifty fucking times, and chops your hand off with a chainsaw. You love her anyway.

Lucas: Super Smart Genius, also a fucking prick.

Jack: Fucking scary as shit daddy o. Will not stay dead even though Ethan asked him too.


Eveline: WHY!?

Ethan: Most relatable resident evil character. Ever. Of all time. Also the most resilient.

Clancy: Best damn cameraman in the business.

Andre: Kicked a door down like every other resident evil good character seemingly can’t do.

Main Sewer Gator Guy: Probably got what was coming to him.

6007. Of the books in the world Raven wishes to keep in her collection away from others is none other than the Necronomicon ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead. This is due to its VERY presence links to all sorts of powerful demons and near Lovecraftian horrors that even Darkseid will be terrified of. Interestingly, Raven has an ally for whenever the Necronomicon re emerges: a lone man with a chainsaw hand and a shotgun (oh excuse us, his BOOMSTICK)

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ok but like... imagine pinch
  • Imagine Ronan making a movement too quick and Adam flinching and Ronan just looking blankly at him because oh shit please tell me I didn't just remind you of your father. Eventually it devolves into Ronan holding him so fucking carefully because he wants too make sure Adam knows he will never ever hurt him like his father did. 
  • Imagine Ronan waking up with too bad scratches on his arms and Adam choking down tears and words at the hospital because no he can’t tell them the truth about what happened but the idea that his boyfriend- that Ronan- strong lethal Ronan- could hurt himself that way is too much for him to bear. 
  • Imagine Ronan rubbing lotion onto Adam’s hands. Speaking to him softly about how no matter how much he’s afraid that he will only ever be a tool of destruction- that his hands are made for creating. Imagine him kissing those hands. 
  • Imagine chainsaw- nuzzling into Adam’s cheek. Hopping from Adam’s shoulder to Ronan’s shoulder and back again. Nibbling at his hands for scraps and Adam laughing because Ronan is so put out- more put out then he should be that chainsaw likes him too.
  • Imagine the both of them- on the nights that cabeswater calls them too loudly for sleep too come- driving down the road. One of Ronan’s hands on the steering wheel- the other in Adam’s.
  • Imagine the sleepy hungry mournings in Adam’s dusty apartment- when neither of them want to go to school.
  • Imagine Adam tracing ronan’s tattoo so delicately, and Ronan- realizing that all this time he thought that no one could ever touch him like they weren’t touching a weapon. But under Adam’s soft hands he feels like a masterpiece. and that’s something he won’t ever let go of- something he won’t ever forget.
  • When Adam dies- Ronan can’t bring himself to dream Adam up again. And the pain makes him wonder why he ever dreamed up that perfect sooty haired boy.   

Give me Adam coming back from college and Ronan and Opal going to get him at the airport. Give me the two of them so excited that they run to hug Adam so quickly that he hasn’t even seen them. Give me Opal reaching him first and clinging to his leg and all the people around looking at them like “awww” and Ronan gets time to regain his cool for like 5 seconds before Adam smiles at him and says “hi” and Ronan just grabs him and kisses him but Opal doesn’t let go of his leg.

Give me the three of them getting back to the Barns and Opal doesn’t let go of Adam’s hand and Chainsaw flies to him as soon as she hears him. Give me this family cuddling in the couch so happy to be together again at home.

Give me Opal sneaking into Adam and Ronan’s room at night and Ronan trying to get her out but in the end she gets to sleep in between and it doesn’t matter because Adam looks so happy and they are all so happy.

Give me everything with these three.