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Marines Ch42.5

Sabo packed Ace’s shirt for Riskua, but he had to take something out to make it fit

Ace stares at the offending item as if it burns, hands twitching but he doesn’t dare touch.

He half expects Riskua to come flying in through the window or the door (or hell, even through the wall à la Garp style) and give him the stink eye. 

But that doesn’t happen.

That doesn’t mean that Ace has drummed up the courage to move the offending item that rests upon his bed, half hidden beneath the pillowcase.

He’s going to kill Sabo, because only that idiot would dare do this.

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What are your opinions on Areana Serket?

hmm. good question in that it doesn’t have a good answer

on the one hand, i like her more than ~half of the dancestors, as she at least cares about something and makes an effort to be nice. i admire her intellect. she’s very good at what she does, regardless of what that is, which is chiefly why i suspect mindfang was among the better pirates in history. but on the other hand, she has a lot of issues with power.

her actions in the GO timeline, in particular, are why i don’t like her all that much. she makes machiavellian decisions and carelessly toys with others’ lives, but doesn’t have any real … reason for her brutalistic worldview except “personality.” she wants to make life better, in theory, but what lead her to this strict utilitarian calculus of believing in “kill X to save X+1″?

like the obvious counterpart to this argument is “but you like vriska and/or terezi and they also make pretty shit decisions” and you’re right! i like them both even though they make pretty some shit decisions. in part because of it. not insignificantly because they make shit decisions and recognize they do, and what’s more, have reasons for their decisionmaking mechanisms rooted in their childhood or life experiences. vriska is caustic because she had to adapt that persona to survive her mother’s abuse. terezi is manipulative because of her experiences sentencing others to punishment, and her core ideal of justice, which justifies manipulation insofar as it achieves a just end – and she even demonstrates ethical confusion nearer the end of the comic regarding that! aranea is manipulative and occasionally cruel because she’s power-hungry and single-mindedly dedicated to being the one to kill the baddie, which, while not necessarily an unjust goal, isn’t grounded in anything we know about her past.

we’re not sure how similar aranea’s and vriska’s lusii were, so if we got more info on that – or more about Beforus’ culture, its system of ethics, how Feferi ruled it – i might sympathize with her more. but as it is, she faces the same difficulty as the rest of the dancestors, which is that hussie tossed them all into the narrative with a massive expodump and still didn’t tell us enough about their world.

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pssst: Tim and Kon go to really bad movies just to make out. They also like to go to drive in movies in Pa's truck

Drive in movies omg yes YES

Kon still calls it NECKING. THere is hay in Tim’s hair and he doesn’t know where it came from. Neither of them know what happened in the movie because tongue’s. Also Kon has gotten approximately three and a half hand jobs while at the drive in movies. They have nearly gotten kicked out six times. And one time they almost didn’t leave because the truck broke down and Kon had to fix it after.


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“They’re all going to hate me” Luke stated as you walked up half blood hill, hand in hand. You winced, he wasn’t exactly incorrect. Luke betrayed the camp and all, people weren’t going to just forget that.

“No they won’t. You’re siblings will be happy to see you the most” you said, sort of forcing a grin. You weren’t sure if that was truly a hundred percent true but you were trying to be supportive.

Luke suddenly stopped and gently kissed your forehead.
“thanks for trying to be positive”.

“Thanks for coming back to camp with me” you whispered back with a faint smile.


I would awaken in those midsummer nights, panting and gasping from the nightmares that have followed me all my life. A whole moment would go by till I realised where I was. As I turn my head, my taut body sags in relief.
Asleep with a hand on your chin and a half a smile, it as if you were resting on a window sill. What I would give to see what you now see!
Beads of sweat shine like the stars, a pristine naked body draped in blue fabric of moonlight.
Your breasts move in slow sync with your breath and I am hypnotized by the motion. The gentleness of your being calls me back to a peaceful sleep.
This time to a night full of starry dreams.
Sunday (more than) Six

Since I may NEVER get that Empire AU into a shape, here’s more of it. Luke, Han and Leia go to Tatooine, to Ben’s old house, so that Luke can build a new saber and they learn more about the Jedi and the Force. Han and Luke build the hilt and then Luke goes off alone to a cave to meditate to activate the crystal. Leia and Han are at Ben’s waiting for him:

Han accepted the cups of caf, as Leia pulled herself up to perch on the low wall next to him.

