Types of Kylo Ren fans

THE FANATIC is obsessed with anything to do with Kylo Ren. They realize that he is evil and they love it. This fan has called him “my trashy son” more times than they have called him Kylo. 

THE ANALYTICAL looks far beyond what is shown of Ren in the movie. They examine his motives and every single action to put the pieces together in some logical way. These fans probably have JJ on speed dial and know what exactly happened between VI and VII. After episode VIII, these will be the fans saying “I told you so”

THE GOOD knows that what’s inside is what counts. Typically obsessed with a redemption arc, this fan truly believes that he is good and will come to the light before the conclusion of the trilogy. The Good is most likely a Leia fan and will often be heard saying “Ben Solo”. 

THE SHIPPER thinks that his soulmate is somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Whether it be with Rey or Hux, this fan is the fanart powerhouse of the fandom. The best art, fan fiction, and even poetry comes from deep within the Shippers mind.