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mr. neighbour || 06

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook AU; fluff; attempted angst (very slightly)
Word Count: 1, 317
Notes: I tried my hand at a bit of angst and I’m still a little rusty. I think things might be picking up between these two ~ 
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 7

You weren’t at all surprised to find yourself awake before Jungkook the next morning. The early morning sunlight peeked through his tasteful curtains and you gathered that it couldn’t have been more than eight in the morning. He was still soundly asleep and one glance over confirmed that he was shirtless because of that odd sleeping habit he had. This time though, you weren’t at all stunned or kicking him out of bed. Flustered, yes, but calmer

He was the first thing you woke up to, his peaceful sleeping face coming in through the haziness of waking up. Once your vision became clear, you couldn’t help but admire the view displayed next to you. From his perfectly groomed eyebrows, the length of his eyelashes kissing the tops of his cheeks, the soft curve of his nose, and the relaxed line of those soft looking lips that probably should be considered one of the Seven Wonders.

You flushed at your own thoughts.

This was crazy. Your thoughts were crazy. You were crazy.

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Daycare - You x Kim Hanbin / B.I ft. Kim Hanbyul ( fluff )

TITLE : Daycare
WHO: Hanbin / B.I
SCENARIO: his mom is out of town and the two of you have to take care of hanbyul

“Why are you so happy today! Is it because of _____~ ” Jinhwan cooed to Hanbin, teasing him for the thousandth time that day.

The boys lay sprawled out on the practice room floor, panting heavily, but the teasing never ceased to stop.

“How about My Type,” Bobby began, “Was that about *dramatic pause* ______~!” The boys hollered and laughed.

“YA! I swear I’ll kill you guys!” he joked and pretended to punch Bobby, who crouched
down and ducked out in defense.

It’s true. Hanbin liked you. And he had for quite sometime. You were his neighbour, and his childhood best friend. He’d been liking you ever since he could remember, and it didn’t help that his mom always invited you over to play with Hanbyul, Hanbin’s little sister, since Hanbin always wasn’t around. Hanbyul, quite honestly, loved you more than her older brother, and Hanbin was always guilty for not spending more time with her, but his idol life was always in the way.

“VVVVVVVV~” Hanbin’s phone buzzed.

“Guys shut up I have a phone call,” he ordered the group.

“GUYS WHAT IF ITS ______,” They snickered and Hanbin rolled his eyes.

“Yes mom?”

“YOU WHAT?” Hanbin widened his eyes and the boyband turned to stare at him with concern.

“Yeah, okay i got it see you later,” Hanbin said and ended the call.

“What happened?” Junhwe asked.

“S…shes going to Jeju-do for the weekend,” he paused and the boys nodded for him to continue, “and she wants me to take care of Hanbyul…with ______,”

The boys laughed their ass off at their stunned leader and started letting out wolf whistles.

“Dude you should confess to her!” Donghyuk pushed his shoulder. The members looked up in agreement.

“Confess! CONFESS! CONFESS!” they chanted.

“Alright, alright…” The boys cheered.



Hanbin walked up to his doorsteps only to find your flats already layed out there.

He gritted his teeth and opened the door.

“UNNIE! Unnie unnie come catch me!” Hanbyul ran around the living room as you stood there, smiling down at her.

“She’s… so beautiful,” he muttered.

“What was that?” You looked up at him, “Oh, hi oppa!” You smiled at him and waved, making his knees threaten to buckle.

He gulped. “H-hi ______,”

Hanbyul stopped running and looked up at Hanbin. “Oppa! Hello!” She said and ran up to hug his legs. Hanbin picked the little girl up and she koala-bear-hugged him.

You smiled at the duo awkwardly and tried to do something to distract yourself. You immediately turned to the table where some plates weren’t washed yet and walked towards them.

“Oh hey, here, I’ve got them,” he immediately reached over to help you.

“Hug tight Hanbyul, I’m letting go~!” Hanbin said and let his hands go from carrying her, and just let her hug him for support.

Hanbin chuckled and picked up the plates from you.

“Why don’t you spend some time with Hanbyul? Here, I’ll do the plates instead,” You said, and snatched the plates from him, and grinned at him, “I’ll be fine,” you said and went to the kitchen.

“No! I want to play with unnie! Oppa let me play with unnie,” Hanbin looked down at his sister and his heart broke a little.

“Yah Hanbyul when was the last time you saw oppa? Play with me!”

You overheard their conversation from the kitchen and smiled to yourself.

“But unnie is always here to play with me, and she’s fun,” Hanbin sighed.

I have to win my sister back… he thought.


