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Hello its Maddy aka Legandaryharry. Oh my god guys i finally reached 2k followers. I am so happy and so thankful for everyone who has followed me and seen the potential I have in my blog. I started this blog back in January but didn’t really start getting into it until March. I have met so many amazing people on this blog and made just so many friends, that I love dearly. I plan to stick around on this blog as long as possible and make even more bigger things for myself. Love you all dearly

So I decided to make a follow forever to show all of the beautiful people that I follow and my mutuals just how much I am thankful for them. 

- mutuals are bolded


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Okay now that is all of it, thank you so much and thank you all to my followers. You push me and lift me up everyday to keep on continuing what I do everyday. Love you so much 

If you’re reading this: stylessemantics is now one year old! And to celebrate I’m going to step away from this blog but not delete it. (For more info on this click here for my goodbye note). But I couldn’t step back without giving much deserved praise to the people that are the definition of my good days, specially in this last, very crazy year. Give these people a follow. Some are writers, some are just awesome friends, some are very cool blogs. But they all mean something to me. 

“I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will” - iv, 2017.

I will start with some very special mentions, and then a list of all these amazing people, right under this cut :)

@permanentcross : I think everyone’s tired of hearing me say this but if there’s someone who directly or indirectly pushed little ol’ iv to start stylessemantics, it’s this lady right here. She is probably annoyed by me because I say this to her all the damn time, but she just doesn’t understand that to me, talking to her is like talking to harry himself, and that she’s like the top of the food-chain to me. Being her friend was all I ever wanted. I know I’ll never have a relationship like her and B have but hey, a girl can dream :P Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry for taking it!

@stylesunchained : Well, I mean, I had to mention you, DUH! I believe I discovered you thanks to E, and again… I’ve told you this before, but you’re top of the food-chain to me. You once told me that you liked a piece of my writing and that you wished you had written it yourself cause it was just
“so good” and I’m still starstruck, I still have trouble believing it, and from that moment on I check what I’ve written since then, daily to see if you’ve liked it cause if you haven’t then it’s crap. I have to impress you like I did that one time. That’s how important you are to me. Thank you for everything. Sorry for everything. Also please post more selfies they soothe my soul.

@harrycarryme : LISTEN IF OUR SNAPCHAT STREAK DIES WHILE IM IN LONDON I WILL CRY UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. You mean so much to me. Stylessemantics is a year old and soon so will our friendship and I’m PUMPED!!! You are always there for me and my crazy 10 minute snapchat updates. We have crazy ideas and we’re just comfortable. You have a very homey feel to me, and that’s something I will cherish FOREVER. And I won’t be on stylessemantics but i’ll be everywhere else we chat and bugging you on snapchat, no doubt about that. ALSO GIVE ME THAT SUMMER THING YOU’RE GONNA WRITE I WANT IT ASAP.

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy @babymyharry @ihearthemcallingxx @moonlight-hazza @moonchildstyles @raspharries @honeyskins @fairylightsstyles : Honestly I have to apologise to you guys more than I can say anything else. Sure I can start a whole new post to talk about you guys but I think people would hate me for it! You’re honestly the cool kids squad I feel like the nerd that somehow joined, and joined too late. Idk where the idea came from or why andrea wanted me to join this gc but she did and I found all of you and I have regretted it ever since (I’m joking) Y’all cheer me up and are so supportive. I’m annoying I know that, but y’all put up with me even when I’m obviously the black sheep of the group. And I better not see anyone arguing over this cause y’all know me by know. Nothing anyone of you says will make me think otherwise, I AM the one that comes and ruins shit. Thank you from the bottom and left and right and center and top of my heart for being one of the greatest, funniest bunch of people ever. And I’m sorry you guys got me as the 9th member. Yikessss, that must suck. But alas, I love all of you. You guys know I can’t pick favourites to save my life so I love all of you equally (maybe taylor a bit more… jkjk (taylor, ily))

@inwhichitrytowritesomething : My wife. My twin. Iconic. Truly iconic. A gem. Like seriously. First and foremost thank you for everything you are and you stand for and for putting up with me. Secondly I want you to know I’m very jealous of you. You’re like all the goals to me. ALL OF ‘EM. And I seriously feel like I’m talking to a celebrity or something when you give me a nano-second of your attention. I love you. Listen you do you, always, and fuck stupid boys that don’t appreciate you cause Lord knows you deserve all the nice things and if they won’t give them to you, boiBYEEEEE. I’m sorry that you stumbled into me one day and I stuck like a bug. <3



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Thank you guys for being there, wether we talked once or twice or every day or never, wether we were mutuals or not; just seeing you in my dash made some very down days a tonne better in an instant.

I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will. 

All the love, always.

