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Is it just me or a lot of the times when Sebastian Stan kisses in a movies or tv shows, he pokes his tongue into the kiss immediately? He doesn’t wait, he just goes for it.

Like he knows that’s exactly what the person wants, they want his tongue with those lips…

He’s right though, because let’s be honest…

His tongue is amazing.


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I hope your day is amazing!

We all love you sooooo much

You deserve every happiness 💙💙

I wanna date Bucky Barnes.
I wanna slap Chase Collins in the face then kiss him hard.
I wanna hug Blaine.
I wanna makeout with Chris Beck.
I wanna go down on Jefferson.
I wanna marry Josh.
I wanna cuddle T.J Hammond.
I wanna have a one night stand with Carter Baizen.
I wanna get drunk with Leo.
I wanna help Justin Capshaw get better.
I wanna hold hands with Jack Benjamin.
I wanna marry Sebastian Stan.
(I know I forgot some characters)


5 Women Artists—Archives Edition

Selections from the Getty Research Institute’s collections :

Barbara T. Smith—A performance- and installation-art pioneer. Her work explores concepts that strike at the core of human nature, including sexuality, spirituality, and death. 

The Guerrilla Girls—An anonymous feminist protest group that confronts discrimination against women artists and artists of color in the art world and tackles broader social issues. 

Harmony Hammond—A trailblazing feminist, lesbian, and queer artist whose work aims to “break down the distinctions between painting and sculpture, between art and women’s work, and between art in craft and craft in art.”

Marcia Tucker—An influential curator of painting and sculpture at the Whitney Museum of American Art and founder of the New Museum of Contemporary Art. At the New Museum she organized key exhibitions such as Bad Paintings (1978) and Bad Girls (1994)

Joanie 4 Jackie—A feminist video project started by filmmaker, artist, and writer Miranda July in 1995. These chain-letter videos, started during the Riot Grrrl movement, aimed to create a generation of female film makers in a pre-YouTube era. 

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Newfound kink for Timothy Olyphant 😞😞

Ooooh, just in general? or do you mean a particular kink with him, Nonny?

If it’s a general one, there’s so many sides to choose from.
Let’s see, there’s Joel Hammond kink…

Then there’s Raylan Givens kink…

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A Perfect Getaway’s, Nick kink…

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Catch and Release, Fritz’s kink… *sigh*

Kelly kink…

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And finally psychotic Scream 2 kink…

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WOAH, Nonny… spread the love why dontcha. lol ;)