For the rest of the night, whenever you tried to pick Hanbyul up Hanbin would do it instead. Or whenever you said something to her Hanbin would always find another topic to talk about to her. And whenever Hanbyul would go and hug you Hanbin would peel her off of you, stealing her attention once again, and completely forgetting about his confession.

It wasn’t till Hanbyul was fast asleep that you and Hanbin actually spoke a word to each other.

Hanbin slumped himself onto the couch, obviously exhausted from taking care of his sister.

You, however, picked up your suitcase and walked to the door.

“Hey hey hey! Where are you going?” Hanbin panicked and rose from his seat.

“Um… just… home? I don’t think I’ll stay the night… doesn’t really seem like you want me here…” you paused and looked up at him, “but don’t worry, I’ll be here first thing in the morning,”

“Oh…” Hanbin said guiltily.

You nodded awkwardly and turned back to open the door. Is he really not gonna stop me from leaving…? You thought.

“But I don’t want you to go,” Hanbin said, “Don’t go. Please?”

You turned to him. “I’m sure you’d take care of her alone just fine,” You ended coldly. You turned and opened the door, but Hanbin immediately ran over and pulled your forearm, and grabbed your cheeks and pulled your lips to his face.

Your hands found his chest for support and you pushed him away.

“Ah,” Hanbin looked down embarrassed, “I’m sorry,”

You bit your lips and tried to hide the blush that grew on your face. You couldn’t count the number of times that scene had been acted out in your head ever since you were young, but you pushed him away in shock.

“That wasn’t how I was supposed to confess…” he mumbled, and your eyes lit up at his words.

You grabbed his collar and pulled him in for another kiss.

His eyes widened in shock and he stood there frozen but slowly melted into the kiss.

“Eeeew!” A sound emerged from the staircase.

Hanbyul stood there hugging her soft toy and blushing at the two of you. She immediately ran back upstairs after finding out that she was caught.

The two of you looked at her in shock but he immediately turned back to you and smirked.

“I guess we’ll be hearing that a lot more often,” he said to you as you turned to him blushing.

“Don’t say that!” You pushed his chest and hid your face in his collar.

“Why not? I get to say cheesy things to you now since you’re my… girlfriend,” he emphasized.

“EEEEWWW,” you, and the sound of a girl you could only guess was Hanbyul said at the same time.

Class Project ft. Bobby & Hanbin : Part III
(Part I: Here ) (Part II: Here )


You walked downstairs with Hanbin and over to the dining room. 
Hanbin bowed to your parents and introduced himself. 
“You’re very well mannered boy” Your mother said to him. 
He bowed, accepting the compliment. 

During the dinner, mostly the parents just talked and got to know each other. You and Hanbin were sitting right in front of each other. His father was at the head of the table, on the right side was his mom, his little sister and him. On the left sat your family, your dad, mom, and you. 
After dinner his dad and your dad went to the library annex, to discuss whatever it is that dads discuss. The moms were in the kitchen, sharing recipes and chatting. You were walking in the living room, just examining it out of boredom. 
“Kim Hanbyul, this is my friend” You hear Hanbin come in, his little sister in his arms. 

“Annyeong, Hanbyul” You say slightly bowing as if she was your boss
“Unnie is pretty!” She giggles
“You’re so cute” You awe at her, your eyes meeting with Hanbin’s
“Thanks, she gets it from me” He says boastfully
“Eew Hanbyul, let’s go play and leave this weirdo” You say taking her from him and head to her room
“Yah!” He says following close behind

“Here is your baby” Hanbyul says handing you one of those life sized baby dolls. You take the doll from her, she walks over to her brother and grabs his hand, pulling him over to you.
“You guys are married” she says
Hanbin plays along and puts his arm around you “How’s our baby doing Jagi?”
If you heart was racing any faster, it would burst out of your chest and run laps around the earth.
“I’m the doctor and I’m here to check up on your baby”
Hanbin takes the baby from you “She has a cold, please give her a shot”
“Hanbyul, it’s time for bed, say goodbye to _______”
Hanbyul drops her toys and runs to hug you “Bye Unnie, come play with me more!”
“Bye bye Byullie, I’ll come over whenever your oppa is being mean to you ok?” You say giving her a hug and she happily nods to your words. 
You hand her to her mother and they leave. 
“You love Hanbyul more than me” Hanbin says picking up her toys 
You laugh “Who says I love you, pabo" 
"You don’t love me? But we’re husband and wife! Hanbyul says so!” He says pouting 
“Eew” You throw a pillow at him 
“Hey!” He says coming after you 
You guys were running around the room, like little kids 
You stepped on one of her dolls and slip, Hanbin tripping on the same one. landing on top of you. You had butterflies in your stomach.
“Uhh sorry” He quickly says getting up and helping you.
You fix your hair “It’s ok" 
The rooms was filled with tension. 
”________________! We’re going!“ *thank god*
Both of you walk out and bid your goodbyes to each other’s families
You walked out the door and realized you had forgotten your jacket in Hanbyuls play room. "Oh, I forgot my jacket!” You say 
“We’ll meet you at home then sweetie” You mom says 

