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Luke takes Leia shopping once she becomes a bigshot senator in the New Republic because "your tendency to just steal Han's clothes when you run out of clean ones is adorable but not #fashion"

She’s never done this before. 

In her old life, she had a personal tailor–the decisions she made were along the lines of color and fabric, not cut and style, and even those were political decisions. White was the color of the royal family. Silver highlighted her planet’s wealth, to those who needed reminding. In her life after that one, she wore cast-offs, collected a wardrobe out of whatever the quartermaster handed out. 

Luke, who grew up in a glorified village on the Outer Rim, can’t believe she lived in Coruscant for actual years and never once went to the shops

“No way,” he says, pulling her away from a foamy white dress, his nose wrinkled. “Eighty credits for four feet of boilercloth? You could buy the factory for that much.” 

Leia reaches for a simple grey jacket, and draws her hand back when Luke winces. It’s endearing, the way he still doesn’t always know what his face is doing. “Fine,” she says, and gestures broadly at the shop. “What do you want me to wear, hotshot?” 

“It’s not about what I want,” Luke says immediately, and she rolls her eyes. 

“Luke,” she says, and picks up the jacket, holds it against herself. “Are you sure you don’t have an opinion?” 

“Not grey,” he says, and grins at her, suddenly looking absurdly young. She can just about picture him, sorting through the outdoor markets at Mos Eisley, saving up for the dusty boots he wore his first year in the Rebellion, until they fell apart. “Not white, either. You have a lot of white. How do you feel about color?” 

Yellow for Chandrila. Green for the ruling families of Hosnia. Purple for Iego. Red for the emperor. White for Alderaan. Black for the Empire. 

Leia blinks. “I like blue,” she says after a moment. 

Luke takes the jacket, puts it back in its place. “Blue, okay,” he says, and claps a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll start with blue.” 

skysolo headcanon #3

Luke totally stands on chairs during arguments with to make himself look taller…but when they have huge fights, Luke actually lifts himself up with the force as he gets more and more angry.
Han tries, he really tries, but he just CAN’T keep a straight face when his boyfriend is slowly floating towards the ceiling like a balloon of rage, no I will NOT CALM DOWN HAN SOLO, and a WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LAUGHING AT, and when Luke notices he turns bright red and tries to float down all casual like, which almost always ends in Han giving him a bear hug because dAMN Luke is adorable. And Luke buries his face into Han’s shoulder and whispers “shut up”, his cheeks still burning.


Han Hyojoo updated her Instagram after last week’s episode to thank the members for their loyalty


Happy VAB Verse Anniversary! For those of y’all that don’t know, this is a series (can I call it that?) written by the lovely @fromthedeskofelizabeththird. It’s finally turned one! One of the best writers I know, Elly has committed her blood, sweat, and tears into this series and it is most likely one of the most underrated MM works ever, so I suggest checking it out and giving it a read. It’s a game-changing verse that has influenced writers and deserves the utmost respect. Plus, Nari is a gift. 



Exactly! Jumin was so much more likable in other routes and I get so protective of him sometimes when the other members are being obnoxious. Like they complain about Jumin being a heartless robot but he’s always the first one to offer help when one of them is in trouble??? At the end of Jaehee’s route I actually died when he crashed 707′s car like I cannot believe??? The amount of spite and pettiness??? I loved him in Zen’s route omg that route was hard for me since I wanted to love them both. LMAO I don’t think it was Jumin’s place to call his mom but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it. and it was pretty funny tbh The V thing makes me really sad because Jumin wants to be there for him but V can’t tell him anything. ;_;

Agreed, I love Jumin SO MUCH as a character like he’s so sweet but so underrated because of his route. I can understand why you’d be hurt by 707′s route, but personally the ‘pushing away’ thing didn’t bother me too much??? probably bc i do the same lmao I actually couldn’t stand Jumin at first because I thought he was going to be the typical K-drama CEO arrogant jerk, but he’s actually pretty relatable?? Now, I am absolutely in love with him. <3

Yes, I’m glad you also love Cat Dad!! *A* I fall back in love with whoever’s route I’m playing, so I left off on Jumin’s Christmas DLC and now I can’t stop thinking about him. his dlc almost made me cry too like the hug thing hit me hard Not being able to pick a fave just means you have a lot of love to give!! 

jdfkgs thank you for thinking so! I love you too, you are phenomenal!! *_* I could never choose between Ryuji or Jumin, they’re complete opposites but I love them all the same, and it’s great that you do too! Tbh all this Jumin and Ryuji love is wonderful and I am 100% here for it.

