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PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2 CURRENT TOP 11 (Based on Youtube Views)↑↑↑↑

HELLO! I’ve been anticipating this show a lot, I’m super excited about tons of contestants, Lately I’ve seen some posts about the most watched videos of the PRODUCE 101 self introductions, which shows the most popular contestants, but I wanted YOU to know where your favourite boy is right now, so I organized a chart of popularity based on video introduction views. So I watched the playlist on the Mnet Official youtube channel and used the information of the contestants that are actually on their Official PRODUCE 101 Profiles on Mnet’s website.

The chart is organized this way; the number of their video on the Mnet Official youtube channel’s playlist,  Name, Age (korean age), Views on their self introduction video (which determines their place in the chart), Likes on their video, dislikes on their video, order of the upload on the channel, and current place of popularity.

DISCLAIMER: I KNOW that it may seem like the first videos that were uploaded have more views, but that is not the only thing that defines the place, because some of the videos that were uploaded later are getting tons of views while others are just stuck or getting less views regardless they were uploaded earlier or later. THIS NUMBER CHANGES EVERY HOUR, So this places are based on the amount of views obtained until 11:59 of March 16th of 2017 (USA). Well I hope you like this and I will try to update the chart every 2 or 3 days. This can give you a panoramic view of who will get more attention during the show and who needs more help, so if your boy is on the bottom, do not worry, the show hasn’t started yet, so you can help them by voting them when the show starts on April 7th.

I’ll post some pics of the first eleven places :)

This are the TOP 11:

#1 Jang Moon Vok (V’s Friend)

#2 Lai Kuan Li (Tai Pei Boy)

#3 Lee Dae Hwi (Center of Pick Me)

#4 Bae Jin Young

#5 Ahn Heong Seop

#6 Kwon Hyeop

#7 Park Ji Hoon (Wink Boy)


#9 Zhu Zheng Ting (Ballet boy)

#10 Kim Samuel (PUNCH)

#11 Yu Seon Ho

Hope you enjoyed it, I if I missed anything please let me know :). I’ll update soon. THANKS!


let’s hope this doesn’t get deleted by youtube xD


Woaaa I really like Jo Eun!

Aside from how relatable her character is, I really like how she’s dealing with romance. She was hesitant at first because of her scars, but when she decided to be honest with her feeling; she didn’t beat around the bush. She didn’t confess in pathetic or embarrassing way, yet didn’t play hard to get.

She also didn’t let herself wondering around about Jang Hoon’s feeling, and ask him directly. And when Jang Hoon was hesitant because of his circumstance, Jo Eun straight things up. She didn’t try to persuade him, but kinda tell him to do things clearly. She was like; Come to your senses! Do you want me or not?

Woah, I almost clap my hand when I watched that scene. Uri Jo Eun really did well!

I don’t know how their relationship will be, but I sincerely wish they will be happy for a looooong time. It took a great courage for Jo Eun to step into that kind of act, and I hope she won’t be hurt again. If it’s too good to be true, then I hope she will be stronger whatever comes to her life.

I also give my respect for Yoon Sunbae in the latest episode. Honestly, I’m not really fond of her character since season 1. I mean, she’s not really my favourite (well, Song Ji Won always came first :D). But in the latest episode, Yoon Sunbae really impressed me with her wholeheartedly care to her roommates. She really takes care of them like a real older sister and it’s really warm my heart. Thank you for your hard work, Yoon Sunbae!

7 Epic Korean Celebrity Circles That Are Major Friendship Goals

7 Epic Korean Celebrity Circles That Are Major Friendship Goals

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Although Korean celebrities all have very busy and packed schedules, they still make time for their close group of friends, which often includes other celebrities. As individuals in the same field, these friendships seem to be stronger and last longer, as they can provide comfort, advice, and support to one another through their shared experience in the entertainment world.

The first circle of…

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This pair really get me hyped!

They’re just strange in many ways. Strangely met for the first time in the most unusual way. Strangely tangled with great chemistry in no time. Strangely against the general perspective about woman-man’s height difference, but still look so good together. And I’m strangely so drawn to them!

Honestly when I saw their screen time together, I always have automatic thought like; Ah, if only Seo Jang Hoon was a little taller. But at the same time, I want to keep watching them because they’re just so cute together.

I like their cute bickering, their conversation that hinted some deep meaning, their interaction that full of chemistry… I like almost everything about them. Ah, I wish their screen time together can be a little longer, and longer, and longer hahaha.

Seo Jang Hoon’s confidence really amazed me. He was aware about the height difference (of course), but it didn’t discouraged him. Or he just didn’t show it? I don’t know, but I think his personality really matched with Jo Eun’s. He is witty and manly at the same time, while Jo Eun easily flustered despite of how she seems. That makes their interaction become really interesting.

This is really the first time I watch that kind of pair (and being so drawn to them!) in Kdramaland. So this is a whole new experience for me, but it’s really interesting and got me excited. I still have the general perspective in mind that man should be taller than woman, but then I think maybe the idea of Seo Jang Hoon and Jo Eun being couple is (really) okay xD

Aside from them together, I’m drawn to Jo Eun character much more than I expected. Well, actually I really didn’t have any expectations about the season 2 in general. Because there were many cases when the sequel didn’t follow the success of its predecessor. But Age of Youth 2 really against all odds, and it did well. And so far, I like the season 2 more hahaha.

Okay, back to Jo Eun. Her character already caught my eyes from the first time she appeared. Indeed, the tomboy-ignorant-cool type always draw viewer’s attention. And things got more interesting when it turned out that she’s not really that type.

I first raised my eyebrows when Jo Eun likes the doll gift from her friend, saying it’s cute. I was like; wait, isn’t she a tomboy and boyish?
And I almost freaked out when she fangirling over idols. I keep asking in disbelief; what, what is she?!

Wah. This is really the real example that general perspectives and judgement are scary. Applause for the drama, respect!

From the fangirling moment, I paid more attention to Jo Eun character. Maybe as fellow fangirl (?), I’m drawn to her easily and empathize with her. And as the drama going on, it turned out that Jo Eun really not the type that we thought at first. She is more like the sensitive, caring, and cute type; although it seems that she didn’t aware about it.

Beside Jo Eun, my favourite is still Song Ji Won all the time! Song Ji Won never failed to amazed me with whatever she did, talked, and wear hahaha. Everything about her is just so extraordinary, extreme; and I like it :)

Not to forget her chemistry with Im Sung Min. I shipped them so much since the first season, and regretted that they didn’t end up together. I see the hope in this season 2… but I don’t know. They just seem worrying hahaha. Maybe we need about 5 seasons for Song Ji Won and Im Sung Min become together? Hahaha let’s just hope it won’t.

And after all this long writing, my biggest protest is why the subtitle took really looong? It was really a challenge for me to get into this cycle : wait for the subs, then watch without subs (because I’m not patient LOL), then wait for the subs again, then re-watch with subs (because everything never be the same with the subs hahaha). Really a long routine, right? :D

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to my favourite pair(s), and the drama in general. Wish this season will wrap up the stories well without leaving some unanswered questions behind!