hamster town

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then ill continue to talk about it if it makes you feel better!! i got wild world a few days ago and it's pretty cool. i don't enjoy it as much as i do new leaf, but i play it when there's nothing going on in my town. back to new leaf, my sister got a hamster the other day and asked if i had any hamster villagers. i told her no, then a minute later, i see a construction site for a house belonging to someone named apple. i looked her up on animal crossing wiki. coincidentally, she's a hamster.

Oh, that’s pretty funny! I don’t remember if there were any hamsters in my town, but I always thought that they looked SO CUTE

“Did he mean paper mill town?” asked Ratty.

“No, Ratty. A town made of paper.”

“I would eat that town.”

Hamster nodded, “It’d be a good napping town.”

If people only get one miracle, then maybe Hamsters only get one too, thought Hamster. Hamster looked at the map of the Palouse with Ratty, planning their next great adventure, and thought that being at the library with a friend was a pretty good miracle.

“The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle.”

- John Green, Paper Towns