hand animation

Played around with hand lettering for the first time this summer! Here’s a little something I did for fun (:

Also I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and welcome to all of my new ones! I appreciate every single one of you guys and it makes me so happy that so many people like my art! You guys are all AWESOME! (:

So here’s a leak. This image was floating around a while ago, but it was at an odd angle and it didn’t get much attention. After some investigating, I discovered it came from a reputable leaker, confirming (to me at least) that it was real. I fixed the angle with help from Dad so I could share it in better quality.

You may all start freaking out now.


A must watch from the creator of Courage The Cowardly Dog.  This is some crazy as balls Dali-esque animation right here.