hand capper

5 seconds...

I’ve been trying to stay away from most of the spec, especially that cultivated by MG because I just don’t want to deal with the drama. But I remembered there was this infamous ‘5 seconds’ that had to do with Olicity in 3x18. And now that we have a lot more answers and we’ve seen the cliffie I had this thought. 

Maseo is clearly aiming at Felicity through the window. Ra’s warned Oliver that the city would turn against him and that he loves a woman he can’t have. Ra’s is already put his plan into action to force Oliver’s hand. The capper on that would be eliminating Felicity. 

However, Maseo doesn’t miss. He’s a master archer. He can make the shot. 

Maseo misses. 

Why does Maseo miss?

Here’s where my idea for the five seconds comes in. 

What if something happened in Hong Kong with Akio where five seconds was significant. I have a really bad feeling that poor kid is not long for the flashback world. That has to be what drove Maseo and Tatsu apart. But maybe before that something happened where five seconds was important. 

And even though Maseo is obviously still with the LOA right now, he is also a man driven by honor. If he felt indebted to Oliver for those five seconds what if he ‘gives’ them to Felicity. He holds his arrow for five seconds. After that he’ll let it go and whatever happens is given to the universe. But he repaid Oliver those five seconds for the woman he loves. 

I’m guessing Ray takes the arrow for her and thats how he gets hurt. 

But Maseo doesn’t miss. I think something other than Ray keeps her from getting hit. 

And honestly I don’t know what else ‘five seconds’ could mean. 

Dammit, Trollenheim!