han hyuk

Watching 2013 VIXX Global Showcase made me realise how far these tall, gorgeous, occasionally violent men have come.

No official lightsticks yet.
0 wins for now. Half a month in and they’ll have their first win and they’ll make all of us cry with N’s heartwarming message.
Official introduction is still clear. All letters are enunciated. lol
Ravi’s rap is still rusty. Damn, imagine his reaction if he hears himself now. :)
Tiny Hyuk! Well, not so much but still tiny and innocent and non murderous.
Hongbin’s arms were starting to get larger and his voice deeper.
Ken and Leo’s vocals are already top notch, with ocassions cracks lol, and beautiful.
N’s booty and smirk were already legends.
They all look like babies!

So much love and respect for this group. They, and the fandom, have grown so much over the years.

Gratuitous shirtless hot guys post...

I’m just sitting here like:

Don’t say I’ve never given you anything… LOL!!