good afternoon everyone, this is your daily reminder that you should do your research before adopting any kind of pet INCLUDING fish, small animals, and birds, and that if you feel you cannot afford or accomodate a proper enclosure for the pet, you should not get said pet

Karasuno ships ~~ first pet headcanons


Hinata wants something cool and unusual like a lizard but Kageyama wants a cat because they look after themselves. An argument is followed by them refusing to talk to each other for 2 weeks, but in the end they get both a dotty Lizard and a fluffy white cat


Suga finds a stray puppy and is taken instantly. He brings it home to Daichi who initially is a little upset that Suga didn’t let him help choose, but when he learns what happened her promises to raise the puppy with Suga like his own child, and they do. The little black puppy grows into a slightly less little dog who lives happily and healthily with his loving dad’s.


Tsukki tries to find an animal that resembles a dinosaur in secret, but Yamaguchi has other ideas. He drags Tsukki down to the pet shop and shows him all the cute little hamsters. It takes a little convincing from Yams and they have to return to the pet shop a different day after Yams showed Tsukki a million hamster related youtube videos. They end up getting two little girl hamsters and buy them all the cute little extensions you can get the hamster houses.


Noya wants a purebred dog but Asahi insists they get a rescue. Noya doesn’t even have to think about it and realises right away it’s the right thing to do, but when they get there they can’t decide which one they want. They end up with a dog who was abandoned after it lost its sight and treat it as if it was their own child.


Yachi had a budgie when she was younger and Kiyoko had a bunny. On their 3rd anniversary in their first year of living together Yachi buys Kiyoko a bunny and Kiyoko buys Yachi a budgie. They’re both very surprised when they’re introduced to their new friends but instantly fall in love with them. The budgie and the bunny get in really well too!

“Fuck no!” Levi snapped at his boyfriend who was hugging three different cats at the same time, to which the latter shushed him while he pointed at the kids only metres away from them.

“You’re not supposed to swear in front of children Levi” Eren pouted, “Plus look at this cute ball of fur!” he sang as he stretched his arms in Levi’s direction while he held the grey fluffy kitten in his hands.

The cat meowed at Levi, as if it was trying to befriend him, but Levi only hissed at her, being fully aware of both Eren’s and the kitten’s plan.

Eren decided to use his puppy eyes to get Levi on board with the idea adopting a kitty, it was his fault for bringing him here after all.

So he looked at him with the most innocent look that you could ever imagine while he pouted and held the ball of fluff right next to his face. “Come on Levi, look at us, we’re already a family…” The brunet trailed off as he started petting the cat’s head and earned a soft purr from it.

The raven shifted uncomfortably in his place, not being able to resist the look that his boyfriend was giving him and knowing how happy he would be if he would be okay with adopting a cat.

It had always been the brunet’s childhood dream to have a pet, but unfortunately his mother was allergic to all feline animals so they couldn’t even get a hamster inside the house without her having a sneeze attack.

Levi creased his eyebrows and rubbed the spot in between them while he was trying to find the strength to say no to this angelic face, even though he knew he would say yes in the end. He just had to make sure that his boyfriend was aware of the responsibility that came with taking care of a pet, plus he was worried about the mess and hairballs that would be flying around their apartment.

“Eren are y-”

“Levi pleaseeee, I already love her so much” Eren whined while he proceeded to cuddle the cat, treasuring the time that they had together.

“You’re acting like a child, we need to have a talk about this first” The raven demanded as he softly tugged at Eren’s shirt and gestured for him to hop over the fence along with him.

“I know you don’t want a cat, and I’ll respect that…” Eren whispered to which Levi’s eyes widened.

He swallowed before he spoke again, as he was sure he would sound like someone who was going through puberty again from the emotions that were dwelling up.

“I didn’t expect that from you b-”

“I love you more than I like cats Levi” Eren interrupted him, while giving him a genuine smile.

Even though there was still a hint of defeat noticeable in those emerald eyes, Levi knew he was speaking the truth.

“Gimme a second okay?” Levi said and turned into the other direction while leaving his boyfriend behind with the kitten.

He made his way to the front of the shelter and impatiently cleared his throat to get the receptionist’s attention.

“We want to adopt a cat” he said coldly, trying not to lose the last strain of manliness that he was holding onto as he had to suppress the urge to smile like a 5 year old.

“Okay you and your husband need to fill these forms in and then you’re good to go” the redhead smiled as she handed over the paperwork.

“Thank you uh,” he trailed off, looking over at the namecard, “Petra”

“No problem” she yelled as the raven had already disappeared into thin air, sprinting back to his boyfriend.

Already breaking a sweat and a faint blush on his cheeks from the word ‘husband’, Levi enjoyed the sight before him; Eren still playing and cuddling with the same kitten as before while the latter purred contently.

