iKon: Boyfriend Hanbin
  • this boy is so extra that I feel like he’ll literally stop in the middle of traffic if he saw you for the first time
  • tries so hard to keep your attention as soon as you notice him
  • like he’d make his intentions so clear that you’d blush every time you look at him I mean he’d make sure of that……………..trust me
  • but also he’s such an adorable and loving puppy that you can’t help but like him back over time
  • and he’d want to make things clear like
  • “so now it’s official?? I don’t have to pretend I’m cold to hug you or keep telling the guys that we’re just friends ???? like I’m your boyfriend officially, y/n? should I get some sort of contract to like-”
  • listen he just wants to make sure he won’t get his heart broken
  • if you’re in w/ him, you’re ALL IN W/ HIM FAM
  • his love for animals will never be a match for his love for you but……….you’re gonna have to cry about some cute puppies and kittens and piglets and ponies w/ him bc ain’t no way in heck is he gonna be emo by himself in a petting zoo
  • yall already know but heck it, 
  • he never leaves you alone tho
  • his hands are just always near your neck esp if you’re like hella sensitive in that area and he either softly massages your shoulders or attacks your neck w/ kisses there’s no in between 
  • and just holds your hand all the time 
  • kisses your fingertips too bc he’s THAT guy
  • sometimes unintentionally inviting Bobby to your guys’ dates bc idk he loves his Bestie
  • and thinks there’s nothing wrong w/ having 2 of his besties hanging out on date night :’))))))))
  • but when you tell him like…………no baby this is our private time just the 2 of us 
  • he gets all sad and apologizes like he didn’t mean to make things weird when he was kissing all up on your jaw when Bobby was sitting on the floor next to yall :o
  • he’s so squishy all the time always 
  • you probably will never be able to let him go in the mornings bc he’s like play-doh and wraps his entire warm body around yours 
  • he freaks out over you sometimes in the cutest ways
  • if you tell him you had an assignment due, he’d lecture you on how important work is and that you need to always be on top of your game
  • ofc he’d help you too and tbh you’d be the one getting distracted and not him
  • him biting his thicc ahhh lips when he’s concentrating
  • also when you’re sick, he’s always there to help
  • probably sits outside the bathroom door when you shower or bathe to make sure everything’s okay wow my hort
  • hmmmmm probably knocks and walks right in when he hears no response to have an excuse to shower together, not all heroes wear capes :)))))))))
  • but always blames you when he gets sick the next day ???
  • anyways he’d prefer dates spent at home rather than going out
  • bc you know how exhausted he always is w/ the constant practice and song-writing and being at the studio 25/8
  • his studio is probably your second home tbfh he always wants you there
  • even when you’re not supposed to be sometimes luls
  • he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • kinda dumb kinda fluffy kinda the love of ur life
  • keep him safe 💙

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