“You’re sure he’s okay?” He asked softly, handing hers back to her.

 She half shrugged. “He…I can’t reach him like I could, but I can feel…he’s not hurt.”

 "Okay, then we wait for him to come back. Gone three days now worries me.“

 "Me too.”

 They sipped in silence as dawn began at the horizon, the first sun slowly coming about the mountains. Leia broke it. “How did you end up shipping out of Tatooine?”

 "Chewie and I tried to be respectable in the beginning. Can’t make money to keep a Wookie in food and a Falcon in parts. So we started smuggling. Spice, blasters, all sorts of illegal cargo. No slaves. Not on the Falcon. You smuggle spice, sooner or later, you deal with the Hutts. So we ended up here.“

"You’ll have to take me to the cantina where you and Luke met.”

 "Chalmun’s. Pretty good band, otherwise, your basic bar. They don’t water the drinks too much. Fluke we were there that day. Had a job that finished faster than we thought, we decided to see if we could get something else going, get the money for Jabba. Then Bosheck, another Corellian, aims Kenobi at Chewie. You’re lucky he didn’t take the fare – no way he’d’ve listened to Luke.“

 Leia smiled. "Me and the rebellion. Luke too, I’d guess.”

 "Yeah. Knowing Luke, he’d’ve gone anyway and gotten his fool head blown off, charging in to rescue you. I mean, I know we were pretty bad –"

 "You were good enough.“ She sipped at the caf. "You realize it was four years while we were getting to Bespin.”

 "Lost track of the days….wait. See that spark?“

 She followed his point. "Yes. Green light –”

 "Yeah. Looks like the old blade, though.“

 "I hope he did it. He wants this so badly.”

When you see this: Post three lines from three WIPs.

Bandwagoning. I encourage y’all to post too! @takashiskeith @captainkogane

1. Crossdressing!Keith for the Mission

The problem, Shiro reflected, was that Keith was hot.

 Pidge squinted at Keith. “I mean, I guess it makes sense. Hot guy turns into hot girl, but I think you’re kinda… hotter, this way? No offense.”

 “Yeah, I mean you didn’t change much after the Galra thing, but getting girlified is kinda– different,” Hunk mused, patting a sulking Lance on the back.

2. ABO Fic 2 

Keith stared at the news report, his hand still on a blank worksheet. He was half-slumped in an old bomber jacket, frayed jeans, and boots that had probably seen better days– and owners. It was a typical, scruffy Keith look, his hair sticking up at the back.

3. Mafia Fic 1 

“Keith–” He pauses, looking to the side, tense like a hound that had gotten scent of the fox.

“I’m sorry,” he says. Even though that word is paltry, a meager sum of all that he wants to say.  

There’s no time.


i actually really love drawing hands and only recently have I enjoyed it haha

I’m still not very good at it nor do I understand a single thing about anatomy but here’s some small tips I hope help!!!

tbh ive been waiting for someone to ask for a hand tutorial

flower cloak.


It’s been a while but here are some more doodles of that Parental Bill AU where Bill ends up raising Dipper 

Eventually, Bill realizes that his intentions to restart weirdmaggedon aren’t going the way they’re supposed to

since developing feelings and caring for Dipper weren’t part of the plan- but then again, there’s something that makes Bill’s nonexistent heart warm when he hears the kid laugh 

Also at some point, Bill can’t make himself hurt Dipper no matter what. He is utterly doomed. 

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