You walk back to the room and grab your jacket. Bidding the family goodbye once again 
“I’ll walk you home” Hanbin says getting up from the couch

You arrive at the from of your door 
“Thank you for walking me home” You awkwardly say, trying to break the weird atmosphere 
“No problem ……" 
………… *cricket cricket*  
"Well… see you later ….” You waved 
“Bye” He says
*allrighty then ….* 
You turn towards the door and open it, about to step in. 
“Wait!” You turn around and his lips meet yours. You just stood there shocked, eyes wide open. 
He pulls back “oh my god, i’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, why I did that, I don’t, I’m sorry” He says, Hanbin was so flustered that he was just throwing apologies at you. 
You kiss him to shut him up, pulling away from the kiss he looked as shocked as you did. “You talk too much” You laugh to soothe the atmosphere. He was smiling ear to ear.
“Okay, goodnight, for real now, your mom probably thinks you got kidnapped” You say. 
He pouts “I don’t want to leave you now" 
*oh my god, he’s so cute !!* 
"Bye Hanbin” You say stepping in side the house, waving at him. 
“Okay okay” he gives in and hesitantly walks back home

You close the door and walk to your room quietly. As soon as you shut your door and jumped on your bed and danced around 
*HE KISSED ME,  I KISSED HIM, WE KISSED !!!!! *  sing in your head
You lie down and look at the ceiling, replaying the moment in your head over and over until you fell asleep.  


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ily guys Thank you for giving this series support. I apologize for any mistakes. As always, Enjoy :-) <3 (Admin S)

[Fan Acc] (Compilation Pt.1) 151114 #iKON POPUP STORE FAN EVENT

-> Junhoe’s hair is slightly styled up, Bobby’s hair is completely styled up and the rest have their hair down

-> Junhoe asked the fans if they did well on their exams in satoori

-> All of the boys aren’t wearing caps today.
Order of Sequence: hanbin, chanwoo, yunhyeong, jinhwan, junhoe, donghyuk, bobby

-> Hanbin told the fans not to speak in the Seoul dialect cuz they won’t be able to hide it hahaha

-> According to a fan, Junhoe speaks the Daegu dialect well. He even said “I love you” in dialect

->A fan was crying when she went up to get her CD signed. Jinhwan handed her a tissue and Bobby went “WHY ARE YOU CRYING!???!!”

-> Bobby said “Bobby oppa is hereeeee”

-> Bobby’s really playful today and is making a lot of hearts with his hands

-> They’re doing an event at the fansign;  B.I is looks for a girl with long straight hair, skinny jeans, and a knit cardigan (just like his lyrics from my type)

Fan: Junhoe-nim, we’re the same age. Can I call you friend?
June: mhm
Fan: can you call me friend?
June: Friend don’t force yourself to speak in a seoul accent

Dong: the name is really OO?
Bobbylight : its easy to remember right ?

F: what kind of style of girl do you like ?
Jinhwan: mmm
F: what about a girl like me?
Jinhwan: a sexy girl  

F:dont worry bout hanbin(meant to say hanbyul)
H: me?
F: oh no hanbyul.I will take june
H: thank you

-> Fan told dong lets get married & dong said you have to meet someone better than me

Fan: Chanwoo, since you’re the sunbae in acting, who was the best and worst during the mv shooting?
CW: We shot separately. so I’m not sure..

Fan: Hanbin-ah how do you overcome hard times?
Hanbin: I just sleep

Fan: Oppa, do u go on the internet often?
Yunhyeong: yes
Fan: the fancafe too?
YH: Not everyday but I check to see if my pictures came out well

Donghyuk: Oh, your (fan) name is Jiwon! (stares at bobby) Jiwon-ah~ Jiwon-ah~~~
Bobby: pretending to be polite while talking informally

F: Oppa you’re so pretty..what’s your hair color?
Jinhwan: pink brown!
F: It’s really so pretty
Jinhwan: but it faded..ㅠㅠ

Fan: Oppa, what’s your favorite book and movie?
Bobby: Um…uh..The Little Prince!
Fan: and movie?
Bobby: uh..movie…the little prince too!

trans: ikonrelatable; _konic; ikonismypride