hamster car

Seventeen as Pets
  • S.Coups: dog who tries to get in your car whenever you're trying to go somewhere and also tries to eat your food
  • Jeonghan: pretty cat. like prettier than u. runs the household
  • Joshua: hamster who's cute and well behaved and just happy to be there, but also sly as fuck opens its cage all the time and chews through one of your cereal boxes
  • Jun: chipmunk who always comes to your yard *expecting* you to give it food. throws acorns at you if you don't
  • Hoshi: hamster who has all of those hamster cage extensions and one of those hamster cars he rides around in like he runs the joint
  • Wonwoo: cat who sleeps all the time. all the time. in weird places too like in your drier and stuff
  • Woozi: cat who takes no shit. only lets you pet him if he likes you. mean and clean. but also a total cinnamon roll and always sits with you while you work and rubs against your legs a lot
  • DK: mouse who's just having a good time. excited to be there. type of mouse to be occupied by eating a piece of cheese for hours
  • Mingyu: big dog who tracks mud into the house and ruins your laundry but also brings you balls he found in the park as gifts
  • The8: hamster who parkour jumps down stairs and shit in its hamster wheel
  • Seungkwan: small Hollywood chihuahua dog who is not here for your shit. feed him and love him or he's moving on to bigger and better things
  • Vernon: dog who is always trying to fight cats on the street and look tough but also runs into sliding glass doors and gets stuck in catflaps all. the. time.
  • Dino: small dog. total scamp. will take food off your dinner plate when you're not looking
Twenty One Pilots Reading Setlist
  1. Fairly Local/HeavyDirtySoul
  2. Heathens
  4. Lane Boy
  5. Holding Onto You (Extended for Tyler to get off crowd after first verse)
  6. Jump Around Cover
  7. Ride (Extended with Josh drumming on crowd)
  8. Stressed Out Remix (same as performed at Radio1 Big Weekend) and slow ending
  9. Guns For Hands (Extended for Tyler in the hamster ball)
  10. Car Radio (Extended for Tyler to crowd surf)

I am thinking of taking Bean to the beach today to meet a girl hamster, because he is lonely and he needs someone to love him other than me, because I think he is getting tired of me. But it will be difficult, I think, because you won’t just find girl hamsters alone, they do not own tiny hamster cars that they drive by themselves, they will be with their people, and it will be difficult because I will have to talk to them and talking to real people is not at all like talking to internet people because real people can hurt you.