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Umm... I think when IPS translate TG, they leave out all the suffixes. Could you do a quick post to talk about that? I think it's important to know how everyone calls each other to see whether they're close or not.

First things first, TwistedHelScans are translating Tokyo Ghoul:re now too; they do use suffixes (gonna give it a try, though the fonts they use are no good for my dyslexia). Note that my japanese is not the best (it’s not even close), so if you find any mistakes or you want to add something please message me.

First, some useful information:

  • Ranks:
    • Special Class - Tokutou 
    • Associate Special Class - Juntokutou 
    • First Class - Jotou
    • Rank 1 - Ittou
    • Rank 2 - Nitou
    • Rank 3 - Santou
    • Squad Leader - Hanchou
  • Honorifics:
    • San - it is a polite and respectful way to address people of the same social station as oneself.
    • Sama - it expresses great respect (higher than san).
    • Sensei - used to address to teachers, doctors, politicians and that kind of thing.
    • Senpai - is used to address or refer to senior colleagues, upperclassmen or mentors.
    • Kun - used with male names (usually) to denote familiarity or endearment or when addressing someone younger.
    • Chan - pretty much the equivalent of kun for girls (then again, it’s not exclusive; it’s used a lot with little kids).
  • Pronouns:
    • Watashi - used by both women and men (although more women use it); it’s the more frequently used.
    • Atashi - used only by women (especially young ones); it is considered to be cute.
    • Boku - used only by men; projects a humble and gentle personality. It is used in close relationships and it’s a lot softer than ore.
    • Ore - once again, only men use it; this one is more masculine and projects a rough personality. It’s only used with people who are close to oneself.


  • Sasaki Haise/Kaneki Ken - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki-kun, Mucchan
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun, Shirazu
    • Urie Kuki: Urie-kun, Urie
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko-chan
    • Mado Akira: Akira-san
    • Arima Kishou: Arima-san
    • Hirako Take: Hirako-san, Hirako Jotou
    • Itou Kuramoto: Itou Ittou, Kuramoto-san
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Kuroiwa-kun
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Juuzou-kun
  • Yonebayashi Saiko - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Maman
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mucchan
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shiragin
    • Itou Kuramoto: Kuramoto
  • Shirazu Ginshi - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sassan
    • Urie Kuki: Uribo, Hanchou, Urie-Kun, Urikou
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Tooru
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko
    • Mado Akira: Akira-san
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya-san
  • Urie Kuki - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki Ittou, Sasaki
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu Santou, Shirazu
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Yonebayashi, Saiko
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki
    • Arima Kishou: Arima Tokutou
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Kuroiwa
  • Mutsuki Tooru - refers to himself as “Ore” and “Watashi” (inner):
    • Sasaki Haise: Sensei
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun
    • Urie Kuki: Urie Hanchou, Urie-kun
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Saiko-chan
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya Juntokutou, Suzuya-san
  • Suzuya Juuzou - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise, Sasaki Ittou
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki-kun
    • Abara Hanbee: Hanbee
  • Abara Hanbee - refers to himself as “Watashi”
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki Ittou
    • Suzuya Juuzou: Suzuya-senpai
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Mutsuki Santou
  • Mado Akira - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki, Haise
    • Hirako Take: Hirako Joutou
    • Arima Kishou: Arima Tokutou
  • Itou Kuramoto - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise
    • Mado Akira: Akira-chan
    • Shimoguchi Nobu: Shimoguchi-san
    • Hogi Ayumu: Hogi-chan
    • Hirako Take: Take-san
    • Hachikawa Chuu: Hachikawa-san
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Take-chan, Bujin, Takeomi
  • Hirako Take - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Mado Akira: Akira
    • Itou Kuramoto: Kuramoto
    • Kuroiwa Takeomi: Takeomi
  • Arima Kishou - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise
    • Hirako Take: Take
    • Urie Kuki: Urie 
  • Washuu Yoshitoki - refers to himself as “Watashi”:
    • Urie Kuki: Urie Nitou
    • Arima Kishou: Kishou 
  • Doctor Shiba
    • Sasaki Haise: Sasaki-kun
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Gantai-kun, Mutsuki-kun
    • Urie Kuki: Hancho-san, Urie Hancho
    • Shirazu Ginshi: Shirazu-kun
    • Yonebayashi Saiko: Yonebayashi-san, Yonebayashi Saiko Santou 


  • Kirishima Touka - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Nishio Nishiki: Kuso ̄  Nishiki
    • Yomo Renji: Niisan, Yomo-san
    • Uta: Uta-san
  • Yomo Renji - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Uta: Uta
  • Nishio Nishiki - refers to himself as “Ore” and “Watashi”:
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki
    • Kirishima Touka: Touka


  • Fueguchi Hinami - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Saeki Karao: Torso-san 
    • Takizawa Seidou: Takizawa
    • Kaneki Ken - Onii-chan
  • Kirishima Ayato - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Hinami
    • Saeki Karao: Saeki 
    • Eto: Eto
    • Naki: Naki
  • Eto - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Tatara: Tatara-san
    • Naki: Naki-san
    • Miza: Miza-san
  • Saeki Karao
    • Kirishima Ayato: Ayato-kun
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Hinami-san
    • Mutsuki Tooru: Tooru 
  • Takizawa Seidou - refers to himself as “Ore”:
    • Eto: Eto
    • Fueguchi Hinami: Chan Hina


