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My design for Ariel in the live action Little Mermaid! I was inspired by a multitude of things- the Stage Entertainment musical, Merbella Studios’ seaweed tops, as well as Art Nouveau.

Happy Halloween

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 4,500-ish

Warnings: SMUT! squirting, rough sex, biting!kink, spanking!kink, dirty Star Trek jokes, Sam in a Star Trek costume (just think about it), language, dirty-talk, NSFW gif below the break

The Winchester brothers never celebrate Halloween in full swing. Dean only does it for the free candy, and Sam has a bad history with the holiday, what with Jess’s death and everything else that had happened in the days prior to and after the holiday.

It’s been a long, long time since you got to celebrate a real Halloween though, and frankly you could use a little dress-up in your life that doesn’t involve a tight-fitting FBI suit.

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I love you - I know - for @memorieswarm

“Come on Aaron!” Robert pleaded with him as he held up the costume in front of him. 

“No,” Aaron stated matter of factly, a slight edge to his voice as he glared at him from between two massive Princess Leia buns resting on either side of his head. He had to bite back a laugh just looking at the ridiculous image in front of him. It was going to take a lot to win this argument. 

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anonymous asked:

oh wow you find the star wars tlj costumes ugly? I find that interesting, what don't you like about them?

I felt this way about The Force Awakens too. The only costume that was particularly good was Phasma’s costume. Every other costume was boring or just ugly. This is a matter of opinion so it’s not like everyone has to agree. But just look at the outfit Leia wears for the majority of TFA. Carrie even said it looked like a “gas station attendant” and she couldn’t be more right. It was so ugly and bland. I have nothing to say about any of the other costumes because they were just so forgettable.

I mean, I compare these costumes in the new trilogy to the original trilogy or prequel trilogy costumes, and there’s just no comparison. In A New Hope, Luke’s farm boy costume, Leia’s white dress, and Han’s smuggler costume are all iconic and memorable. Same with Luke’s costume in Empire, Leia’s snow gear in Empire, and of course Luke’s black outfit in Return of the Jedi. And need I remind you of Vader’s costume? All of these costumes were fantastic. The prequel costumes speak for themselves. Pure art. I have yet to see anything on that level from the new trilogy and it really is a shame because Star Wars is known for its great costumes.

Finn and Poe both just look like they’re wearing Han Solo outfits. Rey’s outfit is just ugly. Sorry, but nothing about it looks good. It’s the most bland thing they could have put her in. Kylo’s outfit was okay in TFA, but it looks ugly on that Empire cover. The mixture of the leather and cloth is just bad. Leia’s outfit is a step up from her TFA outfit but that’s hardly better. They also went with a brown color palate for some reason? Which is boring and ugly? Nothing about the way they look is new or original. They just made stuff reminiscent of the originals costumes but uglier.

This is all just my opinion. I know some people would be outraged by me saying this, but I just don’t see these costumes as being on the same level as the prequel or original trilogy costumes, and that’s a real shame.