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, the wi-fi was out for most of the day. This guy came over to mess with the wi-fi and TVs and I was just like ‘what is this guy barging in my room for’??? Anyway, sorry about that!

Early Morning Rest (Jumin x MC)

When the daylight comes, you wake up and find your husband hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep.

Word Count: 568

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a terrific day! Thank you!


Your eyes fluttered open in the morning light, stretching out with a deep breath as you sat up.

And oddly enough you didn’t feel your husband’s arms wound about you shift or his body stir.

And as you looked to the side, you found he wasn’t there in the first place. 

Your gaze widened in surprise, swinging your legs over the bed as you scrambled to your feet, peering about your home.

“Jumin?” You asked, furrowing your brow. “Jumin where are you?”

You heard rustling in the office, stepping in and finding him hunched over, turning his head away from his documents and emails.

Dark circles seemed to be engraved beneath his eyes, yet still drenching with warmth as he saw you.

It always somehow did.

As if you were the one thing that could always bring him happiness.

“Oh…darling, I’m sorry, I was sent some last minute plans that needed approving and…it was much more than I expected.” He smiled weakly. “Did I worry you?”

You frowned, taking his hand and giving a fond squeeze. “A bit, but you’re worrying me a whole lot more now, you need to rest!”

He objected, running his fingers messily through his hair.

“I need to get ready for work love-”

“No, you’re taking the day off to sleep, Come on.” 

He laughed lightly as you dragged him to the bedroom, sitting down beside him.

“You don’t need to do this, I’ll be fine-” 

“Hush, you need to take care of yourself.” You pressed a kiss to his forehead, curling your fingertips through his hair. “Don’t overexert yourself. It’s not healthy.” 

His expression hinted a guilt for a moment, memories of his old tendencies trickling into both of your heads.

Only when you entered his life did he begin to stop, finding that his home wasn’t lonely as it used to be. 

Because you were here.

And you became his home.  

You cupped his face in your palm, his gaze softening.

“Please.” You said. “Stay home today.” 

He melted. 

“Alright.” He took your hand, kissing between your knuckles. “If you truly think its best. I can’t…I can’t say I wouldn’t like it.” 

“Thank you, I really appreciate it.” 

He nodded off, a weary grin tugging at his lips. “You have a beautiful heart love…” 

You snickered. “All I need to do is call Jahee and let her know you’re not feeling very good. When you’re feeling better I’ll help you with those documents.” 

“You amaze me every time…” His lids sank, yet his words were full of earnest as he cooed to you.

You tried to hide your reddening cheeks as you tried to stand up, finding his head resting against your shoulder, eyes shut and breathing light.

He was asleep.

You ruffled his hair fondly, settling on the bed beside him, his head buried on your shoulder.

“Get some rest,” You murmured. “I’ll be right here.” 

And you swore that just for a moment, he smiled.

And he seemed brighter than the morning light.

And you utterly adored it.

Dating Seungwoo

this is super late IM REALLY SORRY but i hope you guys still like it! 

  • You probably meet somewhere relatively unexciting like the gym or a burger joint unless those places are exciting to you bc thats cool too!!!
  • And he’s halfway through scolding one of his children (probably Hanse) when you walk in 
  • And then he chokes on air and stops talking for a moment because you stole his breath with your subtle beauty and grace 
  • “What’s wrong with hyung?” Sejun asks like a puppy and Chan just starts cackling manically and Seungsik doesn’t notice because he’s trying to help his best son, Subin, flip a water bottle
  • Seungwoo composes himself and shakes his head and gets back on track except he can’t help but steal nifty little glances in your direction 
  • When everyone else is occupied, Chan pops up next to Seungwoo and chimes, “So, are you gonna go make a move or do you need my intervention?” 
  • “Idk what ur talking about”
  • Seungwoo readily averts his gaze like shitshitshitshitshit
  • Chan probably laughs evilly again and then uses a soft baby like Sejun or Seungsik as his pawn and causes then to accidentally run into you
  • You practically squeak and land hard on your butt
  • Sejun/Seungsik is hovering over you worriedly and babbling apologies AND THEN 
  • Cue royal trumpet noises Jinho where u at
  • He gently shoves the boy out of the way and he’s in caring leader mode so he’s scanning over you for any terrible injuries and asking a billion questions
  • And you smile a little because he is concerned and handsome
  • “Thank you, but I’m fine” 
  • ;;;;;;;;;))))))))))))))))
  • It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship  
  • Well okay let’s rip this off like a bandaid because I’ve had this in my head since ep 1 of Me7Nam
  • Definitely the type to t e a s e you
  • He has abs ok ABS like hello SixPack
  • So he undoubtedly walks around, gloriously shirtless, and when he catches you ogling at his toned physique, his head tilts to the side 
  • And he looks like a cute, curious puppy but that is a lie because he is sin
  • Arching an eyebrow, he stalks over to you slowly, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, until he has you wide-eyed and up against the wall 
  • And you can feel the warmth radiating off of him and he smells so good (he probably used your body wash lbh)
  • Brushes his thumb across your cheekbone, dipping his head down so your noses are touching
  • “Baby, you’re burning.” He murmurs, voice low in his throat 
  • Han Seungwoo does not cuddle
  • He S N U G G L E S 
  • “Hello everyone my name is Han Snugglewoo”
  • When you two are laying in bed, he hooks his legs around yours and winds an arm around your waist, effectively locking you against his chest 
  • Not that you’d want to leave anyways
  • Brushes his nose against yours as his eyes flutter shut
  • He likes to press open mouthed kisses to the corner of your mouth, trailing his lips across your jaw, down your throat, to your collarbones, where he buries his face in the crook of your neck and simply breathes, fingers applying slight, uneven pressure to your waist 
  • Enjoys warm silence more than anything, you two don’t always have to talk because the sweet intimacy of your gestures fills the void left by lack of conversation 
  • AND WITH thOSE gREAT HANDS he would give great massages and you’d knock out because everything about him so soothing and warm 
  • I also feel like he’d really enjoy playing with your hair??
  • He does it absent-mindedly, like when you’re chilling on the couch or cooking together or studying 
  • It doesn’t matter the length, but if it’s long he’s toying with the ends and maybe tugging playfully occasionally, and if it’s shorter his fingers are massaging your scalp and tucking it behind your ear maybe 
  • He also likes playing with your fingers, so his fave form of PDA is when your fingers are intertwined with his 
  • And if you’re not holding hands in public, his arm is slung over your shoulder I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM WITH SEUNGSIK HE JUST WANTS TO BE CLOSE TO YOU
  • He’s the leader, so it’s natural for him to simply take c a r e of you
  • Seungwoo would know you like the back of his hand, even if he’s quiet sometimes, he’s always sending sidelong glances your way to make sure you are comfy and happy 
  • Dates with Seungwoo are usually simple but sweet, he is a busy bee but he always makes time for his baby
  • Dinner and a movie, cooking and snuggling at home, a picnic in the park, laser tag with the boys, late night walks by the Han river where you talk about anything and everything 
  • He wouldn’t be super into pet names because he really just loves your name, but he would probably call you “baby” and “sweetheart” and “jagi” 
  • Fights with Seungwoo would be rare but i n t e n s e
  • He’s quiet and thoughtful but he says what he needs to say and knows how to deal with people
  • But when he’s upset, especially with you, he’s almost scarily quiet and cold
  • I think he would get upset if you broke a promise that meant a lot to him and he wouldn’t know how to convey the fact that he felt deeply hurt, so he’d just shut down and it would take some gentle prodding to coax an explanation out of him 
  • Seungwoo seems really conscientious so everything he’d tell you would be well thought out, even if it does seem a bit harsh, because he knows he needs to be honest with you
  • Making up is easy and quiet, filled with maybe a few tears but definitely a lot of sweet kisses and soft fingers cupping your cheeks 
  • Han Seungwoo is not the jealous type but he doesn’t like others infringing on his s/o’s personal space, so if someone got too touchy with you, CUE INTENSE LEADER SEUNGWOO MODE
  • He’d just stare the person down coldly while keeping you close and then the person runs before they ded
  • But he would totally trust the members with you and honestly you might become Seungsik’s assistant mom because Chan needs to be kept in line and how many times do u have to wash Hanse’s socks istg
  • His not-snuggly kisses are solely focused on you, they’re deep and intense and you have to kinda grip onto his shirt and he smirks when you get all flustered because YOU’RE SO ADORABLE DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND 
  • Anyways, Han Seungwoo is a sweetheart and he is definitely the sort of man you give your heart away to because he would absolutely cherish it 

