han costume


A few more shots of my new Elsa Ice Queen cosplay—-showing the side, front and back. The cape is approx 90″ long x 100″ wide, and made of an icy looking crystal organza embedded with her fractal designs and hundreds of various sized AB (aurora borealis) gemstones in the center of each snowflake. The bodice has iridescent sequins, just like Elsa’s in the movie—I was THRILLED to find them—along with hundreds of 17mm baguette AB gems and 2mm crystal gems cascading at the waist/hipline. I lined the skirt in royal purple this time, since I saw the LE Elsa 11″ Designer Doll had purple lining (as well as official artwork if you look closely), and hand dyed the sleeves. After I dyed them, affixed thousands of 1.5mm pale blue gemstones all over the sleeves and also 2mm AB gems in her snowflake/fractal patterns. I used a gorgeous AB 3mm stretch gemstone trim along the top of the bodice. The skirt is made of an Elsa-inspired fabric that has silver threads running vertically all through it. It’s a horrible pain to work with—it frays like no tomorrow! But it really looks like her skirt/ice, so it had to be used. Hope you like my updated cosplay!! I’m really pleased with it and now I think it’s finally satisfactorily finished and won’t be ‘redone’ again! What do you think?

Little details in ST that I love: Dustin specifying to Joyce that the kiddie pool is from when they bobbed for apples at her house. This means that, at some point, the Byers threw an adorable Halloween party for the kids and Joyce spent every free moment that week putting up homemade decorations Jonathan put together a spooky mixtape and Dustin tried to sneak as much candy home as humanly possible and Mike and Will awkwardly bumped heads while bobbing for apples and Lucas wore an expertly made Han Solo costume and the boys carved silly faces into their pumpkins…. Or something like that