Bad Guy x the Good Girl 

Villain + Heroine = Rey + Kylo / Anakin + Padme 

Hayden Christensen & Natalie Portman-Adam Drive & Daisy Ridley


My love, my love
Remember the cries
When winter died for spring skies
They roared and roared
But we grabbed our seed
And sowed a song
Against their greed  (

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HanLeia + 4. Desperate kiss

Yet another Legendary Heroine Fic. 

Leia never heard Han yell so loud in his life. But it was a scream that rattled through her bones.  But it had her bolting from the fresher, one hand on her swelling stomach into their bedroom. Han was tossing and turning, thrashing wildly in bed. 

A nightmare.

They were frequent since the Battle of Bespin, memories of torture and being engulfed in carbonite filled his dreams. 

It was frightening to see him in such a state. He was usually so strong, especially because he was a pillar of strength in her fight to bring balance to the force. To see him, this frightened, this broken….broke her heart.

“Han wake up,” She whispered 

She shook him hoping to jolt him from his nightmare. With a gasp for air he sat up straight. His eyes wide. His mouth agape. His face and body was covered in sweat. Silent tears were pouring down her face.

“Hey…”Leia crawled into his lap as Han began regulating his breathing. She wrapped her arms around him. Her lips move furiously up his cheeks hoping to break him from his trance. She paused to bump her nose against his. “You are not there…” She took his hand and rested it on her stomach. “You are here with me…..and Ben.”

Han’s hand ran in a circle over her stomach, feeling the life…their child growing inside. Leia could feel Ben’s little feet flutterd against the wall of her womb. It was if he was helping Leia tell his father not to worry. 

Han fluttered his eyes shut as his other hand rested upon her cheek. His thumb ran in tiny circles. He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips before pulling back. He gazed at her for moment, smiling gently through his tears. 

“I’m alive,” He whispered.

Leia kissed him, this time slower and deeper. Her hands ran through his hair. 

“You’re alive,” She repeated against his lips.

The kiss deepened. Lips colliding like astroids in space. She could feel his hands moving everywhere. Over her stomach and breasts, sliding against every curve of her hips. Teeth scraping against teeth. She breathed life back into him.

This act of intimacy happened many times before. But this wasn’t a typical kiss. This was her telling him he was alive. This was telling he was safe.

Above all, it told him as long as she alive, he would be protected from harm.

Never mind the “Who shot first?” stuff; THIS is the defining moment of the Han Solo character:

Everyone else was just like: “Oh, fuck: It’s Vader!” and standing around in shock and terror when Vader was revealed. Even Chewie.

Most people, I suspect, would have that reaction. 

Meanwhile, Han’s first reaction, instinctively, in less than a second, was to grab a gun and try to flat-out end the guy.

He failed, of course. But God Damn if you can’t appreciate the effort.