Hiro Mashima: Shirtless Males

Haru Glory

Hamrio Musica



Gale Glory

King Raregroove

Sieg Hart

Let Dahaka



Deep Snow



Lucia Raregroove

Natsu Dragneel

Gray Fullbuster

Laxus Dreyar


Elfman Strauss

Toby Horhorta

Jellal Fernades

Freed Justine


Panter Lily



Kain Hikaru

Lyon Vastia

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Orga Nanagear

Ren Akatsuki

Bacchus Groh

Quatro Cerberus

Sting Eucliffe








Mard Geer Tartaros

Mest Gryder

Ajeel Ramal


Zeref Dragneel

i was watching the fairy tail x rave master special and when i saw musica saying this  the first thing i thought was: awwwn what a cutiee

and then i noticed

External image

he said that

External image

because he he was unable to cherish the one he loved

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Mashima’s couples

The couple that takes forever

to come to terms with their feelings.

The couple that starts as a one sided love,

but the other side actually cares as well.

The couple that can’t be together for a long time,

but then they have a tearful reunion.

So yeah, I didn’t use too many pics for NaLu and Haru x Elie even though they probably have the greatest amount of shared moments. Also I might redo this once Fairy Tail ends if I’ll have more suitable pictures then.

And if you don’t believe me that Musica x Belnika is real just check this:

Fairies at the Beach - FT volume 5 omake.

Hiro Mashima: Parents

Gale Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Sakura Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Muscia’s Father (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Musica’s Mother (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Galein Musica (Son-Musica’s Father)

Rize (Adoptive Son-Hamrio Musica)

Lasagna (Son-Chino)

King Raregroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove, Adoptive Son-Deep Snow)

Emilia Rargroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove)

Boton (Son-Genma)

Yuri (Son-Genma)

Pearl (Son-Ruby)

Resha’s Father (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Resha’s Mother (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Reina’s Father (Daughter-Reina)

Evermary (Adoptive Son-Gale Glory)

Yuma Ansecto (Adoptive Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Hardner (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Sophia (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Papajima (Son-Nakajima)

Mamajima (Son-Nakajima)

Malakia Glory (Son-Gale Glory)

Shakuma Raregroove (Son-King Raregroove)

Haru Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Elie Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Macao Conbolt (Son-Romeo Conbolt)

Zekua Melon (Son-Kaby Melon)

Wakaba Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Millgana Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Jude Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Layla Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Gildarts Clive (Daughter-Cana Alberona)

Makarov Dreyar (Son-Ivan Dreyar)

Ivan Dreyar (Son-Laxus Dreyar)

Ur Milkovich (Daughter-Ultear, Adoptive Son-Lyon Vastia, Adoptive Son Gray Fullbuster)

Yuri Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Rita Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Igneel (Adoptive Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Grandeeney  (Adoptive Daughter-Wendy Marvell)

Metalicana (Adoptive Son-Gajeel Redfox)

Brain (Adoptive Son-Macbeth)

Faust (Son-Mystogan)

Lucky (Son-Happy)

Marl (Son-Happy)

Shagotte (Daughter-Carla)

Ultear Milkovich (Adoptive Daughter-Meredy

Jiemma (Daughter-Minerva Orland)

Alzack Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Bisca Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Toma E. Fiore (Daughter-Hisui E. Fiore)

Weisslogia (Adoptive Son-Sting Eucliffe)

Skiadrum (Adoptive Son-Rogue Cheney)

SIlver Fullbuster (Son-Gray Fullbuster)

Grammi (Daughter-Brandish Myu)

Irene Belserion (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Erza’s Father (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Natsu’s Father (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Natsu’s Mother (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Mavis Vermilion (Son-August)

Zeref Dragneel (Son-August)

Let’s review Musica’s love life (from Rave Master)

He broke up with his girlfriend because he can’t simply have a normal relationship.

The love of his life sacrificed her life to save him and many other people.

The next girl he falls for just sees him as a pervert. She’s not wrong.

And the next one likes his best friend.

So no wonder this is what he tells Gray about Juvia: