The one thing that I really hope comes out of Mass Effect andromeda is cultural diversity and diversity from person to person.

My hope is that due to the fact that the andromeda initiative is essentially a one way trip, there will be a lot of people who don’t fit the mould that is given to their species in the three previous games.

That is why Nakmor Kesh excites me! She is Krogan, an engineer and a leader of the ark. Give me diversity people!


- A salarian that isn’t smart.

- A Quarian who cares little about the flotilla and reclaiming rannoch.

- A turian who studies language and cultures, not just from palavin but of others to.

- An asari pilot.

- A Drell. Just give me a Drell. Please.

 -A hanar scientist.

- An Elcor warrior. With bloody cannons!

- A Volus entertainer.

Blow my mind bioware!

Um, excuse me? Pathfinder Ryder? Sir? Or…ma'am, I guess?

Okay, so, in order to ensure our species weren’t wiped out by the Reapers, our ancestors left the galaxy on generation ships, I get that, that makes sense.

But why did we bring the Krogans? They can’t breed, right? We left before the Genophage was cured, before that whole Collector thing happened. (don’t ask me how I know that) I mean sure, Krogans live like 1000 years, but so do Asari. And Asari aren’t almost all violent psychopaths!

And why were there no Drell, Elcor, Hanar or Volus ships? Was the Alliance just like ‘sorry, you don’t matter enough, your races have to die’? Did they see the other races building these ark-like vessels and just go 'eh, we’ll be fine’? Is it cause not enough people wanted to fuck those races? What about the Batarians and Vorcha? Is it cause they’re analogs for minorities? The Quarians at least make sense cause they’re weird nomads.

In fact, why do we even have 'Pathfinders’? Wouldn’t a probe do the job of looking for inhabital planets way better than a person? You can send out hundreds of probes, too. Wouldn’t the generation ships have a stock of such probes when they LEFT, in preparation for arriving in the new galaxy?

And how did you disarm that person pointing the gun in your face? You just kind of touched the gun, and then had it. Why didn’t he just shoot you? Why did he even get that close? Why didn’t the two Krogans guarding the door behind you shoot you? Why does your face look like it’s from a PS3 game?


On Kakashi still masked until the end...

Lately, a lot of people have been complaining about why Kakashi had become a Hokage but unlike them, what really pissed me off is not  seeing his face until the end of the manga! I mean seriously, there have been a lot of opportunities that Kishi can use to reveal his face but he refused to do so. And what are those moments?

First is that time when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are so curious about how he looked like without the mask during one of their missions. Imagine, even while he’s taking a bath, he still wears it? But of course that was just too early and the series has just started so I understand why Kishi did that.

Second is that time when Kakashi got hospitalized after they got home from their battle with Akatsuki and while he’s in bed, he still covers half of his face with the blanket. Seriously?

Third is that Chikara special wherein during an intense battle, his mask almost got ripped off! Honestly, that was so close!! Grrr!

The 4th opportunity would have been during the Kakashi Gaiden special. For god’s sake, those episodes were all about him so Kishi should have been generous enough to mention at least, the reason why Kakashi started wearing a mask. Argh!

And the final and epic opportunity would have been his appointment as the 6th Hokage. I mean c'mon! Even if we can’t see his face unmasked as a person, his face on the Hokage monument should have been unmasked ! What’s worse is when he’s wearing that Hokage robe while wearing that mask, all we can see are his eyes? He’s even more covered now! Grrr!

And while Naruto and the rest of Konoha 11 are getting married and already have children, why don’t Kakashi have a family of his own just like this? I mean I really would want him to marry another Konoha Jounin like Anko or maybe the Mizukage Mei or that girl Hanare? Where is she?!

Okay, ranting all day won’t do me any good so I decided to just browse for possible faces of Kakashi if he were unmasked in order to compensate for my discontentment. And here they are:

But seriously, I envy these two - Teuchi and Ayame - for being the only people who have seen his face. Coz judging from their faces, maybe he really is good looking!.. (>_<)

What about you, with Kakashi’s face unrevealed until the end, what’s your say on that?