So this’ll be the first #hamster layout! In the future I’m likely to make it a double layer, but not for a good couple of months at least. Still need to get bedding and a food dish, cleaner, and back up housing if my hamster ends up being a major chewer! I’m so excited to get a new buddy ❤ I miss the gerbils, my mom has them. #hamstercage #bincage #diyhamstercage

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That’s something.

Putting this together turned out to be not as easy as I thought it would be. Mostly because of the wheel…

The wheel is 28 cm in diameter, the cage is 36 cm tall… I thought this would be more than sufficient but I didn’t really factor in the stand:p So the wheel ended up being almost exactly as tall as the cage…it still spun around, but it was making some noise when I put the other cage on top giving it extra weight. XD

So I just took it off the stand and attached it directly to the wall and that seems to have solved that problem:3 There’s now a couple of cm between the top of the wheel and the ceiling of the cage, and Chiriro has an extra floor to run amok on where she can continue chewing holes in the carpet I made for her. 

Oh yeah I might wanna move that couch a little if I actually get visitors. :P

I called the last rat cage I got for Fox a hamster castle…so I’m gonna call this Hamsterlot.

I also bought a new hamster-cage!

It was advertised as a rat cage but I wouldn’t wanna keep a rat in there permanently… let alone two since rats are pack animals. (and frankly if you can’t fit two rats into a cage you can’t fit one rat into a cage since it would be lonely and miserable…) 

Its about 80x45 and 35 cm tall so its a bit lower than my old one, but also a lot wider. I plan to put the old cage on top:B But I gotta wait till Chihiro wakes up first. Now I’ve just been putting some of her spare toys in there. 

Buzz and Kronk share a split (with solid plexiglass) 75 gallon aquarium. That means they have 432 square inches of space each! Despite all the space these two have they rarely come out to play. They are both older hamsters that, while incredibly sweet, would rather be left alone generally. We get them out once a day anyway just to make sure they are doing fine. #hamster #hamsterhouse #cage #aquarium #hamstercage #hamstercare #syrianhamster

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