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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #5

Back again with the weekly recs! All are gen unless otherwise noted. Previous recs are in my fic rec tag! There have been quite a few. This week appears to be mostly an enormous pile of fluff. Kind of balances out the pain some of my earlier lists, hopefully. Some of these are ones I forgot last week, so the list is kind of long, too.

I’ll see you when the morning comes by calmdad
Words: 1,683
Author’s Summary: A quiet moment between a princess and her steward while the Castle of Lions still sleeps.
My Comments: A part of me regrets making Allura into kind of a bad guy in my recent fic. It’s really not her fault. She’s under a huge amount of pressure, too, maybe even more than the paladins. This fic highlights that really well, and gives her a moment to depressurize with the only person who really understands everything she’s going through. The ending did me in. So sweet.

The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Words: 9,198 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: “What is happening?” Allura demands, her voice loud in their ears. “Paladins, did you find Shiro?” “Uh, yeah, we found him,” Hunk stutters. Shiro’s gaze flickers up, small and impossibly young. “He’s…uh. He’s fine?” Or, the de-aged!Shiro fic everybody nobody asked for.
My Comments: DE-AGED SHIRO DE-AGED SHIRO DE-AGED SHIRO! ::claps hands like a monkey:: I am a gigantic sucker for deaged fics, and oh golly this one is fantastic so far. The first chapter is pure action/adventure, but the second chapter is where the story really seems to begin, and everyone is perfect. I can’t wait for more.

There’s No Place by Devils_Little_Angel
Words: 3,548
Author’s Summary: Home
[hohm]noun1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.2. the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.
My Comments: Tagged with ships, but essentially platonic. There’s lion bonding and paladin bonding and sweet, sweet Lance and Keith interaction. It’s a warm mushy cuddle pile of a fic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Until the Storm Passes by thequietone8
Words: 2,147
Author’s Summary: “‘Pidge? Why are you up?’ 'So I’m… Uh… Scared of thunderstorms?’ Yeah let’s go with that…” More like Shiro gets woken up by frequent thunderstorms on the planet Allura hides the castle on. Pidge tries to help him (and succeeds!).
My Comments: Sweet little fic with clever Pidge wiggling her way through Shiro’s barriers. They’re adorable. More cuddling!

Millennia by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 1,275
Author’s Summary: The Blue Lion muses about her life, and her pilots. Both past and present.
My Comments: Golly, I love Lance and Blue so much. Blue’s perspective is really interesting and deep, and goodness, she loves Lance almost as much as I do, possibly more. And Lance loves her back, and shows her so in the sweetest, most endearingly childlike way you can imagine. I am verklempt over this fic.

Smoochmaster by kankrisredsweater
Words: 3,617
Author’s Summary: A friendly debate between Keith and Lance turns into a full-blown competition. The task? Kiss everyone on board the ship.
My Comments: You could read this as shipping or polyamory, but I just see a whole lot of affection here, and it’s wonderful. Everyone is adorably in character. I love how well they take the competition and how accepting they are of kisses from the two hotheaded young idiots. The ending was ridiculously satisfying.

Study in Sleep Habits by Hunk by chocolateandnerves
Words: 1,157
Author’s Summary: Hunk sleepwalks. It’s a wonder no one notices until he’s in their bed.
My Comments: This fic is perfect. The only problem is that now I want Hunk to sleepwalk into MY bed and cuddle me all night long.

See What We’ve Become by Reign_of_Rayne
Words: 13,776
Author’s Summary: They were not ready. Caught by surprise when a Galra team infiltrates the Castle of Lions during a supply run, Shiro and Pidge must fight together to save Allura, Coran, and the other paladins. But Shiro’s mind is working against him, and Pidge can’t produce miracles.
My Comments: Okay, here’s some action/adventure to break up the fluff. This feels like an episode, quick-paced and exciting, but with some great character moments. Fun read, if a little painful at times.

Snapshots and Other Bonding Moments by cheshireree
Words: 4,388
Author’s Summary: Four moments between Lance & Hunk and One moment spent with Team Voltron.
My Comments: Do you like the idea of Hunk and Lance as childhood friends? I sure do! This follows them from first meeting to current time, in moments of joy and heartache alike. They’re both such wonderful supports for each other, and everyone around them too. Truly the legs of Voltron. 

Mama Holt by GriffinRose
Words: 6,940
Author’s Summary: After an impromptu vacation to Earth, all the paladins come back with a few things from home. Lance brought pictures, Hunk brought his family’s cooking, Shiro brought books, and Pidge…well. Pidge brought her mother. AKA Mama Holt adjusts to her new life in space and slowly adopts everyone.
My Comments: Oh, goodness, it’s so good for the Voltron team to finally get some support. Having Pidge’s mom come along after a visit to Earth makes sense, and it’s also practically NECESSARY for the team to function. Lance finally gets mom hugs, Pidge gets someone who makes sure she sleeps, and Coran gets someone he can complain to about all the children he has to deal with now. It’s a great concept and I want it to happen in the show.

Dream Lions by earthstar
Words: 2,207
Author’s Summary: Shiro has been plagued by nightmares ever since he escaped the Galra. He had expected tonight’s nightmare to be the same, but then it took an unexpected turn.
My Comments: I am a big fan of lion bonding, and a big fan of Shiro getting an ally to help him with his nightmares, and this solution just about does it for me. All I need is for it to happen in the show. (Hmm, that’s becoming a refrain in these recs.)

The Comfiest Mystery by angelsaves for chaoticallyclev
Words: 1,130
Author’s Summary: Somebody is putting blankets over the paladins when they fall asleep in awkward places.
My Comments: SO satisfying, omg. I love it.

Space Is Cold by borrowedphrases
Words: 1,152
Author’s Summary: Lance is a pain in the butt, but Hunk loves him and worries about him anyway.
My Comments: Hance. Cute, sweet, adorable, loving Hance. My sweet summer boys. Just the way I like them.

Fake It by WashiPuppy
Words: 8,994
Author’s Summary: Without the presence of other people to drown them out, the thoughts inside his head were getting too loud. Loud enough to drive him from his room in a desperate attempt to escape his own stupid head for long enough to sleep. It was too loud in there, and too honest. He needed to be around people, otherwise he was just left with…Just himself, and the agitated, twitching feeling of his own skin. A tale in which Lance and the Blue Lion have a one-sided conversation, Hunk is a Lance Whisperer, Pidge notices lots of things, Keith gets the wrong end of the stick, and Shiro gets a new nickname.
My Comments: It is a known fact of Voltron fanfic that an insecure Lance requires a wise, comforting Hunk. This should be chiseled in stone somewhere. It practically already is. But yeah, I love this. Some snark and humor in there, too, and the characters feel like themselves.

Some of my favorite WIPs also updated recently and I read them eagerly. I’ve recced them before but I gotta mention them again because they’re just so good. If you haven’t read them yet, do it now.

Blood Brothers by ptw30 
Aid by Haurvatat
Like trust falls from towers by kinosternon