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I need more blogs to follow, my dash is getting boring and I wanna see more stuff based on my interests. So please like or reblog if you post any of the following, and I’ll check out your blog:
- Pentatonix
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- twenty one pilots
- classic rock
- Parks and rec
- American Horror Story
- hamsters (I need more fellow hamster owners to follow yo)
- Home Free

Get to know the Writer

Thank you for tagging me @an-author-in-progress! I love these things :)

Name: Mina
Nickname: None, except my husband calls me bear
Zodiac sign: gemini
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff
Height: 5′5′’
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Ethnicity: White
Favorite Fruit: pineapple! and bananas
Favorite Season: Winter and fall. i love them equally
Favorite Book Series: harry potter!
Favorite Fictional Character: offred from the handmaids tale.
Favorite Flower: roses, they’re so pretty and cheesy and smell so lovely
Favorite Scent: cookies! pizza! roses! peonies!
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Animal: hamsters!
Favorite Band: m83 (if its considered a band)
Average Hours of Sleep: eight or nine
Number of Blankets: like 10 in the winter and one in the summer. i cant sleep without one
Dream Trip: alaska! its so cold and beautiful
Last Thing I Googled: fastest way to render someone unconscious
Blog Created: i believe it was may
How many blogs do I follow: a lot, over 1000
Number of Followers: 2,146

Tags! @merigreenleaf, @briannadeberry @dreamywritingdragon, @writersblockeveryday, @jade-island-lives, @seriophi, @acfawkes and all the other writers who follow me! I want to get to know you all!(sorry if any of you have already been tagged)