The Department of Impossible Cuteness would like you all to meet Maru, an inconceivably adorable white hamster who likes to sleep tucked inside a cozy miniature futon.

Maru lives in Japan with Twitter user @tibi241, who recently shared these sweetly soporific photos and said, “My Maru-chan really likes this futon and is always sleeping in it. It’s just too cute!”

If you need a potent dose of concentrated kawaii we recommend checking out Maru the hamster’s Twitter feed. Even when he’s not fast asleep in his teeny-tiny futon, he’s outrageously cute:

[via RocketNews24]


Here you will find photos of new arrivals we will be bringing for FanExpo! Actual photos will be taken once the arrive!

If time permits, they will be added to the website among our previous new arrivals. If not, they will be added after FanExpo is over which is early September! STAY TUNED!!


Oh Japan, supreme masters of all things utterly kawaii, now you’re just toying with us. Behold the super-duper-extraordinary cuteness of the PUTITTO Hamster series by Japanese toymakers Kitan Club. Eight different, but equally adorable, hamster figures designed to climb over, cling to or dangle from the rims of your drinking glasses. A couple of them are happily munching on apple slices as big as they are.

We’d suggest using these cuties as glass markers for cocktail parties, but they’re unbelievably cute, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to stop grinning like lunatics and pointing at them to actually take a drink. Look at their tiny pink noses and feets!

[via RocketNews24]