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What do you think of those hamster tanks made from the ikea detolf shelves? They're 43 x 143cm and personally I think they look a lot nicer than the plastic bins? Thanks!

They’re really cool, provided they have a lid! I’ve posted about them before, but if anyone isn’t familiar with them they are large and cheap. You only need to modify them slightly! it’s a tall glass shelf, used mainly for displaying figures. But you just take the shelves off, lay the cage on it’s side, and give it a lid. Viola!

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All three hamsters are doing well and they have all gotten their own wheel today. When they came yesterday they smelled like ammonia(basically they smelled like piss since their cages hadn’t been changed in a long time,) and were rather dirty. Apparentely, I am the fourth fucking owner of all three, and I can get so mad and painfully sad when people treat animals like this. The previous owner even smoked in the same room they were in. The male has an irritated eye, but fortunately my parents’ dwarfhamster just recentely had an irritable eye as well, so they have eyedrops from our vet. I am still furious about people handling animals so recklessly, sending them from one owner to another without even caring about them. 

Thankfully I have the money, time and love to care for them for the rest of their days. Even now I start tearing up just by thinking of the fate they must have had, if I hadn’t taken them in. I’m going to chat with them now, to cheer up a bit.