han hye seul

- Eres psicólogo, así que pensé que me entenderías, que podrías superarlo…
- ¿Es que acaso crees que por ser psicólogo tengo el corazón de acero? Sólo somos un poco más buenos analizando a las personas que los demás, ¡Pero somos personas igual! No porque sea psicólogo no voy a sufrir. Me abandonaste y fui siempre solitario, miserable, mientras que tú estabas feliz.
—  Madame Antoine
Birth Of A Beauty: A Day in Life of CEO Han Tae Hee (Ep. 18)

Bumped into ahjumma and le evil half-brother in front of the company building.

They left me alone, confused and devastated, witnessed by my one and only secretary. 

Bumped into ahjumma again in the office. We argue over things, she’s a bitch and I am angry. 

Still angry. Better bury myself in works to forget ahjumma.  

Or better start trying to make some rice balls. I’m a CEO but why do I have to get my own ingredients? This company sucks. 

Gees. Why I have to bump into ahjumma again?! And why that dude keeps following her? I’m gettin’ angrier. 

Found the test kitchen! It’s dead cold and no one is here. Gotta find a new chef. 

Foster sister said there’s a new chef in the cold test kitchen. I was worried, but le evil foster sister told me to just let the chef freeze to death. 

Can’t do that coz I’m a good guy so I bring some coffee to the kitchen. But no one seems here so Imma turn the stove off. 

But suddenly ahjumma appears. Apparently she’s the chef.

So Imma watch her from behind while pretending not to watch. Gosh she’s so pretty but I have my pride. 

Rice balls are done. Time to taste it. It’s good but I’ll pretend that it’s not just to piss ahjumma off. 

Treating ahjumma’s burn. She’s so careless when she is angry. I can’t see it but I believe my evil half brother is peeking in jealousy from outside… 

Promoting the rice balls. I’m an awesome CEO so I do it myself and I succeed. 

Attending the directors’ meeting to nominate the new CEO candidates. 

I’m about to do my speech but le evil half brother takes my spotlight. She brings in ahjumma and claims all my hard works as his. The directors buy his speech. 

I’m speechless and I hate ahjumma even more. I think she’s a spy. 

Back in my office. My foster sister tries to comfort me but she’s too noisy. Imma just find ahjumma and confront her. 

Found ahjumma. I told her that now we are strangers! She’s about to cry, I don’t give a shit. 

Went to grandma’s place to say sorry. She kept blaming ahjumma. But later I found out from grandma that my foster sister is going to reveal ahjumma’s fake identity in her talk show… 

End of the day.