しゃくしゃく余裕で暮らしたい #hamster

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icypoof  asked:

When I had a hamster she seemed to really like yogurt treats! Have you tried feeding Tia anything like that? :3

Oh yes, I know which ones you mean and have those! I even have them extra small so you can feed them to dwarf hamsters. Tequila, my Roborowski hamster, loves those, but Tia ignores them. She ignores everything except sunflower seeds and mealworms… I only had luck with banana chips so far. I even made treats myself with fresh raspberries… still no luck. But thank you for your suggestion ^u^

So turns out I won’t be getting rats, but that’s okay because


Meet Cleopatra! 

I cried when my parents brought her home I couldn’t believe it. I think maybe it’s because I’ve been super down lately, and I play with Shadow (my brother’s hamster) every day

She’s all set up in her nice roomy cage, having a good explore. I shall have to do some research on proper Syrian hamster care (if any of you have advice or links that would be awesome)

She’s fully aware she’s a queen lol. She’s so beautiful I love her already