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Why do you have so many fishes?

During my depression I tried everything to feel better and I noticed that watching fish and especially koi made me calm. I told myself that if I got out of that wheelchair that the first thing that I would do is making my own koipond.

It took me two years to build my 6000 gallon koipond. I dug it all by hand and moved the heavy 250lbs sleepers with my own hands. 

^During the build

This is my pond this morning:

At the work sites, Omori’s POWs were waging a guerrilla war.
At the railyards and docks, they switched mailing labels, rewrote delivery addresses, and changed the labeling on boxcars, sending tons of goods to the wrong destinations. They threw fistfuls of dirt into gas tanks and broke anything mechanical that passed through their hands. Forced to build engine blocks, American Milton McMullen crafted the exteriors well enough to pass inspection but fashioned the interiors so the engines would never run. POWs loading at docks “accidentally” dropped fragile items, including a large shipment of wine and furniture en route to a Nazi ambassador. (The broken furniture was sent on; the wine was decanted into POW canteens.) Coming upon the suitcases of the German envoy, POWs shredded the clothes, soaked them in mud and oil, and repacked them with friendly notes signed “Winston Churchill.” They drank huge quantities of tea and peed profusely on nearly every bag of rice they loaded.
And in one celebrated incident, POWs loading heavy goods onto a barge hurled the material down with such force that they sank the barge, blocking a canal.
After a Herculean effort was put into clearing the sunken barge and bringing in a new one, the POWs sank it, too.
Emboldened by the thought that he was probably going to die in Japan and, thus, had nothing to lose, McMullen joined several other POWs in committing an act that was potentially suicidal.
While enslaved at a railyard, they noticed that a group of track workers had neglected to put their tools away. When their guard became absorbed in wooing a pretty girl, the POWs sprinted from their stations, snatched up the tools, dashed over to a section of track, wrenched the pins and bolts out, and rushed back to their work. The guard, still talking to the girl, noticed nothing. A switch engine chugged in, pulling several boxcars. The engine hit the sabotaged strip, the rails shot out from under it, and the entire train tipped over. No one was hurt, but the Japanese were frantic. They looked to the POWs, who kept working, their faces devoid of expression. The Japanese began screaming accusations at one another.
As dangerous as these acts were, for the POWs, they were transformative. In risking their necks to sabotage their enemy, the men were no longer passive captives. They were soldiers again.
—  Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand

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political pinback buttons or magnets by plushbot

each of these politically-inspired buttons/magnets resonates with an important issue with me. check out all of plushbot’s designs tonight.

I don’t like being reminded of the fact that Maeve not only manipulated Rowan into thinking Lyria was his mate and to fall in love with her, that she let him walk around for almost 300 years barely surviving because of the guilt he felt because Rowan thought HE was the reason Lyria and their child was murdered, that Maeve allowed him to turn into a sadistic warrior for her own bidding, that Maeve orchestrated hundreds of deaths at Rowans hands to build her kingdom, that he forever has to endure that pain haunting him whenever he sees his reflection because the names of those lives are forever E T C H ED into his skin as tattoos, that she didn’t just stop there, she broke him so horribly, so insanely, that Rowan couldn’t even recognize his own mate, and before he could even get the chance, Maeve captured his mate and whipped her so badly I had to put down that book several times and bite my lips to hold in my sobs, that Maeve purposefully whipped Aelin just as she had been whipped just as the guards had done in Endovier. Imagine Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius’s face when he realizes that the whipping was a message for him, when he sees the torn and scarred skin of his mate for the S E C O N D T I M E, imagine the horror and devastation that will run through his blood and his bond, imagine him being taken back to the moment that changed everything for him, the moment when Aelin burned out from using her magic, when he carried her and her flames blistered him, and then he saw a 19 year old young woman with scars from being whipped when she was a slave, and Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius flew as fast as he could to get answers from A QUEEN WHO PLANNED ALL OF THIS JUST TO BREAK HIM AND USE HIM

So, see that handsome fella on the right?! That’s Donald Glover, and I am so INSANELY excited to see him take on the role of a young Lando Calrissian in the young Han Solo Star Wars movie. Like, I cannot explain how excited I am and I am delighted for him to be getting so much attention.

Still… there’s this part of me that harkens back to his infancy in the comedy realms of the internet…. Before Community and his explosion into Stand-Up fame;  when he was making awful, hilarious videos on Youtube with his friends…

Yes… I remember…

There have been speeches, chants and protest anthems, both soulful and scathing — but as the masses have rallied and marched against President Trump’s policies over the past two weeks, it is the signs they carried that are being stamped into memory.

Protesters turned Trump’s own words against him, with their “Nasty Woman” banners and flaunting signs that declared “This p—- grabs back.” They scorned his seemingly cozy relationship with Russia: “Tinkle tinkle little czar, Putin made you what you are.” They mocked his appearance: “We Shall Overcomb” and “Hands too small to build a wall.” They found many different ways to reject his authority:

Not my President

Not my Führer

Not my Comrade

Not my Cheeto

With a pithy mix of humor and combativeness, this is protest art for the social-media era. While many kept their messages serious and straightforward — “Refugees Welcome,” “Keep Abortion Safe and Legal” — it was the new breed of signage that went viral long after the crowds dispersed. Gaining wide circulation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or various “best protest signs” listicles, they reached a vast audience that never went near a march or rally.