Stray Kids reaction to you coming from Quebec and having a French Canadian accent

Hwang Hyunjin

So, Hyunjin doesn’t know a lot of English, but he would be in awe of your accent. he would love it so much. His face would get a bit red, and he’d get kinda flustered when you called him ‘cute,’ or ‘sweetheart,’ in English. When the two of you are tired, and he comes to visit, you normally just sit on the couch and listen to you talk.

“자기야 (darling)! I love you!”

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Bang Byungchan

This actual polar bear would be so surprised when you first spoke to him in English. Chan would hear your accent and his forehead and eyes would crinkle as he smiled. Since he already speaks English, it would be even better. Sometimes he would tickle you until you agreed to tell him stories.

“(Name)! You’re so adorable!”

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Han Jisung

This boy is such a sweetheart, oh my god! You know how he likes to do impressions, one day, you would play him a clip of a TV show in English, and you would imitate it. as soon as you started to speak, his eyes would start to twinkle. He would want you to speak to him every single second of the day.

“(Name), say that again! Please! Just one more time!”

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Kim Seungmin

Seungmin is young and still playful. So, you would be with him, Jeongin, and Woojin, just listening to them sing and figure out lyrics, and then you would say something in in English with your accent. All of the boys would look over to you, just plain amazed. But, Seungmin would get up, take your hand, and lead you into the hallway … where he would give you one huge kiss on the lips.

“Too cute …”

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Kim Woojin

Woojin is the oldest, so he’d be a bit more mature, but he still doesn’t know a lot of English. So, when you spoke to him for the first time in your native tongue, he would be shocked to silence. He would just stare at you, and smile like an idiot. This boy would be so giddy whenever you would say anything, because when he fell for you, he fell for all of you.

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Lee Felix

Lee Felix is the sweetest person to ever be created. Since he already speaks English, and he’s learning Korean, it’s a nice change. For him, he loves to hear you speak because he can reply fluently. This boy also adores your accent. He would love it so much that he would ask you to just ramble on about stuff sometimes to calm his nerves.

“Just a few more minutes, (Name) … I’m still a bit nervous.”

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Lee Minho

(just gotta say something real quick—nInE oR nOnE jYP, nINe oR nONE—)

Anyhow—this boy is so cute. Lee Minho is a gift from above. Your accent kinda makes him nervous. But, only because of how beautiful it is. His palms start to sweat and his head gets a little fuzzy. He can’t think straight, because all he’s looking at is you. Minho is head over heels for you, and your accent just adds to his “reasons why I love (Name) (L/N)” list.

“야 (hey)! Stop being so great! You’re making me sweaty!”

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Seo Changbin

Oh yes~ This dark boy would absolutely melt into a pile of mush when he heard your accent for the first time. He would keep stealing glances at you from across the room, and wait ‘til you guys were alone (because even though he’s a dark boy, he’s also a shy boy) to tell you that he loves you and your native language.

“Ah! (Name), I’m supposed to be dark, not cute! Stop making me like this!”

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Yang Jeongin

(on this blog, we love, support, and take care of baby jeongin because i adore him and his braces~)

So, this baby would get super shy when you called him anything in English. If you called him ‘sweetie,’ or ‘baby,’ his heart would start to go a hundred miles an hour and his face would turn firetruck red. The boys would tease him whenever he said anything remotely cute about you or your accent, but he would talk about it nonetheless. Because, after all, he loves you …

“Gah! (Name), the boys will tease me about this y’know?!”

