hamza al-khateeb

spainonymous  asked:

Seriusly, white helmets are ISRAEL, saw my post

Bashar al Assad has killed 500,000 people and it’s lies like this that help him do so. Ever since the Syrian revolution began in March 2011, when the people of Syria people dared oppose his dictatorship, he and his supporters began tainting everybody involved in the uprising as American or Israeli agents. This gave him the legitimacy to target ordinary Syrian civilians who opposed his rule. While too many people have been caught up with this overly anti-imperialist-American/Israeli-conspiracy bullshit, he’s taken half a million lives.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his supporters have called Hamza al-Khateeb an Israeli spy. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Let’s talk about Israel specifically. Bashar and his father Hafez before him have been the submissive neighbours Israel look for. What sense would it make for Israel to want to be part of the removal of a dictator who has never shown any resistance to the Zionist occupation of the Golan Heights and who has never shown aggression to the Zionist state? Any leader other than Assad - anyone else - would show some sort of defiance against Israel, so why on Earth would they want to change that? 

Please put some thought into these conspiracy theories. Assad put them out there the moment his authority was questioned, it’s the most basic line for dictators: “Israel is behind this” and people just fall for it? 

Why is it that when there are revolutions in other countries, we hear “power to the people”, but when it comes to Syria we hear all this conspiracy bullshit? Assad has always been a dreadful leader and many Syrians want him out. That’s the bottom line. Nothing to do with Israel.