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“Although we never said it to each other, I think we both knew.”

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 4 of 4)

My Secret Hotel

I’m a hotel wedding planner who plans a wedding for my ex-husband second marriage. Due to some murder incidents, I must re-marry my ex-husband to save my hotel’s image. Things turn out okay in the end and we continue our marriage life happily. 

Liar Game

I’m a genius who’s joining this weird quiz where the MC happens to be a freak who turns out to be my long lost childhood friend. But I always have a way to win and that freaky bastard is going to hell.

High School King

I had to live two identities due to my brother’s accident. Actually I’m still a high schooler but I have to substitute for my brother in his new office as a manager. I lost my dream to become a professional hockey player but got a much much older co-worker lady as my wife instead.  

Let’s Eat

There’s a mysterious murder in my neighborhood, but who cares? Imma eat delicious food first. And the mysterious food blogger who I adore so much all these times is actually my neighbor and my soulmate. 

The Surplus Princess

I was a modern mermaid who temporarily became a human to chase after my favorite chef oppa. In order to permanently stay as a human, I need to meet my true love. I thought it was the chef oppa, but turns out it was the unemployed oppa who saw me naked for the first time. Long story short, we live happily ever after. 

Emergency Couple

Rushing a marriage when we’re young turns out ugly. After years of being divorced, we get to meet again at the same emergency unit as interns. Good ol’ memories keep flashing back and our dying love is revived again so we decided to get back together. 

Gap Dong

I witnessed a serial killer in action back then when I was a kid. I grew up and became a cop to catch that killer. I was confused with a serial killer copycat but in the end I succeed to catch the real killer. Turns out the killer is my co-worker who is also a cop. 

Marriage, Not Dating

My parents forced me to get married even though I didn’t want to. To make them stop I’ll introduce this not-my-type girlfriend by contract. Later, I fall for her for real and as our love also becomes real, we continue to get married. 

Plus Nine Boys

We are 3 lover brothers and an uncle with an age that has the unlucky number nine. But truthfully the thing that we are unlucky with is just love. We managed to go through all our love troubles and get our ladies. Maybe we will have to go through it again every 10 years. 


I was an ex chess player who starts becoming an intern in a trading company. This is my ordinary journey as an everyday office worker that will touch your heart. In the end, I met the right boss and life is getting better. 

The Three Musketeers

I am an ordinary man who becomes a warrior for the king after an accidental encounter with the crown prince and his secret night patrol team. Together we fight the bad guys in the government. My first love turned out to be the crown princess, but I’ve moved on.

Bad Guys

My daughter was murdered in a mysterious case, so I form a special team that consists of 4 convicts to solve the case. I’m highly suspicious with one psycho in my special team. He might be the one who killed my precious daughter. Apparently I was just mistaken, coz the real killer is just another psychopathic prosecutor dude. Sorry, psycho. My bad. 

Can We Love? 

We are three ladies in our late 30s struggling for career, family and love life. We managed to overcome everything in the end. Really. Our emotional breakdowns are totally unnecessary. 

Korean Celebs Say They’d Rather Not Have Yoo Jae Suk As The Next President

Korean Celebs Say They’d Rather Not Have Yoo Jae Suk As The Next President

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On April 24, Korea’s National Election Commission uploaded a video as part of the “0509 Rose Project,” which is a campaign meant to encourage Koreans to vote on election day.

In the video, various celebrities are asked to vote for Yoo Jae Suk, Na Young Suk PD, Jang Dong Gun, and more highly esteemed public figures as their next president.

Told to vote for Yoo Jae Suk, TVXQ’s Yunho responded, “I…

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Everyone one in TL&HL is just pissing me off. Like I don’t even understand how we got here. 

Chang Young is beginning to seem more manipulative than pitiful and he’s constantly trying to drag in So Rim when Han Gyeol has warned him man to man. 

Yoo Na? Girl, I bet you gave Han Gyeol enough rides home when he was your man so please STOP OFFERING TO DROP HIM HOME, HE HAS A NEW LOVER BYE. Also, stop trying to make So Rim feel small, we can see through all that jealousy.

Mr. Choi? I can’t even begin to explain how this manipulative man is the root of all the misunderstanding in this drama. 

Mrs. Yoo, you push Mr. Choi and when he finally acts you tell him its too much? really? alright. 

Han Gyeol, it seems you only know how to raise your voice at your dad but not when there’s a serious situation like Mr. Choi stabbing Chan Young in the back; suddenly you were mute? but ok. 

Si Hyun, Yoon & In Ho, i love you guys but if you guys had made Chan Young feel at home from the jump, perhaps, just perhaps, we wouldn’t be here now but i love you guys still. 

Jin Woo, i’m not sure what you’re doing trying to hit on So Rim but incase you haven’t heard she’s taken but i’m not :)

Obviously this is just me in my feelings. 

The most stylish Asian men in fashion. From L-R: Daisuke Ueda, Noma Han, Eugene Tong, Danyl Geneciran, Tae Hwan Kim, Hyeong Seop Park, Paolo Roldan, Kim Won Jung, Sang Woo Kim, Sung Jin Park, Do Jin Kim, Dao Yi Chao, Young Jung Koo.

Right. Sun-won was raised in hiding by a noble born music prodigy and I'm supposed to believe his a mere peasant...

And he coincidently grew up along side the son of a disgraced noble man who happens to have a connection to the Queen?

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“Love as much as you can while you’re alive. after you die like this, you can’t go anywhere together. you can’t touch. And you can’t confess either. so when you’re alive, love as much as you can. Go to places where you want to go. Eat whatever you want to eat. If you love someone, until your lips wear out, tell him that you love him.” - Mimi (미미)