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~ Admin CJ

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Hanzo's s/o gets to bed after a long day. He strokes s/o's hair and realizes it's short.

This was the first night in a long time that Hanzo was in bed before you. He was pulled out of his slumber as he felt the mattress dip under your weight. He turned to face you and wrap an arm around you. He didn’t even think about the action, it came instinctively to him at this point. Hanzo pulled your body against his to replace the heat he lost when you took your share of the blanket.

You snuggled against his chest while his hand ran up your back, a soothing motion for both of you. When he brought his hand up to run it through your hair he suddenly froze. You chewed your lip as you awaited his critique. Whether he liked it or not hardly mattered now. But it would be an added bonus if he did.

“You cut your hair,” he said, statement rather than question. He finally moved once again to repeatedly run his long fingers through your now short hair, lingering at the end before letting gravity gradually pull your hair from his fingers.

“Yeah,” you muttered after a tense moment of silence, “Do you hate it?”

Silence once again filled the room as he continued playing with your hair.

“I love it,” he whispered, “But I must ask…Why cut it?”

You were thankful for the darkness because a deep blush lit up your face.

“Dunno,” you answered with a shrug, “I just fancied a change.”

“You know, in my culture the cutting of one’s hair signifies a new beginning. The start of a new chapter. And I am blessed that you include me in this chapter.”

You burrowed into his chest, letting out a small chuckle.

“It’s just hair, Han. But I’m glad you like it.”

“I adore it,” he replied, pressing a kiss to your head, “I adore everything about you.”

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Hi! Can I just start off by saying how much I love your work??? I enjoy reading your writing so much, and it's so cute oh goodness. I had a request in mind, and I know it seems a bit strange, but it sounded good in my head. Could you do a JuminxMC piece where MC learns a song on the ukulele as a surprise for Jumin's birthday? If you need song ideas, there is one called I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill, and it seems fitting to me. Feel free to ignore this if you want. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ’•

This isn’t strange or anything it sounds adorable!!! I’d love to do it!! 

Anyhow, thank you and enjoy!!! Have a marvelous day!!!

For those who want a link to the song, the link is here!!

Also, this song is so cute oh my god???


You weren’t exactly a musician, but you found enjoyment in the ukelele. 

Ever since you were a child you enjoyed cradling it in your arms. plucking it clumsily with your fingers absentmindedly, only stopped as your father sat down beside you, chuckling at your random notes.

“Here, let me show you something,” He’d hum, moving your fingertips in the correct positions, beginning to rock your palm against the strings, creating a small tune that left you lighting up like a firework. 

“Your grandma used to show me how to play this old thing,” He chuckled. “closest thing to a teacher I ever had.” 

“Will you teach me then?” 

Your father had laughed softly, nodding. 

“I’ll give it my best shot.” 

Truthfully, you weren’t a professional or anything of the sort, but you were gentle and lighthearted.

And in the end, all you wanted to play was just that.

And the only opinion who mattered to you loved it.

Your husband.

Jumin enjoyed every moment he’d pass by you and hear you strumming along the tethers, occasionally sitting down beside you and asking for a song, singing quietly alongside you, even with the embarrassment clear in his expression at his voice. 

So as his birthday came along, you knew exactly what you wanted to do.

It was only a matter of learning the perfect song.

And the song you had found was exactly what you had been searching for.

It was airy, devoted, and cheery all wrapped into a laced bow, a smile even tugging at your lips simply as you sang it. 

The only issue, was learning it. 


You have to wait until your husband went off to work, pressing a kiss to your head before he left, the click of the door signaling you to burst from the bed as you rushed to your ukelele. 

Each time you heard the door open, security or otherwise, you swore you nearly launched the instrument every time in your fear.

Luckily, you never finished doing such a thing. 

But as the day came closer and closer you became more and more intent, nearly itching to get out of bed the moment your lids lifted.

So much so, that you had never been more prepared for anything in your whole life when the day finally came.

