hana tate

Delirium Trilogy Meme; 1/3 brotps/otps

“Impulsively, without thinking about what I am doing, I reach out and seize her hand. Two long pulses, two short ones. Our old signal.”


Clips from unaired ‘Delirium’ TV pilot

maybe it’s just me, but i feel like hana tate is one of the more under-appreciated females in YA novels. i mean, i know that she probably deserves to be disliked since she was the one who started disobeying the laws before lena, and after lena has found happiness with alex, hana manages to tattletale on her best friend to the regulators. given those reasons, it makes a lot of sense why delirium fans don’t like hana as much as lena or other females.

but i think hana deserves just as much love and appreciation as lena or alex or julian. she knows that what she did to lena and alex was wrong, as she admits to God himself, and in the end she does try to make everything better, and she even admits it to lena. oliver doesn’t reveal write much about hana since she appears in only two of the three novels, but i am so glad that she wrote a novella in hana’s perspective, and i just want to know more about her.

i just wish people would look at hana and think ‘you know what? hana isn’t so bad after all; i think i really like her and her character.“