allkuro ships in a sentence

aokuro: teiko angst
akakuro: buchou noticed me
kikuro: dog and owner
murakuro: attack on titan
kagakuro: so sweet that it will give you cavities
takakuro: takao yuujinchou/takao’s book of friends
hanakuro: bad boy and good boy
nijikuro: literally senpai noticed me
izukuro: now you see me now you don’t
himukuro: overly affectionate american boyfriend

^above are the only -kuro ships I ship so please don’t kill me for not including ships like midokuro—

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You're doing a really great job!! How about some fics about Kuroko, either gen or romance but he's not paired with any of the GoM or Kagami or Mayuzumi? Thank you~

I have a couple of Kuroko rare pairs here, KuroMomo here, some gen fics here, here and here! One OC/Kuroko here… Sakurai/Kuroko here! Hanamiya/Kuroko here and here!!! And here is some more under the read more wooo!

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For once, Makoto didn’t mean to.

So this is a thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while now. It’s from a fic I really really love! It’s HanaKuro, which is such a rarepair so I was really happy when @cywscross, one of my fav KnB authors, started posting it. It’s SO SO GOOD OMG. If you like this pairing and redemption arcs, you should definitely give it a read!!

Simple Physics

Submission by howlinforhale.

Hi! I remember you asking for Hanamiya/Kuroko awhile ago and I was feeling inspired, so here you go.^^ It’s just a draft but I hope you like it. Oh, and good luck with finals!

Hanamiya is a genius and numbers


are easy to understand.

The velocity


of Kuroko’s passes

is exponentially proportional to the force


behind his hand and

the volume


of his body

is as small as the diameter


of the area


Hanamiya needs to cover during matches.

When they touch

the signal from Hanamiya’s nerve endings travels at the speed of light


straight to his brain but

for some reason

nothing can explain why gravity


changes around Kuroko and

why Hanamiya feels a pull

despite the little mass


There’s an equation


for how the light hits his eyes until they shine like the summer sky

(it must be specular)

for the curves and angles of his body

(it must be Phi)

for the resonance of his voice in Hanamiya’s ears

(it must be oscillation)

for how Hanamiya’s heartbeat is directly proportional to the time


their eyes meet.

(it must be love)

Jfc, you just made me fall more in love with this twisted pairing. THANK YOU SO MUCH, THIS IS WONDERFUL. GZKDGDKD