So much so that you didn’t even wait for him to wake. 

“Hey, hey honey wake up…!” You nudged him softly, unable to hide the crooked grin spreading from ear to ear on your features. “Happy birthday!” 

He mumbled something incoherently, setting himself up as he rubbed his eyes groggily, simpering at the sight of you.

“Darling…?” He murmured. “Is it really today?”


“Oh well…thank you,” He laughed weakly. “Not many people typically care.”

“Well…this year is going to be different.” 

“How so?”

“I’ve got something special for you!” 

His gaze widened in a small sort of surprise, his brow furrowing curiously.

“What is it?” 

You revealed the ukelele, watching as he warmed at the very sight of it, something clicking in his head as he watched you count down and begin your song.

“Everything you do it sends me                                                                               Higher than the moon with every                                                                           Twinkle in your eye                                                                                                 You strike a match that lights my heart on fire” 

He bloomed like a rose, brightening in a mixture of delight and awe, pink sprinkling his cheeks almost instantly. 

“When you’re near I hide my blushing face                                                              And trip on my shoelaces                                                                                       Grace just isn’t my forte                                                                                           But it brings me to my knees when you say…”

You leaned closer to him, trying to withhold your laughter as he tipped his forehead against your own contently, listening as if it were a symphony. 

“Hello, how are you, my darling, today?                                                                   I fall into a pile on the floor                                                                                     Puppy love is hard to ignore                                                                                   When every little thing you do. I do adore”

You could see how his heart melted at your words, his face still quiet but still cherishing everything you said. 

“We’re as different as can be                                                                                   I noticed you’re remarkably relaxed                                                                       And I’m overly uptight                                                                                             We balance out each other nicely”

“You wear sandals in the snow                                                                                In mid-July I still feel cold                                                                                        We’re opposites in every way                                                                                  But I can’t resist it when you say…” 

He began to sing with you, barely above a whisper, as though you were the only person in the world who he wanted to have hear him.

And it was beautiful.

“Hello, how are you, my darling today?                                                                    I fall into a pile on the floor                                                                                      Puppy love is hard to ignore                                                                                   When every little thing you do. I do adore.” 

Leia Gets Glasses

I was going through my docs tonight and found this old piece that I have resurrected a few times trying to figure out what to do with it…but I never have figured anything out, so I am just going to post it for all of you to have some plotless, boring domestic Han and Leia being adorably stubborn

Han first noticed it when they’d taken that tour of the Hammerhead cruisers that the New Republic had just commissioned. Someone had asked for the time, and Leia’d glanced down to the end of the hangar where there would undoubtedly be a chronometer. She’d squinted, trying to make out the numbers, and gave up after a few blinks that failed to clear her vision. Someone else read the time off easily, and the group turned to move on.

“Sweetheart, you feelin’ okay? Migraine coming on?” Han asked softly, hanging back from the group.

“I’m fine, Han. That wall is over 40 meters away, and it’s dark in here,” she’d excused. He’d shrugged it off then.


It wasn’t for a few months that it happened again. This time, they were at a reception. They’d been there for about four hours and were getting ready to say their goodbyes.

“I don’t see Luke anywhere. He wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye,” she muttered, squinting and searching the crowded hall for the sight of her twin.

“Leia, Luke’s right over there, by the bar,” Han jerked his head in the direction of his brother-in-law.

“Really?” Leia asked. “Where, by that vase-thing?”

Han glanced over to the bar again.

“Vase-thing, Leia, what are you talking about? That vase-thing is Luke.”

Leia squinched up her eyes again, shrugged, and went to say goodbye to Luke.


The next time was a week or so later, when Han found her trying to read in bed. Leia was holding her datapad close to her face, and then at arms’ length for a moment, and then somewhere in between, trying to get her eyes to focus.

“Sweetheart, have you thought about maybe going to see an optometrist?” he asked, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it into the hamper.

“For what, Han? My eyes are fine,” she retorted, finally finding a comfortable distance for her datapad. Han shook his head and continued with his evening routine. By the time he’d finished brushing his teeth, she was squinting again and had the datapad up next to her face.

