at long last: the voting portion of the mascot contest!!!

i’ve drawn out our three finalists (credits to the original artists in the captions) bc i would like you guys to vote based purely on design, not on whose art style you like best, and this seemed like the fairest way to do it!

please leave your vote as a reply or as an answer to this post - don’t send votes via ask or your vote will not be counted!

voting will close at midnight eastern time on wednesday! whoa no way votes are coming in way too fast for that voting will end in 2.5 hours, or 9 pm eastern time

sorry guys but there will come a point where there will simply be too many votes for me to count and it’ll be coming p soon

so: who would you like to be the fuckyeahsubversivekawaii mascot?

niolachein  asked:

what exactly are madams in pikeverse, though?

A madam is a sort of maternal figure, a powerful magician, and she comes to a town and stays there to keep balance. She disciplines/watches over the children, looks out for threats to the town, teaches local magicians, and is just really really respected. Understandably, the job comes with A LOT of responsibility and is a lifelong commitment. Thus, not many volunteer to do it. However, there are the few charitable souls who feel it is in their very being to care after others and these people usually train from an early age to become powerful enough to protect a city.

I’ve got… three so far.

The typical uniform contains some sort of shawl, hood, and a traditional top hat (Lady far-left only has a giant had because her hair is green spectrum and she wanted to make the best impression possible when she went looking for a town to accept her).

Madams are in short supply so when one shows up at your door and says she wants to protect you, you LET HER IN.

niolachein  asked:

since summoners have to lose something for their powers to manifest, what would that loss be? would they all be physical or cosmetic like pike's? would they all have some sort of social impact? how much does it range in severity?

What they give up has to be some sort of physical part of themselves. Pike lost her hair, kiddo lost his hand, mister man lost something in his brain or his nerves and he either can’t register pain, that lady lost her sight, I’ve got a girl who lost her pinky, a lady who lost her toe, a fella who lost his eye, a guy who lost his arm, a girl who lost her arm, a lady who lost her leg IT GOES ON AND ON. Limbs are a popular loss. 

If you’re missing a limb, it’s often assumed that you’re a summoner which is bad for just normal amputees because then they get harassed. Some summoners try to hide their lack of limbs with prosthetics. Those can be expensive though unless they can find a way to make their own.

The severity of the loss has significance but do I want to talk about it? I dunno.