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  • Leia Organa: Wow. Mara, this is how you live?
  • Mara Jade: What were you expecting?
  • Luke Skywalker: I dunno, rock walls, weapons everywhere, a waterfall for a door. I guess I was just picturing the bat cave.
  • Han Solo: Why do you need a vase full of lemons?
  • Mara Jade: The room needed a pop of color.
  • Han Solo: WHO ARE YOU?!

“You know a lot about bat mitzvahs for someone who thought Chanukah was Han Solo and Chewbacca’s baby.”

This is from Sunday’s episode where Tina goes to a bat mitzvah and have we mentioned we’re now on at 7:00?!!

kick the monsters back under the bed

I just really really like writing Han as a Dad, apparently. Because he’s be a damn good one. Also, sleep paralysis headcanons. Also, When Leia Isn’t Home headcanons (don’t think of the meme, Phil). And good news! I kicked writer’s block in the butt and am hopefully back in action - er, sort of.

His first instinct is to breathe, harsh and ragged and gasping, and ease his painfully tight grip on the bedsheets under him.

His second instinct, following swiftly after the first, is to reach out blindly to the other side of the bed, desperate for her reassuring warmth. His fingers scrabble against cold sheets as he rolls over, his heart still hammering frantically in his chest, and he remembers that she won’t be back until late in the afternoon, that she’s been gone for the past two days but she’s safe and fine and it’s just a simple diplomatic mission and the world isn’t ending tomorrow and no, he’s not alone and helpless, she is coming back.

His third instinct is to swear. Loudly.

Or, perhaps not as loudly as he might have once done. It’s more of a groan, slipping out as he lets the tension in his neck ease and drops his face into the pillow, hunching his shoulders and willing his stiff frame to relax, and –


He’s almost forty-four, damn it all, and he’s not frozen up like that in his sleep in what feels like years – not since before the kids, since some semblance of certainty and constancy entered his life and took root there – and it’s stupid, stupid stupid stupid, to let those old demons sneak up and swallow him like he’s not ready to take them straight on and kick them back to hell where they belong.

Besides; if he swore any louder than he did, the kids might’ve woken up.

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anonymous asked:

Looking back Luke and Padme have similar personality. And both of them believe there was still parts of Anakin Skywalker inside of Darth Vader.

Oh yeah. I always felt like the prequels did a good job showing how Luke and Leia were like both of their parents in different ways.

I feel like Luke had a lot of his father’s short temper and adventurous desire. Luke was very similar to Anakin in wanting to get away from Tatooine and find something better for himself. Both of them were trapped on horrible desert planets and just wanted to get away. He would also get mad quickly the way that Anakin did. Obvious example is when Han questions his piloting skills and Luke gets pissed right off the bat that Han underestimated him. Anakin constantly had similar reactions in the prequels. 

He was also like Padme in his unwavering belief that there was still good in Vader. Some of what he said about it was word for word the same stuff that Padme said. “There is good in him.” was something they both said. They both believed there was still good in him. Luke had this sweetness about him that was very similar to Padme. They both had optimism and compassion, and I think it is because he was similar to Padme that he believed in Anakin so much.

Leia is another mix of the two of them. I think she had Padme’s mind for politics. Both of them were leaders. Padme was the Queen of Naboo and Leia was a leader of the rebellion and the princess of Alderaan. I feel that Leia was most like Padme in terms of her mind. 

Leia’s similarities to Anakin were her arrogance and her sometimes more violent temper. For example when both Leia and Anakin faced Tarkin and Grievous respectively, they both insulted them. Complete arrogance despite being in a dire situation. I said temper for Luke, but it’s in a different way with Leia. Luke will get angry, but not to the point of violence like Leia has done. Such as the scene when Chewbacca is choking Lando. Leia encourages it because she’s so angry. And also the scene when she kills Jabba. These two scenes are a very clear connection to Anakin, who also had a violent temper. 

I read somewhere what I think is pretty accurate about Luke and Leia when it comes to their parents. Leia followed Padme’s career with more of Anakin’s personality, and Luke followed Anakin’s path but grounded in Padme’s personality. They’re similar to both their parents, but I think that’s a very good point. 

Sorry that got long. But I could go on about the Skywalkers all night.