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the John Hancock House…Beacon Street next to the State House….there was much uproar in the 1860s when the house was threatened with demolition…ultimately it was torn down, but the loss led to people being interested in historic preservation and over the next 40 years hundreds of 17th and 18 th century buildings in the Boston area were preserved..

9/15 ACTION ALERT Against #OZONEDevelopment : Where’s the check?

On 8/17/2017 notorious house flippers Ozone Development was ordered by Brooklyn Civil Court to pay Evette Simmons $4500 for the damages to her property on  Hancock Street in Bed-stuy within 30 days.  

As of 9/14 that check HAS NOT arrived .

Please call #OZONEDevelopment and ask them :

Have you sent Ms. Evette Simmons a check for $4500?  It is due on 9/17 . The Commumity wants you to know that #BlackHomeOwnersMatter

Phone numbers for Ozone Development:

Joe Mashiesh 516 737-1601 or 516 974-3094 Abraham Mashiesh 917 662-2000 If you have difficulty reaching Joe and Abraham contact their contractor Billy Donnelly 845-901-9808


Evette Simmons began her legal fight against Joe and Abraham Mashieh of OzoneDevelopment,  two predatory house flippers in August 2016 who after buying property next hers in Bed-stuy, painted the side her brownstone black ,and attached a hand rail to her property without her consent .  They even dumped their construction debris in front her building cause her to falsely fined by the city.

So she took them to court, after spending months in mediation and thousands in legal fees , Ozone Development stopped returning her calls.  

In March 2017,  Yvette Simmons reached out to Equality for Flatbush (E4F) and by April we launched a public campaign to win justice through E4F’s  Brooklyn-wide anti-gentrification project , Before it’s Gone // Take It Back (B4G). Under the hashtag “BlackHomeOwnersMatter , the B4G campaign included a community petition that over 600 people signed from across the country , a community speakout in front of the property at 631 Hancock Street in Bed-stuy, and 2 pack the court direct actions.  E4F also provided Ms. Simmons with attorney free of charge created a map of the properties bought up by  #OzoneDevelopment created by E4F’s investigative research team Real Estate Watch :


Going, Going ... Gone (pt 4)

Scout explains to Hancock what’s really been going on with him and then they cuddle~


Hancock woke up to someone placing sleepy kisses on the back of his neck, so he pretty much figured he was dead. Except that didn’t make sense, because there was no way he got into an afterlife that felt so much like heaven. The sleepy kisses stopped with a small huff of warm air against his skin, then a chin resting on top of his head as the arm slung across his waist tightened. Who the hell was spooning him? Almost definitely not a mole rat. He looked down at the hand holding onto him with bleary eyes. Golden wedding ring. Scout never wore their ring in his dreams, which meant that this was real, which also meant—

He jerked out of Scout’s grip, scrambling to get as far away from his friend as he could. The Sole woke up with a start, already reaching for him again before their eyes had even fully opened. Hancock pressed himself back against the far wall and tried to yell for Fahrenheit, but his mouth was too dry, and all that came out was an unintelligible croak.

“Hey, Hancock.” Scout sat up and spoke softly, like he was a frightened animal. “It’s all right.”

“Feral,” he gasped out.

“No, you’re not,” Scout immediately replied. “Ghouls don’t just turn feral, you know that.”

“Went feral,” Hancock insisted. “I—I killed …”

Scout instinctively reached for him again, to draw him close and make it all better, and he flinched back against the wall. They dropped their hand and clenched their jaw for a moment before they spoke.

“You didn’t kill that woman,” they said. “Nick scanned the bite marks on her and compared them to your dental records.”

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