Read more here: Today’s protest signs are sharper, meaner, funnier — and live on long after the rallies

Rowaelin natural disasters

I can just imagine Dorian happily ruling Adarlan and then one day he sees a wildfire in the distance and Chaol comes to him like “half of Rifthold burnt down in a spontaneous fire!!” and Dorian will just shake his head and send a letter to the Terrasen court like “tell your horny Queen and King to stop burning down my cities”. But Aelin would just send him a cheque in the mail with a set of hand cuffs like “build manon a red room”

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Genderbent Miraculous Ladybug with Marius and Adrienne!  

(I like the idea of Adrienne’s hair being naturally thick and curly and so it reverts back to that when she transforms)

Take my hand into the deepest waters and I’d tell you the same thing, we’ll never drown. Walking straight into an erupting volcano and I’ll tell you the same thing, we’ll never die. Some words pollute our minds, some words haunt us forever, but some words are necessary. I won’t tell you the same three words that many have died for. I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling my depression. I won’t be drowned by you. I won’t die because of you. I’ll use these hands and build my own dreams and I’ll be damned if you tear them down. Take my hand into the sea, take my hand into the fire– you belong to me.
—  A poem in hand
  • arcade: the night sky makes me feel very small, you know? no matter what i do, no matter what problems i cause, i am a microscopic speck upon a speck in the galaxy, itself an irrelevant dot within the unknowable universe.
  • boone: sure.
  • arcade: it's a nihilistic comfort. also it stops me from worrying about paperwork due dates.
  • boone: hey, look, a shooting star. make a wish.
  • arcade: i wished for a new pair of boots. you?
  • boone, without hesitation: ranch down in baja territories out on the water, coupla dogs, handful of brahmin, maybe build a boat. good guy to share it with. wants a family too, maybe three. get fat and old together, keep 'em all safe.
  • arcade: well, yes.
  • arcade: i mostly just wanted shoes without electrical tape holding them together, but i guess that's good too.
Soulmate Au HCs 3/?

Timer Au HCs (in which everyone has sort of a timer in their wrist that counts down to the time they meet their soulmate)
Again, I know that Ty and Eth knew each other before but shhh

-Ethan is honestly fascinated by the timer and he proudly shows it off to his friends like “look two more years!!” and it’s honestly the purest shit ever

-Tyler, on the other hand, wants to build a strong relationship not dictated by the timer and therefore always wears like? an actual watch over it to kind of hide it (he still throws glances at it all the time and cares but he doesn’t want to love someone just because some power out of his control says to)

-As Ethan’s getting ready to go to LA he notices his timer is getting very close to 0 and he’s honestly excited because he really doesn’t know many people in LA aside from Mark and his friends

-Tyler’s timer is also getting really close to 0 and he kind of wants to cheat the system by just isolating himself in his room to see if his soulmate will somehow appear

-Mark drags Tyler out of the house like a few hours before his timer’s due to go off because they need to go pick up his friend from the airport

-Ethan’s on the plane and now it’s not even days it’s just hours and then just minutes

-Both boys know that they’re going to meet their soulmate in an airport and there’s just so many possibilities because there’s so many people? And you always hear of people getting off planes and meeting their soulmate who’s like a stewardess or fellow traveler

-The plane lands and Ethan’s fidgeting because wow there’s only like ten minutes left holy shit

-Tyler’s feeling the same way but he’s also trying to keep some form of order by the arrival’s gate because of cOURSE Mark brought along a big ass sign to welcome Ethan and suddenly there’s a bunch of fangirls trying to get pictures with him

-A security guard makes Mark and his fans move away from the gate because they are blocking, Mark makes Tyler stand there awkwardly and hold the sign

-Ethan’s flight is slowly streaming through the gate and Tyler kind of lowkey looks at each person that passes in hopes of finding Mark’s friend (Ethan decided to use the bathroom really quick)

-Ethan finally comes through the gate and he just sees a sign that says “welcome to your new home crinkgamplz!!” but he doesn’t really recognize the hot guy holding it

-Tyler opens his phone to send a message to Mark and when he looks up there’s just a smiling blue boy in front of him excitedly saying “hey there! I’m-”

-And right then, despite the loud noises of the airport, you just hear the clear sounds of both of their timers going off


-thanks Mark

your crown is burning
gold and blood, dripping
power down your back.

the sky is bruised purple
like wine or lilacs. you are
waiting for it to fall down.
even atlas cannot stand

you are watching a bird fly,
its precious gem wings a-flutter.
it loops into the sunset, drawn away
from the chaos of your kingdom.

crowns sit heavy on the hearts
of heroes, both born and bred
and forged from flames.

caesar was a boy once.
rome was a village once.

destiny is calling, little king.
you can carve your name
into the heart of the forest
but even a king cannot
survive alone.

call the bird back, let it sing.
crown a queen to rule beside you.
give atlas a hand.

build yourself a new rome
and let the sky be your walls.
this kingdom of yours, caesar –
don’t let it crumble down.