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The Bullshit Horn

Some human settlers at Sanctuary get riled up and demands Scout kick out the ghoul settlers. Hancock thinks he’s already seen where this is going, but Scout surprises him by shutting that bullshit down hard. The next time he goes to Goodneighbor, he refuses to stop gushing to Fahrenheit about it, who does her best to put up with her heart-eyed mush of a boss. Starts with angst, ends with sappy fluff.


“Those things shouldn’t be allowed to roam free!”

“We can’t trust them!”

“What if they hurt someone?”

It was happening again. Diamond City, take two, right here in Sanctuary. Fuck, Hancock thought this place could be safe. Like Goodneighbor, accepting everyone, but different in that it had a few more rules for the clean-living folk who couldn’t actually make it in Goodneighbor. This was the place he would’ve sent those ghouls so many years ago, and now it was happening all over again. He’d quietly ushered the two ghoul families into the care of Nick, Piper, and Deacon while Preston ran to get Scout before things escalated. But Hancock had seen this little show before, and he already knew the ending.

“What’s going on?” Scout asked, stepping out of the workshop to address the gathering crowd of angry humans.

One of the settlers stepped forward.

“We don’t want those ghouls here anymore.” A ragged chorus of “yeah!” backed him up, and he turned to look at Scout more expectantly. “They’re not human, and we don’t want them around us.”

Scout nodded slowly. “All right. I have a solution.”

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glassdoe  asked:

How about SS pinning the companions against a wall in a dark alley of Diamond City, kissing them furiously and ripping their clothes off? And yes, I am trash :)

We are all trash, it is alright. Btw, if you guys request all companions or don’t specify I’m just going to put Codsworth into a synth body, if that’s alright. I know they’re are a lot of lovers for the butler and I’m one of them so I want to add him without it being awkward. 


Piper: Is surprised at first, is little uncomfortable as well. But she eases into it once Sole starts doing that thing she likes. 

Preston: Would have been against it if it weren’t for how sexy Sole looked right then and there. 

Cait: Is the one to actually initiate it, only to find she’s the one being forced against the wall having her clothes torn off. She enjoys the thrill and urges Sole to continue. 

Curie: Is blushing a bright red, continuously reminding Sole that they could be caught. They take note and continue on anyways. 

Codsworth: Is taken aback, gives gentle warnings to sole that this maybe isn’t the best time or place they should- oh- Keep doing that. 

Danse: Isn’t sure if they should do it or not at first, initially he’d be against this, but with how flushed Sole looks and how hot he’s beginning to feel…maybe if they’re quiet?

Deacon: Laughs it off at first, he doesn’t mind the attention. In fact he loves it, so he manages to make the two of them finish at the hotel just down the street. 

Hancock: Smiles at Sole as he peels off their clothes as well. He enjoyed just how spicy things were going to get and didn’t care who heard. 

MacCready: Is embarressed to say the least, he mutters some unheard of things and before he can truly say his feelings on what’s going on Sole goes down below and-oh god, he can’t think. 

Nick Valentine: Gives a short laugh, asking how long they’ve been waiting to end up doing this. He doesn’t exactly fight them on it but isn’t exactly giving in either. 

X6-88: Disagrees with the idea, claiming that this was not the right time to be doing this, nor the right place. They argue over it for a moment, that is until Sole nips at his ear. It’s war now. 

Strong: No. 

Dogmeat: No. 

Going, Going ... Gone (pt 4)

Scout explains to Hancock what’s really been going on with him and then they cuddle~


Hancock woke up to someone placing sleepy kisses on the back of his neck, so he pretty much figured he was dead. Except that didn’t make sense, because there was no way he got into an afterlife that felt so much like heaven. The sleepy kisses stopped with a small huff of warm air against his skin, then a chin resting on top of his head as the arm slung across his waist tightened. Who the hell was spooning him? Almost definitely not a mole rat. He looked down at the hand holding onto him with bleary eyes. Golden wedding ring. Scout never wore their ring in his dreams, which meant that this was real, which also meant—

He jerked out of Scout’s grip, scrambling to get as far away from his friend as he could. The Sole woke up with a start, already reaching for him again before their eyes had even fully opened. Hancock pressed himself back against the far wall and tried to yell for Fahrenheit, but his mouth was too dry, and all that came out was an unintelligible croak.

“Hey, Hancock.” Scout sat up and spoke softly, like he was a frightened animal. “It’s all right.”

“Feral,” he gasped out.

“No, you’re not,” Scout immediately replied. “Ghouls don’t just turn feral, you know that.”

“Went feral,” Hancock insisted. “I—I killed …”

Scout instinctively reached for him again, to draw him close and make it all better, and he flinched back against the wall. They dropped their hand and clenched their jaw for a moment before they spoke.

“You didn’t kill that woman,” they said. “Nick scanned the bite marks on her and compared them to your dental records.”

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