This is my thank you / please don’t unfollow while I am on holidays follow forever !!! Thank you for making my dash so pleasant with all the Harry 🤗

Big thanks to my babu @harrysimpact for the header 😘

In no particular order:

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Honourable mention to @harrylioncub cause cats 🐱

yooooo i can’t believe i’m getting to actually make this post and on solo harry eve nonetheless i’m so grateful to have all you wonderful people who follow me and for all the wonderful people that i follow as well y’all are amazing and i love each and every single one you x

so before we get this thing started i’d like to give a super duper extra special shout out to my soul sister @sohoharry94 words cannot explain how much i love this girl and i’m so glad that she’s in my life she’s a wonderful support system and deserves all the love in the world now i’m gonna actually do this thing before i get sappier than i already have: 

*special peeps in bold


@17black-sparrows | @1dedus | @1dmademedoit | @24kharryy | @awharrys | @afitzgeraldfic | @adultfansofonedirection | @aqua-harry | @androgynoustyles | @aggresivelyfriendly | @burberryharrie | @bastille | @blossomharold | @beggingforfics | @bioluminescentwriting | @captainunicornsfan | @cheekydiagonalstyles | @cheesewithchips | @cupcakelirry | @complexstyles | @chrissy22787 | @cheshirepuddin | @donechapel | @dawniestyles | @dundermifflinscranton | @fooking-stylan | @fairylightsstyles | @floral-flame | @flawlessharry | @fleetwoodharry | @goth-talk | @gottabestyles | @guccisweater


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anonymous asked:

just finished reading all your one shots! i need more 😭 any great fic writers u can recommend?

Oh wow thank you so much!! x
I don’t really read full fan fictions anymore but one I adore since forever is “Dark” by @han-rawr

Otherwise I can only recommend you people who write one shots for example @bubblecumhxrry @roseonhissleeve  @bunkirkharry  @imagine-that-one-thing @inkedangelhaz @stylesdimplefeelings 

Accent Challenge
Listen to Accent Challenge by dbauc_92 #np on #SoundCloud

Yo mine was long so I put it on soundcloud lol

Thank you @meabhdbutsexii for tagging me you are a blessing in yellow glasses (which I also have so that should be your next art piece tbh)

You should know that I am fully aware that I sound like a 12 year old…let’s move on and spare the rest of what little feelings I have.

I tag @cassianvanserra obvi and @han-rawr

anonymous asked:

can you post a list of your favorite harries on tumblr that you follow?

@queenmestyles , @kalelube , @psicostyles , @styleslettos , @harlodst

@fatheremily , @mooncycling , @harryisiconic , @thighstattoo , @stylishirish

@stylesbabygirls@blueeyedsoulme@17-blackaf@intoyouharry ,        

@hs-1dfan , @never-enough-harry , @trulymadlysydney , @permanentcross

@canistay-haz , @aurora1dpreferences , @harry-writings

@secret-rendezvous1d , @black-ink-rose , @han-rawr , @jawllines

@fancyharry , @aqua-harry , @harrsys 

some of these are my friends and some are just some blogs i think are pretty great and you should check out. 

anonymous asked:

Heey! Can you please link us to more of your fav angst stories!! I loved your previous recommendations and love your stories btw❤️

Hi!! Thank you for reading my writings! It’s very kind of you. xx

I love recommending other people’s works! Unfortunately not many come to mind right now but I promise to make several more recommendations in the near future. x

Black Butterflies by @kissme-hs is so great yet tore at my heart not gonna lie. 

There’s this really wonderful story called “Amends” but I unfortunately don’t remember by who. If you happen to know that story please send it to me. x

“Y/N and Harry are friends and she’s not his ‘type’ or so she’s heard” by @jawllines is really really good! I reread that one quite often.

“When life gets in the way” as well as the “December Birthday” series (which I recommended before but I honestly can’t say it often enough) by  @bubblecumhxrry are both so fucking good. Honestly read it if you haven’t already. x

The “Harry and Teddy” series by @han-rawr is one of my all time favorites. All parts of the story are great and what I would like my life with H to be like. x

This are all stories I can think of I’m sorry it’s not much. Hope you’re well and that you’ll enjoy reading these wonderful works. xx

anonymous asked:

do u have any fav fic writer's on here??

hell yea diddly do i do i do

@kasiwrites my current fave.
@permanentcross for some smut/angst. @harry-writings if you want your heart ripped out.
@stylesunchained SMUT SMUT SMUT.
@trulymadlysydney HARRY FANATIC AND AMAZING WRITER. bonus for that fionn fetish. ;)

EDITED: @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy OH YEAH SOME BONUS NIALL

lmao okay the graphic sucks sorry. buuuut heres the ff post finally!! im saying this is in honor of a year anniversary of when i posted my first pref even tho is a lil late lmao. okay so this will be going in alphabetical order and the ones bolded are mutuals and the ones italicized are my faves ((if you get both then damn wow ily))!!  sorry if i forgot you im so sorry but like ill make edits if need be :D


// @1d1195 //


// @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy // @adidaslilo // @anyythingandeverrything // @appreciatetommo // @awharrys // @ayjalil // @b-tchalmighty // @bandthirst // @banginghoranbang // @beautydollsunitex // @briteans // @brizzlefromtheblock // @broders // @bruised-petals // @bubblecumhxrry // @caddyniall // @camelstyles // @champagnepadre // @colour-aesthetic // @craicthatniall // @dinobraidsharry // @dunkrikharry 


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 Alright it’s that time of the year again. I can’t believe 2016 is finally coming to an end. I wish you all an amazing new year full of happiness and great moments. Here’s to a new beginning and a wonderful 2017! 

This follow forever is a big thank you for blessing my dash with my favourite people every day. And for some of my best friends on here. Stay awesome. 

Love, Elin. 💕

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under-impression  asked:

hey do you know by any chance the tumblr for the original dark fanfic for harry? i read it yearrrssss ago and i remember the person having a tumblr with it and a bunch of one shots with a girl name teddy or something? i feel like it was harrychesire something but i can't find it. i'm not sure if they deleted it or not