I just want to add something to that PMMM post.

Major PMMM spoilers ahead 

First of all, we don’t really know how many timelines Homura’s been in at this point since it could have been way more than what was shown. Homura probably tried to save the other Puella Magi once, if only for Madoka’s sake. But she gave up after she saw it was futile. I mean, Sayaka apparently always succumbs to despair and Mami either dies prematurely or snaps after she learns their fate as magical girls. I don’t really know about Kyouko, but the fact that Homura only talked to her about the incoming Walpurgisnacht suggests she was pretty stable.

Moreover, just like writingfail said, the other members of the group weren’t exactly nice to her. When she told them about their Soul Gems and the nature of Witches, Madoka was the only one who gave her the benefit of the doubt if I remember correctly. If not that, then she didn’t rebuke her like Sayaka. She was constantly alienated which makes Homura’s attitude towards Sayaka in the show pretty understandable (I’m not saying it’s right) since Sayaka was probably the worst offender against Homura in all the timelines.

Besides, even with her time powers she’s only one person, she can’t possibly prepare for Walpurgisnacht and hunt a number of witches that thoroughly without sacrificing something. She also had only one month or so, and with limited time it’s more efficient in her mind to focus on only one variable, Madoka. Plus, remember that she’s probably broken at this point so she’s getting desperate. You can only go through so much time loops filled with death, despair and betrayal before your personality crumbles and you become emotionally crippled.

And for the stalker comment, even if it was a boy I don’t know if she was going to be considered as such. She knew where Madoka lived probably because she was invited there once and she knew about her life because she was friends with her in the past timelines. Of course, since Madoka didn’t know that she would have thought it was creepy, but as viewers I don’t know if we can judge that as stalker behavior. Then again, being considered as a stalker must have been the least on Homura’s mind at that point.

I don’t have anything to say about Madoka being a symbol as writingfail explained that quite well. This show is all about subversion of archetypes in my opinion, so it’s not surprising everything is a symbol in this show.

Wow, this got longer than I expected… Well, I could go on and on about character study in this show so I won’t continue. I probably went off topic and it’s probably confusing, but oh well.

(If it’s not satisfactory for you, you don’t have to publish it. It just itched me so I whipped up a quick thing.)