  • Hoito Roma - refers to herself by her own name:
    • Nico: Nico-neesan
    • Sasaki Haise: Haise, Haise-kun
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki-sama 
  • Nico - refers to himself as “Watashi” and “Atashi”:
    • Hoito Roma: Roma
  • Uta - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Hirako Take: Hirako-san
    • Arima Kishou: Arima-san
    • Hoito Roma: Roma 
    • Kaneki Ken: Kaneki-kun


  • Tsukiyama Shuu - refers to himself as “Boku”:
    • Kanae von Rosewald: Kanae
    • Chie Hori: Hori 
  • Tsukiyama Mirumo
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-kun
    • Matsumae: Matsumae-kun
  • Kanae Von Rosewald
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-sama 
  • Matsumae
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Shuu-sama
    • Tsukiyama Mirumo: Mirumo-sama
  • Hori Chie - refers to herself as “Watashi”:
    • Kanae von Rosewald: Kanae-kun
    • Tsukiyama Shuu: Tsukiyama-kun 

Once again, if I missed anyone or I messed up, feel free to send me a message. Also, gonna keep the AskBox open until tomorrow, mainly because the amount of questions I received about this chapter is not enough for a decent post; if I don’t get more questions I might end up posting my observations and theories for no reason (seriously though, it feels kinda lonely).

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Hello Michi, I'm sorry if I bother you but lately I have been a bit confused about Haise. At first I thought that him don't use honorifics because in the translations they don't appear, but after see some post I wonder if maybe you can tell me what honorifics he uses and with who. I'm sorry for ask, but I'm really interested in know that and I will be eternally grateful if you can help me ; ; Btw, my apologies for my english y_y

Edited: 2/17/2015

  • Quinx

Haise (boku)
~Mutsuki: Mutsuki-kun, Mucchan
~Shirazu: Shirazu-kun, Shirazu
~Urie: Urie-kun, Urie
~Saiko: Saiko-chan
~Akira: Akira-san
~Arima: Arima-san
~Hirako: Hirako-san, Hirako-joutou (First Class)
~Kuramoto: Itou-ittou (Rank 1) -> Kuramoto-san (Kuramossan)*
~Takeomi: Kuroiwa-kun
~Suzuya: Juuzou-kun

Mutsuki (ore, watashi (inner))
~Haise: Sensei
~Shirazu: Shirazu-kun
~Urie: Urie-hanchou (Squad Leader), Urie-kun
~Saiko: Saiko-chan
~Suzuya: Suzuya-juntokutou (Assoc. Special Class)

Shirazu (ore)
~Haise: Sassan
~Urie: Uribo, Hanchou (Squad Leader), Urie-kun, UriUri Cookie, Urikou
~Mutsuki: Tooru
~Saiko: Saiko
~Akira: Akira-san
~Suzuya: Suzuya-san

Urie (ore)
~Haise: Sasaki-ittou (Rank 1), Sasaki
~Shirazu: Shirazu-santou (Rank 3), Shirazu
~Saiko: Yonebayashi, Saiko
~Mutsuki: Mutsuki
~Arima: Arima-tokutou (Special Class)
~Suzuya: Suzuya (in his thoughts)
~Takeomi: Kuroiwa

~Haise: Maman
~Mutsuki: Mucchan
~Shirazu: Shiragin
~Kuramoto: Kuramocchan

  • Team Tsukiyama

Chie (watashi)
~Kanae: Kanae-kun
~Tsukiyama: Tsukiyama-kun

~Tsukiyama: Shuu-sama

Tsukiyama (boku)
~Kanae: Kanae
~Chie: Hori

  • Ghouls

~Haise: Haise

Donato (watashi)
~Haise: Haise

  • Aogiri

~Ayato: Ayato-kun
~Torso: Torso-san

~Hinami: Hinami
~Saeki: Saeki

~Ayato: Ayato-kun
~Tatara: Tatara-san
~Naki: Naki-san
~Miza: Miza-san

Saeki Karao (Torso)
~Ayato: Ayato-kun
~Hinami: Hinami-san
~Mutsuki: Tooru

  • Clowns

Roma (refers to herself by her name)
~Nico: Nico-neesan (big sis)
~Haise: Haise, Haise-kun
~Kaneki: Kaneki-sama

~Roma: Roma

~Hirako: Hirako-san
~Arima: Arima-san
~Roma: Roma

  • CCG

Doctor Shiba
~Haise: Sasaki-kun
~Mutsuki: Gantai-kun (Eyepatch), Mutsuki-kun
~Urie: Hancho-san (Squad Leader), Urie-hancho
~Shirazu: Shirazu-kun
~Saiko: Yonebayashi-san, Yonebayashi Saiko-santou (Rank 3)

~Haise: Haise
~Akira: Akira-chan
~Arima: Arima-san
~Shimoguchi: Shimoguchi-san
~Hogi: Hogi-chan
~Hirako: Take-san
~Hachikawa: Hachikawa-san
~Takeomi: Bujin, Takeomi
~Shimoguchi: Shimoguchi-san

~Akira: Akira
~Kuramoto: Kuramoto
~Takeomi: Takeomi

~Haise: Sasaki -> Haise
~Hirako: Hirako-joutou (First Class)
~Arima: Arima-tokutou (Special Class)

Arima (ore)
~Haise: Haise
~Take: Take
~Urie: Urie

~Urie: Urie-nitou (Rank 2)
~Arima: Kishou

~Haise: Haise, Sasaki-ittou (Rank 1)
~Mutsuki: Mutsuki-kun
~Hanbee: Hanbee

~Haise: Sasaki-ittou (Rank 1)
~Suzuya: Suzuya-senpai
~Mutsuki: Mutsuki-santou (Rank 3)

* - Thanks for the heads up chinekousa!