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Local Lens: Exploring Hampstead Heath with @adamsheath

In this series, we let local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around their hometown. Explore more of Hampstead Heath on Pergola and Hill Garden, Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath location pages.

As the community of Instagrammers has grown and connected people across the globe, so too has our ability to share some of the personal, hidden and beautiful locations in our hometowns.

In the second of our two-part series of local guides to London, Instagrammer Adam Sheath (@adamsheath) takes us around one of the city’s most famous parks and its hidden secrets: “For lovers or nature and country walks, there’s no better place to escape the hustle and bustle of London life than Hampstead Heath. Not only does ‘The Heath’ offer great walking paths surrounded by woods, ponds and wildlife, you can stroll up to the top of Parliament Hill (otherwise known as Kite Hill) and be greeted with a skyline view of London – the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Gherkin and can all be seen from here. Tip: visit in snowfall for a magical winter wonderland experience.

"Other treats in this great location include Kenwood House (a grand, white neo-classical building housing a free art gallery with famous works), the Pergola and Hill Garden, Hampstead’s best-kept secret and a firm favorite for fashion photographers wanting a perfect setting. Tip: Go in Summer when the Pergola is covered in fragrant flowers or on weekdays to have the place to yourself.”

For most of his life, John Constable lived as an outsider, cut off from patronage and the approval of his colleagues, not selling a single picture to a stranger until he was 38 years old, and waiting 27 years for full membership in the Royal Academy.

Fortunately, the world now recognizes his revolutionary genius. And what better day to celebrate that than today, Constable’s 236th birthday?

Hampstead Heath is pictured here, one of many Constables in our collection.

  One of the many-many-far-too-many places I desperately wanted to see on my holiday to England but hadn’t time for. No worries! It is on the list for next year! My husband thinks we are going the year after next, and I am playing along, see. At some point I will have to break the news that I CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM ENGLAND FOR THAT LONG or I will shrivel up like a raisin and die and does he want to be married to a dead raisin? Anyhoo, all silliness aside this is Hampstead Heath, London (Dimmilan flickr)

This was the first photograph I took after buying a full frame Canon 5D Mark II, deciding to take photographs for the rest of my life and become self employed.

That was a day I won’t forgot soon.

(Hampstead Heath, London September 2013)

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