“Eren,” Levi said softly, suddenly feeling way more conscious about himself than he should.

“Hmmm?” Eren hummed, turning his head into the raven’s direction and his eyes widening as soon as he saw the yellow papers that the latter was holding in his hands.

“For real?!” he squealed as his eyes darted between Levi and the cat who was sitting on his lap.

“Yes for real, let’s take her home with us.”

Requested by @ererimakesmesin (Hey Lieverd! Congrats on 2.5K !!!!! I hope i’m not too late for the drabble thing but i would love to see a catshelter!au where either Levi or Eren works at the cat shelter with a shitton of fluff and adorableness and you can keep is sfw :) I’m looking forward to it ;) )

anonymous asked:

Hey :) I have a wooden chamber house for my Syrian, and she pees in one chamber. I spot clean that bit daily, but some of the wood has been stained with pee (even though I coated it) and whenever I take the lid off the house there's an ammonia type smell. I'm worried about ventilation - surely that smell is very strong on their noses? She's only had this chamber house just over 2 weeks as I've been replacing them. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for your message!

Once the wood soaked up the urine, you can’t clean that up completely. You could try to clean it as good as you can so the smell isn’t that strong anymore! With lots of hot water, it should be scrubbed well and dried before you put it back in.

If your hamster uses the same spot anyway, maybe you’re interested in hamster toilets! Here is our post about potty training and toilets in general.

Personally I’d advertise a toilet like this one - the toilet shouldn’t have a lid and this one is really easy to take out and clean. That way the house doesn’t get dirty anymore and cleaning is much easier for you. I hope it helps!

- r


I don’t think that baby hamster understands how houses work.

If you would like to donate to get them houses and forever homes please go to gofundme.com/The-Florida-Hamster-Fiasco to help! #hamster #baby #doingitwrong

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Masterpost: First Hamster Cage + Equipment
  • At first, if you want to adopt a dwarf buy 2 of the biggest Samla boxes…  
  • … and at least 2, better 3, if you want to adopt a Syrian/teddy. That’s 14,99$ for each box, 5$ for each lid, and 0,50$ for the clip locks. 
  • Here you find more supplies for your cage that you can buy at Ikea!
  • Read the whole text post first before you go and buy stuff though :o)
  • Please note that I refer to a single hamster as “they” - don’t keep hamsters together. You can read why I’m against keeping hamsters in pairs or groups here and here
  • For a dwarf, you’ll buy 2 Samlas, 2 lids, 2x clip locks = 41$ 
  • For a Syrian you can buy 3 Samlas etc. = 61,5$ (But 2 Samlas are okay too, if you let them run in a safe area in your apartment.)  
  • You can also buy old fish tanks that are leaking - mostly they are between 20-60$, but also very heavy - Samla boxes are much lighter but don’t look as cool. 
  • Then you prepare the lids likes this, by using a jigsaw, mesh and duct tape on top! You can then clip the lid on the box with your clip locks. 
  • Some dwarfs won’t need it, but for bigger hamsters, a lid very much recommended (Syrians can jump pretty high). Don’t just cut holes in the lid because then your hamster won’t get enough fresh air.  
  • You connect all of your Samla boxes by using a jig saw and some kind of wooden tunnel (nothing made out of plastic) or a cork tube. Anything that fits and your hamster can’t chew through. 
  • Just saw holes in the boxes - make sure that the tunnel is big enough for your hamster to easily run through with full cheek pouches! (3″ for dwarf, 4″ for Syrian)
  • Next you can find or build a chamber house! 
  • Your hamster needs one because it represents their natural burrows so that they can choose which chamber to use for sleeping, storing food and so on. It should have at least 2 connected, big chambers! More is always better.
  • Here you can find a easy tutorial on how to build a chamber house!
  • If you want your hamster to have a bigger one like the one I built recently, you can message me for a tutorial or build one yourself, it’s pretty easy. It should have stands so it doesn’t move, holes big enough to fit through with full cheek pouches (2-3″ dwarf, 3-4″ Syrian) and one big sleeping chamber! It has no floor, so the hamster can dig out and a lid that you can open if you need to clean it. (Clean their toilet every day)
  • Here you can see the “luxury” version of my chamber hourse. (It was about 12$ for all the materials :o) )
  • Don’t forget to give your hamster nesting material: unperfumed toilet paper. 
  • Do not use hamster wool as it often tangles around your hamster’s limb and can easily suffocate or kill your hamster! 
  • Your hamster will soon put a lot of nesting material in his cheeks and build their very own nest and start sleeping in it! :) 
  • Also give your hamster hay! They eat it and use it as nesting material. 
  • Next you can give them more hideouts. Little wooden houses (make sure they are solid and have no dangerouns holes where your hamster tries to fit through), cork tubes (big enough), you can build hideouts made of flower pots or clay, maybe ceramic houses etc. I do not like and would not recommend anything made out of plastic (besides the wheel which should be made out of hard plastic)
  • Then your hamster of course needs a water bowl (better a water bottle). 
  • You can use this one:

I hope you all have a nice day! <3

Tom’s  bedtime story.

