hanbok girl

Happy New Years everyone! The year 2016 was full of events. And I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. They gave me courage and power to get through when I was feeling down. Thank you so so much!

I drew a girl in Hanbok ( traditional Korean dress) to celebrate the new year! It was super fun to draw and I definitely want to draw more people in Hanbok in the future! So many beautiful designs out there!

Again, Happy New Year!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! 


A compilation of Woohyun being… Woohyun

Embarrassment, embarrassment ~~
I’m a loser
Gross aegyo sounds
Weird laughter
I had a dream, a dream about a ghost
More gross aegyo sounds
Imitating Sungjong
Let’s go eat tasty food! Let’s go to the restaurant!
Heheh that was my revenge
Even more gross aegyo sounds
Imitating Dongwoo
Getting scared of a ‘ghost’
Voice breaking halfway through a sentence
This is a girl’s hanbok, a girl’s hanbok!
I’m going crazy
Why is (the answer) L?
And lastly, gross aegyo sounds