han minwoo

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julli had to pinch herself in order to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. here she was, on her way to the company that had recently just signed her to their label. here, she could finally become something. here, she could finally prove to her parents that music wasn’t just a hobby. it was her lifestyle, the thing that gave her meaning. it meant more to her than a lot of things, and her smile showcased just how excited she was. there was a pep in her step the closer she got to he building, her guitar case swinging along side her as she walked. 

of course her phone began to go off, causing her to stop for a second and reach for it to see her mother had texted her, asking to call once she got settled. julli didn’t even have time to respond before someone collided with her, causing her to fall completely backwards as her guitar case went flying back. she let out a small yelp of pain, more so just surprised than anything, as the body now laid on top of her. she had already begun to blush before even realizing who exactly had ran into her, causing her eyes to grow wide once she recognized his features. “minwoo?” 


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