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Alternative fact, Tom story. Pure fluff and nonsense.

(If you want to read just the Tom story and not the children’s book he writes, please feel free to miss out the bits in italics)

Tom stared at the computer and hoped the words would come, when he’d started writing this children’s story he’d been full of ideas but now they seemed to been blown out of his head like the seeds on a dandelion and where they had ended up, who knew?

Esmeralda Hamster had been a story he’d already made up and told to his young niece when she had been bullied in the playground, so when they had suggested to him he write his own Cbeebies story to read at the bedtime slot, he’d jumped at the chance.

Now two days before going to see the lady who was meant to be illustrating it for him, he’d yet to find the end, or more to the point he knew the bloody end but not how to word it.

British press would love that he thought “Tom Hiddleston lost for words!”

Right make coffee, get packet of HobNobs and dig in. Bentley purred round his legs as he watched the kettle boil.

“Sorry old friend I’m late feeding you” Tom picked up the tabby held him against his famous black Cardigan and rubbed  between the cats ears.

“Ok feller let’s get you fed and me back to work”

Tom took his coffee and biscuits into his office, settled down at his messy desk and reread what he had already come up with.

Esmeralda Hamster was small of that there was no doubt, and being so tiny had its problem. She could be easily overlooked by others and equally as easily be pushed around by those who were bigger.

Draco was bigger. A large dog who ruled the household that Esmeralda lived in. 

Esmeralda Hamster lived in a house with many pets and good owners but good owners don’t always see what going on between pets and Draco was a bully. He demanded that all pets give him the best of everything. He even demanded that Oscar the squirrel who lived in the three in the back garden, should steal food from other gardens and houses for him. And as we all know stealing is wrong.

Draco loved to punish those who didn’t do as he commanded them. The one-time Esmeralda Hamster had disobeyed him, he’d surrounded her cage with pillows and trapped her in, so barely any air could get to her. It was only the bravery of Duncan the house rabbit, who had saved her by pushing one of the cushions just back far enough to let more air in.

Enough was enough and although Esmeralda was small she had decided to act.

And that’s where Tom was stuck, he knew where he wanted it to go but the words would not come. 

Munching on a HobNob and staring at the blank screen he decided to phone his niece and have a chat.

“Hi Tiger, how are you?” He asked when his sister had handed his favourite girl the phone.

“Mummy says you are writing the story you told me and it’s going to be read on Cbeebies, is that true….my story!?”

“Yup, but Uncle Yay Monster is a little bit stuck, so could you retell the story to me from where Esmeralda has decided to stop Draco, please”

Tiger was only too happy to retell her big loopy uncle, his story and half hour later and after some plot embellishments that he didn’t remember Tom was back on track.

“Thank you, Tiger I owe you an ice cream” he said his good byes and got back to it.

The next Time Draco went out for his afternoon walk Esmeralda called a meeting of all the family pets including Oscar the squirrel. 

“It’s time we did something about Draco, it’s time we stopped his bullying so we can all live in peace” she announced as loudly as she could.

“But how do we stop a bully when we are all so small?” asked Florence the gerbil, her sister Molly nodding in agreement

“We show him to our owners for what he is, we tell on him”

“And how do we do that?” shouted Duncan

“I have a plan!” And with that she explained her brave idea.

The animals listened, nodded lots and decided to carry out the plan that very night when the owners were all watching telly in the same room.

Draco came back from his walk and took his afternoon nap on Lily the cats bed. When he awoke in the early evening, he started making demands as he always did.

But this time the animals in one chorus said No! Everything he demanded got the same reply No!

“You will all pay for this when the owners go to bed he growled at them.

You have to catch us first said Esmeralda and with that all the pets shot off in different directions, around the room.

Draco was angry, 

Draco was not pleased, Draco would show these animal who was boss, and he started to chase them.

Draco raced after Duncan the house rabbit who hid under the desk, then dashed out again as Draco set his sights on the gerbils.

Molly and Florence looked terrified and only just managed to avoid Draco jaws by scurrying under the sofa.

All the animals headed for Lilly the cat who stood by the door, and when all the animal where in front of Draco running for their lives, she jumped up and grabbed the handle pulling it down and the door swung open.

