I’m excited to announce that I am apart of the @overcookedzine hosted by @tokio-zines

Its a super unique zine as it doubles as a cookbook with lots of really fun and tasty recipes contributed by all the talented artists/authors involved! Don’t miss out on this amazing zine !!

Here’s a sneak peek of my two sticker designs !


im going to bed but one thing i really liked about the d.va short was how it showed how fake a lot of D.VA’s image is, how its used as propaganda by the state to make the citizens feel safer. 

In the beginning you have the news saying that in the aftermath of the latest battle all of D.VA’s teammates were trashed but she came out almost completely unharmed. And maybe you almost believe it, because you see that she IS doing fine. But then why is she fixing her mech? Why is she so concerned with their recent close call? Then at the end you see D.VA almost die to stop the omnic attack, having to be rushed to the hospital, and yet the news reports that she “won without a scratch.” Its a simple but effective way of showing how much of D.VA’s image as the flawless super star is manufactured. 

The fact that Hana is clearly aware of this and rolls with it shows she understands her role as a propaganda icon too. It’s interesting. Really, getting a glimpse behind the mask at the real Hana, the loner who has trouble reaching out to others and tries to carry the whole world on her shoulders, was the best part of this one. As usual with these shorts it leaves me really interested to see how she’d go from this to (presumably) being a member of Winston’s new Overwatch team.