“If you keep that up, you could play that slidey instrument in a jizz group,” Han teased, coming to kiss her on the head before adjusting the thermostat.

“Han, for the last time, I do not need glasses,” Leia insisted, clicking the datapad off and setting it on the nightstand.

 “Yes, your squintiness, you do,” he countered, crawling in to bed with her. She huffed as he put the light out.

“It’s just fatigue. I’ve been reading on one of those things all day,” Leia excused as they settled in.

“I’m just saying, doing that for too long will ruin your eyes. There’s no shame in not havin’ perfect eyesight, Princess.” He took her silence to mean the conversation was over.



“I have a headache.” He sighed and rolled toward her, pressing his lips into her temple.

“What’d I tell ya, Sweetheart? If you’d go to the eye doctor, I’m sure your headaches would just dis—”

“Han, that’s not helping.”

“Yes, your worship,” he placated, gently working his fingers into her hair.


In the end, what finally broke her was pride. Well, pride and embarrassment.

She walked into the plate-glass door of a conference room one day because she couldn’t see if it was open or closed. She’d gotten so red when she related the story to Han that night that he couldn’t even laugh about it. He’d just given her a pitiful smile and offered to make her appointment.



She said the word with such disgust. Han wasn’t really sure what her issue with them was, but from the way Leia talked, her eye doctor might as well have told her she was dying or something. Her vision had been giving her such bad headaches that he assumed she’d appreciate the reprieve.

Leia was never one to have a big issue with aging; she’d had a moment of insecurity when she started going noticeably gray or when she realized she no longer fit in her tighter gowns, but for the most part, his wife had aged gracefully and accepted it with elegance. Somehow, it had seemed out of character for her to hate the glasses.

“They’re awful, Han. I hate them.”

“They can’t be that bad, sweetheart,” he assured her.

“But they are that bad! What if you don’t want to kiss me anymore?”

“I don’t think there is anything in this galaxy that could make me stop wanting to kiss you,” he promised, brushing his lips over hers to prove the point. “Just put them on, sweetheart.” Leia sighed and slipped them out of the case. The frames were dark and square-shaped. She turned her back to him and adjusted them on her nose, turning back and looking up at him sheepishly.


Han kissed her sweetly, proving that her glasses did not interfere with his desire to kiss her.

“I think they look good,” he said honestly.

“They make my nose look big,” Leia complained, looking in the mirror.

 “Well, that just gives me more room to kiss it.” Han peppered kisses across her nose and cheeks, holding her close.

Leia laughed and readjusted the glasses, nudging them down the bridge of her nose to stare over the tops of the frames at him. Han felt all the blood rush southward.

"I have an idea. Let’s take this off,” he suggested, slipping her sweater down her shoulders, “and this,” he moved to the zipper on her dress, “and we’ll leave those right where they are,” he finished, tapping her nose.


“You want to go out to lunch tomorrow?” Han asked.

“I have to go to the optometrist’s on my lunch hour tomorrow.”

“Are you getting another pair of glasses?” he asked with such hope in his voice that Leia almost laughed.

“No, I’m getting contacts so that I don’t have to wear these so much,” she admitted, sliding the frames up her nose with her pinky.


“Because they aren’t comfortable and they make me look weak.”

“I think they make you look sexy,” her husband offered.

“You think everything I wear looks sexy. You think it’s sexy when I’m not wearing anything but a wedding ring,” Leia countered.

“I sure do,” Han assured her, drawing his fingers up her leg teasingly.  

@soryualeksi replied to your quote “At least we have more points than Germany. So, technically, we win”

Like having more points than Germany is an actual accomplishment?? X'DD (We either win or we’re last or second-to-last place, come on. We suck. X’D)

my dude you appear to understand neither the depth of Austrian’s inferiority complex nor the pleasure of seeing Germany fail repeatedly. Especially when we beat them. 

I think our general attitude towards the esc and basically any international competition can be summed up with this video from 2011:

There’s no need to be first, if we beat the Pifke (Germans), we win.

And you wouldn’t believe how many austrians still unironically adore Hans Krankl as a saint and almost tear up whenever Cordoba is mentioned.