Since some people have expressed interest in my work I now have prints up for sale on etsy! All of my pieces are available as a 4x6 print for $5. Other size prints are available upon request. If anyone is interested in purchasing anything just let me know! More stuff is coming soon thanks for the support🌞 #printsforsale #artsale #art #honeybees #protectthebees #monarch #sacredgeometry #floweroflife #om #thirdeye #hamsa #illustration

This is from a “Strega fashion blog” and the tags for it are “witchy” and stuff. The shirt on the top right features a Hamsa with “חי” upside down. Why are people using Jewish things as part of their “witch” aesthetic?

Because goyim are fucking magpies when it comes to something exotic, shiny, or interesting.  “Witchiness” in fashion means either appropriating from and stereotyping Roma, or appropriating from Jews, because we’re the safe kind of exotic, you know.  Apparently.