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October is Here (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

I’ve been inspired to write spooky fan fiction! Starting this week I will post a supernatural / spooky themed fan fiction every Saturday.

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Had a great time at Hanok Maeul with my boyfriend, a village in Jeonju also known as Slow City. He wanted to see me in his traditional attire so here I am💖 The hanbok is so beautiful!
This is my YouTube channel, I have so much footage so it will take time but expect a video/videos documenting our road trip around South Korea ^^ there is so much to see, so many beautiful places and delicious food to eat outside of Seoul! I hope I can give ideas to some people who want to visit Korea:

Perfect Bride (Hwarang! Sam Maek Jong)

Type: Fluff

Request: Maekjong scenario where I am a princess from another country.. Can it be azerbaijan? And we have to get married. I am out going&really pretty and so many girls wanted to hurt me because I was the Most gorgeous girl in town. But he and hwarang boys prorect me. Also fast forward we have kids and they are twins(you can include a bit of the delivery) and out family gets along with the queen very well.

“A bride from a foreign land” Hansung says in wonder as the boys ate lunch “I wonder if she’s as pretty as I think she will be” Sooho says as he looks off “she isn’t for you so you will not get to do more than look at her” Sammaekjong says as he took a bite. “Do you want to marry?” Sunwoo asks. Sammaekjong shrugged “not sure” he answered. 


You sat nervously in the club with many eyes on you. Looks alone you were different. Your head rested in your hands as you stared at your drink waiting for your soon-to-be husband to come to you. Soon the chair across from you slid out “I thought it would be much harder to find you than this. Your clothing made it easy though” he stated as you gave a small smile. “I am Y/L/N Y/N” you state giving a small bow in your seat “for now you can call me Jidwi” he said as you raised a brow. “Your mother told me your name was-” “no one can know who I am other than you okay” he said as he reached over taking your hand. 


“That’s her?” Yeowool asked as he fanned himself “the girl must not like her” he continued before clicking his tongue lightly “why?” Sunwoo asked “she’s obviously got something they do not” he continues as Sammaekjong raises a brow. “Foreign beauty” Yeowool clarifies as you smile at them walking passed them. 


Your hands touched the fine silk garments as you entered the clothing store. “What do you think would look best on me?” you asked your guard Beli “I do not know my princess” he spoke as you sighed “Kubra” you hum as your servant looks up from the soft pink hanbok “do you want this?” you asked her as she blushed and shook her head “get her fitted in this please” you said to the worker who nodded pulling her off. “I think the light purple is the best for you” Beli said as he cleared his throat “really? Alright” you say bumping him with your shoulder “the orange one over there will suit for you as well” you say patting his shoulder.


You sigh as you heard another group of girls make threatening comments. Beli stood up ready to pull his blade from his sheath but you stopped him. You were grabbed by one of them “why would Jidwi want you?” she asked as you roll your eyes walking away and she went to grab your arm again before Sooho caught her’s “leave her be” he said as he swooned her. “Y/N” you hear before you were pulled off to be securely held by Sammaekjong who smiled leaning in and placing a kiss to your lips. “The boys are doing their best to keep the troubled girls away from you” he whispered as he pulled away from you.


Months later you were laying in your bed as another hand pressed to your stomach “you are large you know” Sammaekjong spoke as he pressed his nose against your cheek. “I love you” he tells you as you smile “I love you too” you whispered as you shifted uncomfortably. Moments later Sammaekjong rushed around to get help with your labor. 


Daeun and Dahui laid calmly on your bed as you fixed up your hanbok “are the girls alright” as he awoke in his bed nodding you watched him get up. “My mother will want to see the girls” he spoke as you nodded again. He walked over to you and let you lean against him “they’re very perfect” you say as he kisses your cheek “I agree” he tells you as you smile proudly.