hammerwielder  asked:

gimme that gud tobes/kim brotp meme pls :D

          ❛     inbox - brotp.   accepting.  

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate - jim does it but he always offers up half of his fries afterwards. 
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple - toby definitely. 
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail - neither because they’re in jail together. ride or die, these boys are.
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues - toby gives more advice but both of them are terrible at it.
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes - jim, it’s the only way he’ll ever win.
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk - they both do, then proceed to fight over it the entire night instead of sleeping. 
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights - jim starts them and he kind of lets toby win. with his training any fight is kinda unfair. 
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush - BOTH OF THESE BOYS WOULD DIE IF THE OTHER SAID THAT.