When you and I met, there were things I could never say.
To only say I was shy is not as simple a reason.

Although ideals and reality are usually not the same
Looking into the future, will I still be there?

The world is changing color
Timidly, I turn the page of today.
But just by you smiling,
I can believe in our future.

Darling, I just want to tell you,
how much I love you.
Promise me, okay.
Even after 10 years, we’ll walk together.

Painful, sad tears fall.
Gentle, bright smiles lay bare.
Because of your honest expressions,
I have been saved.

From my heart
Right now, I want to say “Thank You”.

Do you hear me?
I can’t express it well, these feelings I have for you.

Darling, I just want you to know,
My only true love is you.

I love you.
Even after 100 years, I’ll stay by your side.

Thank you KARA for giving us 9 years of bops. Your influence and contribution to K-pop will always be felt and remembered.