The pets all dashed through to the telly room and huddled in a corner looking scared as a growling Draco loomed over them.

“Draco what are you doing!?” Came the owners voice, the dog looked around to find the whole family that had been watching telly, were now glaring at him.

Draco had been caught red pawed and he now had to pay the price. He would never again be allowed free range of the house, so that he couldn’t bully the other pets.

Draco had to live in the kitchen, sleeping on the mat, or be out in the garden away from the others.

From that day, there was no more bullying and all the pets lived happily ever after. Esmeralda being the happiest of them all, knowing that being small you could still make a difference.

Yes it was done! after a celebratory HobNob, he phoned Luke and told him the good news.

Two days later Tom was at the door  of the illustrator house, manuscript in hand.

In his head he had painted her as a short cuddly, lady with curly hair and brown eyes in her middle-age.

When the door opened he found a lady that did indeed have big brown eyes but she was tall with long dark haired and in her late twenties. She was very colourfully dressed, very pretty, and had a  fantastic smile.

“Hi Tom, I’m Maxine, Max to you, come on in.

They walked into a book lover’s dream, as every wall of the house was covered in shelves laden with books on every subject you could wish for. If Tom hadn’t been there on a mission he’d have been in those shelves in seconds.

Max saw him eye up her treasures and laugh,

“My excuse when I by yet another book, is I need as much inspiration as I can get. Now I will make us a coffee then you can read me the story. Please give all the characters the voices you see them with as it helps me with drawing them.

Coffee and HobNobs served, Tom was beginning to really like Max,

Tom settled down on a floofy colourful sofa, and began reading in his Cbeebies story voice, with different ones for all the characters. 

Max grinned at him, as Tom then explained as best he could, how he saw each animal. She did quick sketches of each, changing bits that Tom didn’t like or adding bits that Tom wanted.

Three hours later, most of those spent huddled side by side on the old sofa, she had the rough idea of what he wanted. And Tom had a very good idea what he’d like but he left it there and went back to his house for one and a cat.

Several weeks later Max phoned to ask him back to see the finished pictures. Amazingly Tom found he was suddenly free (after cancelling Luke) that very afternoon and could be there anytime Max wanted, He arrived at her door with a cake from his favourite bakery and prayed she’d like it.

Max took him into her warm inviting home and made them both coffee, this time she took him into the room she used for drawing which extended onto a conservatory. 

The room had a large table in it and more shelves, more books and loads of paper, pens, and artist gear, which to Tom had no rhyme or reason to their placement but made perfect Sense to Max.

On the table was an artist Pad, Max opened it and nervously showed the bright watercolour pictures off one by one, each time looking at Tom for a reaction. 

Tom just stared, Max had captured each little creature as he’d seen them in his head, and then set them in scenes on the page, just as he had imagined them to be. 

Tom would be the first to tell you his artistic abilities were zero, so he was always enamoured of others who could, and Max most definitely could.

“They are just as I saw them, they are beautiful, you really brought them to life thank you” without thinking he gave her the Hiddles hug, an all-encompassing, rib cracking, hold that left you in no doubt that you’d been Hiddled.

He let her go and seeing she looked a little flustered, did the next thing the Hiddles is known for.

“Oh, um, sorry, got a bit carried away, just really pleased with what you’ve done it’s awesome!”

He now have the cute smacked puppy look and Max just laughed.

“Maybe just a warning before the next one” she said and before putting his brain in gear Tom blurted out,

“Oh do I get another one then” 
“Buy me lunch and you just might” came the reply.

Eight months later Tiger sat in front of the family TV  with Toms sister and mum. Together they watch Uncle Yay Monster, kill off female kind by telling a bedtime story in his old cuddly Cardigan. The one that Tiger loved to snuggle into, that had the warm male, safe, smell of Tom and he wore the glasses that made him look more daddyish and approachable.

He told her story really well, even if he had left out some of the extra bits she’d added but she could question him on that tomorrow when he came round with Max for a family lunch.

(picture not mine I just played)

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So. I’ve being seeing a lot of pictures of Syrian Hamsters who are housed together lately so this has to be said.

Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should never be housed together. They are very territorial and often fight to death. Sometimes one hamster kills the other and then eats it. You might not see them fight but it doesn’t mean they won’t, they might fight when you’re not around and they might have small wounds you can’t see.
Even if they don’t fight, they still shouldn’t be housed together. It IS very stressful, even if they look like they’re friends. Stress shortens their lifespans, causes health problems, makes them more vulnerable to illnesses. They can also snap one day and kill each other.
They can also look happy together until they reach sexual maturity and their instinct kicks in. 
When wild they will only meet to mate, they are not meant to live together. 

Please don’t house Syrian hamsters together. It’s not worth it.