tfw youve missed the prime years of homestuck (i got into this shit in 2014) and youre desperately comissioning and making and putting together cosplays for conventions, and making fanart, and coming up with outrageous fan theories, and rereading old fanfiction, clinging desperately to the idea that “maybe this post will bring them back” and “maybe the upcoming game will spark something and we can all party like its 2012-2013” and “please come back for the love of gOD I WASNT HERE AND IM NOT DONE Y E T”


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We’re experimenting with bioactive for our spoiled little hoggie Hamsteak. Here’s the current status of his enclosure: Planted, permanent hides installed, and lights on to set the plants! The cleaner crew (aside from a few earthworms) will be added tomorrow, and in a few weeks Hamsteak will go into his new home.

His substrate mixture is 30% washed and sifted play sand, 50% organic topsoil, and 20% coco coir. 

His cleaner crew will primarily consist of mealworms!

He has 2 permanent hides on his warm side. 

We’ve never done bioactive before (or planted, for that matter) but we are SO excited to try!

I’m back in business with Sollux and Eridan starring as Charlie Brown and Lucy,, – Mod Tavbro